Galactic Dragon Thunder Summit 2024 (2024)

Embracing the Dragon Thunder: A Global Gathering of Dragon Wisdom

I am thrilled to announce the upcoming Dragon Thunder Summit 2024, a unique global gathering dedicated to exploring and celebrating the profound wisdom of Dragons. As a practitioner and healer deeply connected to Dragon guides, I have always been passionate about helping individuals tap into their powerful energy and healing capabilities. This event promises to be a transformative journey, bringing together like-minded individuals from around the world to share knowledge, experiences, and insights about Dragons.

Event Date: 21st July 2024 Time: 00:30 BST Location: English Mystic - Dragon Thunder Summit 2024

The Dragon Thunder Summit 2024 is not just an event; it is an invitation to immerse yourself in the mystical realms of Dragon energy, to connect deeply with your inner Dragon guide, and to engage with a vibrant community of spiritual seekers. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to the path, this event offers a rich tapestry of workshops, discussions, and interactive sessions designed to enhance your spiritual journey with Dragons.

Throughout the event, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from Renowned Dragon Practitioners: Gain insights and techniques from experienced practitioners who will share their wisdom and practices involving Dragon energy.
  • Participate in Healing Rituals: Engage in powerful healing ceremonies and rituals aimed at promoting personal and collective transformation through the power of Dragons.
  • Connect with Dragon Guides: Explore methods to deepen your connection with Dragon guides and enhance your spiritual guidance.

The Dragon Thunder Summit 2024 will take place at 00:30 BST on 21st July 2024, bringing together participants from various time zones to create a truly global experience. To accommodate our diverse community, we have carefully scheduled the event across multiple time zones, ensuring that everyone can join at a convenient time.

This is more than just an event; it is a call to embrace the ancient wisdom of Dragons, to heal, to grow, and to connect with a global community of spiritual explorers. I invite you to join us for this extraordinary experience and to be part of a movement that fosters healing, understanding, and spiritual growth through the power of Dragons.

For more information and to register, please visit English Mystic - Dragon Thunder Summit 2024. Let us come together and embrace the thunder of Dragon awakening.

See you there!

The Galactic Dragon Thunder Summit 2024 kicks off under London ( BST ) at 00:30 on Sunday 21st July 2024. You can register for your ticket, which gains access to all 26 hours of the Summit and all forty-four replays. REGISTER at

Several people have been asking what is that in my local time zone, and as there are 38 time zones, it’s hard to tell everyone individually, so here’s the list of time zones with their respective short names, times, and dates relative to the Summit start day and time of 00:30 BST on 21st July 2024 - so you know when we start and that we run for 26 hours following the Schedule noted after these time zones - who knew there were so many time zones? :)

This time zone website will also assist you: see here your local World time

Summit Start Times throughout the world:

Before BST ( London )

  1. UTC-12:00 (Baker Island Time, BIT) 11:30, Saturday, 20th July 2024
  2. UTC-11:00 (Niue Time, NUT; Samoa Standard Time, SST) 12:30, Saturday, 20th July 2024
  3. UTC-10:00 (Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time, HAST) 13:30, Saturday, 20th July 2024
  4. UTC-09:30 (Marquesas Islands Time, MART) 14:00, Saturday, 20th July 2024
  5. UTC-09:00 (Alaska Standard Time, AKST) 14:30, Saturday, 20th July 2024
  6. UTC-08:00 (Pacific Standard Time, PST) 15:30, Saturday, 20th July 2024
  7. UTC-07:00 (Mountain Standard Time, MST) 16:30, Saturday, 20th July 2024
  8. UTC-06:00 (Central Standard Time, CST) 17:30, Saturday, 20th July 2024
  9. UTC-05:00 (Eastern Standard Time, EST) 18:30, Saturday, 20th July 2024
  10. UTC-04:00 (Atlantic Standard Time, AST) 19:30, Saturday, 20th July 2024
  11. UTC-03:30 (Newfoundland Standard Time, NST) 20:00, Saturday, 20th July 2024
  12. UTC-03:00 (Argentina Time, ART; Brazil Time, BRT) 20:30, Saturday, 20th July 2024
  13. UTC-02:00 (South Georgia/Sandwich Islands Time, GST) 21:30, Saturday, 20th July 2024
  14. UTC-01:00 (Azores Time, AZOT; Cape Verde Time, CVT) 22:30, Saturday, 20th July 2024
  15. UTC±00:00 (Greenwich Mean Time, GMT) 23:30, Saturday, 20th July 2024

British Summer Time (BST)

