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If you’re looking into barndominiums, chances are high that you want a space that covers everything from living area to workshops.

Barndos were originally designed to bridge the gap between home and agricultural space. Today, that’s rarely the case.

However, the barndo gives you plenty of room to plan your home around the things you love to do, whether that’s a workshop, work area, or even a small business area in your home.

However, there will always be a lot of things to consider and it’s important that you plan your barndo around being livable, comfortable, and practical.

The following floor plans demonstrate what you can do with a 40×100 barndo if you want an included shop or garage with shop space.

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40×100 Barndominium House Plan Considerations

You’ll have to consider factors like what you want to do with your home, how much workshop space you need, how much quiet you need, and much more.

Key considerations are traffic flow, usability, and where you’re going to put your stuff.


Traffic and workflow through your home is an important consideration. Here, you want to ensure two things.

The first is that there’s enough room in every route through your home to pass through easily without causing issues.

For example, sure, it saves you a bunch of space to put the kitchen island 2 feet from the kitchen counter, but it also means two people can’t pass each other easily and you’ll always have a blocked route if someone is cooking.

The second is that you’ll want to organize rooms around how you use them.

Spectacular 40×100 Barndominium Floor Plans (With Shops) | BarndominiumZONE.com (1)

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Spectacular 40×100 Barndominium Floor Plans (With Shops) | BarndominiumZONE.com (2)

If you frequently go from the workshop to the home office, you don’t want them on opposite sides of the home. If you spend a lot of time in the workshop, you want a nearby toilet.

Those kinds of considerations are easy to overlook but eventually make a lot of difference to the quality of life in your home.


How you live is one of the most important factors affecting your floor plan. Here, you want to look at your actual needs on a day-to-day basis. For example, if you rarely use a workshop but frequently use a living room, you want to prioritize the living room.

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In addition, if you use the workshop when other people want to do things at home or sleep, you might want to think about noise and how it carries. That’s also true if you work from home.

And, if you have small kids or intend to, it’s important to ensure that bedrooms are further away from social areas and that you can put kids to bed in a quiet space without forcing yourself to be quiet for the rest of the night as well.

Seemingly small details like that will have a lot of impact on your quality of life, so keeping them in mind when looking at floor plans is a good idea.


The layout of your home will impact things like convenience, functionality, and how much time you spend walking between rooms on a daily basis.

For example, if you frequently spend time on the patio or in the workshop, it’s probably a good idea to make sure there’s a nearby toilet or half bath/powder room that you can use.

Here, you’ll want to look at questions like:

  • Do the room sizes match the priority I put on these spaces?
  • Does the home layout fit nicely into my lot?
  • Does it allow me to take advantage of existing views or trees on the property?
  • Are rooms placed by use or in a workflow that makes sense? For example, is the dining room next to the kitchen and not across the house?
  • Are there enough bathrooms for the number of people you expect to be using the home?

Essentially, the layout is about the actual way that rooms are mapped out across your home. Consider what that means for workflow, usage, and how you intend to live in the space.


How many cars do you have? How many do you think you’ll have in 5 years? Will having a workshop take away from that space?

Do you have kids that will want their own vehicles in a few years? If yes, how many?

Arranging for parking for the long term can save you a lot of hassle as your family grows, especially if you intend this to be a long-term living situation.

For most people, opting for at least a single-car garage is a safe bet. However, you’ll still have to decide if it’s attached or detached from your home.

It’s often cheaper and faster to go for an attached garage, unless you’re already maxing out the building size for your lot based on your property zoning.

Workshop Size

How big should your workshop be? Should it be part of the garage? Or do you need a standalone room?

Here, considerations are whether you want to heat the workshop. A heated workshop gives you the freedom to work no matter what the weather. However, it also often means you don’t want it to be part of the garage, because then you’ll have to heat that whole space.

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Similarly, you’ll want to consider if your workshop will create dust or debris that you don’t want on your vehicles or in your engine. E.g., if you want a wood shop you probably want it in a separate room than you park your car.

Family Size

How many family members do you have now? What about in five years?

The questions above are also relevant if you’re about to have an empty nest – as you’ll want to plan your home around your needs not just now but also when you’re living without kids. Or, for example, if you intend to have your parents live with you.

Considering how many private bedrooms you’ll need is also important. For example, you can easily lodge two five-year-olds together, but what about when they’re 16?

Planning your home around your long-term needs will ensure you can stay in your home for the long term without needing extensions or guest houses.


Everyone needs storage. That’s often underestimated as you build a new home. For example, if you’re either getting a starter home or you’re stripping back your possessions you might not be thinking about long-term storage.

However, you’ll need storage for tools and materials for that, especially if you have a workshop. You’ll also want storage for things like bedding, towels, seasonal decorations, etc.

You’ll want a space that incorporates storage into the design so you have room to keep things organized.

3 40×100 Barndominium Floor Plans (Integrated Shops)

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when looking at floor plans.

However, these 40 x 100 barndominium floor plans feature integrated shops and hopefully give you a good idea of how you can utilize that space for whatever your needs.

40×100 Barndominium Floor Plan #1: HA1243-A (The Hampton Plan)

Spectacular 40×100 Barndominium Floor Plans (With Shops) | BarndominiumZONE.com (3)

  • 3,110 sq. ft. living space
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 1,220 sq. ft. of porch space
  • 890 sq. ft. garage/workshop space

This stunning modern design offers a sprawling layout with a large living area and over 1,000 square feet of wraparound front porch. That makes this barndo plan ideal if you want to enjoy your view and socialize outdoors as much as you can.

This house plan also features an open-plan kitchen with a dining area, integrated pantry and closet, and offset bay windows.

You also get three bedrooms including a master bedroom with a master bath and walk-in closet. Both extra bedrooms include built-in closets and storage.

From the hallway there, you can move into the 890 square foot garage – perfect for 4 cars, or your cars and a centralized workshop. And, with a half bath right at the workshop, you can easily spend long hours there without tracking through the house.

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40×100 Barndominium Floor Plan #2: CH1253-A (The Chaucer Plan)

Spectacular 40×100 Barndominium Floor Plans (With Shops) | BarndominiumZONE.com (4)

  • 2,880 sq. ft. living space
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 995 sq. ft. porch and patio space
  • 1,120 sq. ft. garage space

This spacious home offers a large living room complete with front, back, and side porches for a total of almost 1,000 square feet of porch space.

The home also features a kitchen integrated into the living area, with bay windows and an offset cooking area, so you can look out over the porch while you cook. A separate dining area offers access to the kitchen and the porch.

The home is also ideal for a small family, with a master bedroom complete with a bathroom and closet, and 2 additional bedrooms with a shared bathroom. You get a laundry room, plenty of integrated storage, and utility areas.

Then, with 1,120 square feet of garage space, you can park up to four cars, or add a central workshop and still have space for your vehicles. That’s perfect for a family home where you still want to prioritize having space for hobbies and socializing.

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40×100 Barndominium Floor Plan #3: PE1263-A (The Peabody Plan)

Spectacular 40×100 Barndominium Floor Plans (With Shops) | BarndominiumZONE.com (5)

  • 3,400 sq. ft. living space
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2.5 baths
  • 737 sq. ft. porch space
  • 600 sq. ft. garage space

This spacious home puts the focus on the living area with almost 600 square feet of living room plus an additional 700+ square feet of porch.

That open living area leads into the dining area with its own side porch and a semi-enclosed kitchen complete with its own pantry and storage.

You also get a master bedroom with a private bath and closet plus two extra bedrooms with a shared bath.

The home also features a small garage and shop with room for up to two cars and a small workshop. That connects to a bath, a private home office, and a large storage area, with a small back porch.

That gives you plenty of room for storage and for your family – but does minimize how much space you get for your workshop.

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Wrapping Up

If you’re building a barndo, getting the floor plan right is just the first step.

You’ll want to consider how the layout impacts your property, your costs, and your lifestyle. From there, all you have to do is find a building kit, and property, and get started.

Hopefully, one of these 40×100 barndo floor plans offers everything you’re looking for in a barn home and shop.

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Spectacular 40×100 Barndominium Floor Plans (With Shops) | BarndominiumZONE.com (6)

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