  1. UTC+01:00 (British Summer Time, BST; Central European Time, CET) 00:30, Sunday, 21st July 2024

After BST

  1. UTC+02:00 (Eastern European Time, EET; Central Africa Time, CAT) 01:30, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  2. UTC+03:00 (Moscow Time, MSK; East Africa Time, EAT; Arabia Standard Time, AST) 02:30, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  3. UTC+03:30 (Iran Standard Time, IRST) 03:00, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  4. UTC+04:00 (Gulf Standard Time, GST; Azerbaijan Standard Time, AZT) 03:30, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  5. UTC+04:30 (Afghanistan Time, AFT) 04:00, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  6. UTC+05:00 (Pakistan Standard Time, PKT; Yekaterinburg Time, YEKT) 04:30, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  7. UTC+05:30 (Indian Standard Time, IST; Sri Lanka Time, SLST) 05:00, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  8. UTC+05:45 (Nepal Time, NPT) 05:15, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  9. UTC+06:00 (Bangladesh Standard Time, BST; Bhutan Time, BTT; Omsk Time, OMST) 05:30, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  10. UTC+06:30 (Cocos Islands Time, CCT; Myanmar Time, MMT) 06:00, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  11. UTC+07:00 (Indochina Time, ICT; Krasnoyarsk Time, KRAT) 06:30, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  12. UTC+08:00 (China Standard Time, CST; Australian Western Standard Time, AWST; Irkutsk Time, IRKT) 07:30, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  13. UTC+08:45 (Australian Central Western Standard Time, ACWST) 08:15, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  14. UTC+09:00 (Japan Standard Time, JST; Korea Standard Time, KST; Chita Time, CHOT) 08:30, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  15. UTC+09:30 (Australian Central Standard Time, ACST) 09:00, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  16. UTC+10:00 (Australian Eastern Standard Time, AEST; Vladivostok Time, VLAT) 09:30, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  17. UTC+10:30 (Lord Howe Standard Time, LHST) 10:00, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  18. UTC+11:00 (Solomon Islands Time, SBT; Magadan Time, MAGT) 10:30, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  19. UTC+12:00 (New Zealand Standard Time, NZST; Fiji Time, FJT; Kamchatka Time, PETT) 11:30, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  20. UTC+12:45 (Chatham Islands Time, CHAST) 12:15, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  21. UTC+13:00 (Tonga Time, TOT; Phoenix Islands Time, PHOT) 12:30, Sunday, 21st July 2024
  22. UTC+14:00 (Line Islands Time, LINT) 13:30, Sunday, 21st July 2024


These start times are all in London ( BST - United Kingdom) times - see here your local World time

21st July 2024 - At the very beginning of the day - BST London ( British Summer Time )

0.30 a.m. BST - Introduction with Hosts for Australia time zone ( 9.30 a.m. Local time - AEST )
1 a.m. Guest Speaker #1 - Lily Li
2 a.m. Guest Speaker #2 - Fabiene Lui
3 a.m. Guest Speaker #3 - Alina Luminița Mocan
4 a.m. Guest Speaker #4 - Caryn O'Malley
5 a.m. Guest Speaker #5 - Dean Bottles
6 a.m. Guest Speaker #6 - Siddhii Shaah
7 a.m. Guest Speaker #7 - Madalena Morbey
8 a.m. Guest Speaker #8 - Alessandra Gilioli
9 a.m. Close & Handover to England

9.30 a.m. BST - Introduction with Kevin Humphrey & Nicola Brettell-Smith Hosts in England ( BST-UK )
10 a.m. Guest Speaker #9 - Atlantis Wolf
11 a.m. Guest Speaker #10 - Jason Donaldson
Noon Guest Speaker #11 - Kieran Morgan
1 p.m. Guest Speaker #12 - Virginie Lafon
2 p.m. Guest Speaker #13 - Vinolan Ponnan
3 p.m. Guest Speaker #14 - Prenisha Arumugam
4 p.m. Guest Speaker #15 - Alphedia Arara
5 p.m. Guest Speaker #16 - Caroline Mitchell
6 p.m. Close & Handover to America's

6.30 p.m. BST - Introduction with Barbara Worsley & Kelley Springer Hosts in USA ( 1.30 p.m. Local time - EDT )
7 p.m. Guest Speaker #17 - Amanda Boekhout
8 p.m. Guest Speaker #18 - Peter Dressler
9 p.m. Guest Speaker #19 - Kelley Springer
10 p.m. Guest Speaker #20 - Galactic Ashley
11 p.m. Guest Speaker #21 - Theresa Nguyen
Midnight Guest Speaker #22 - Carol Weakland
1 a.m. Guest Speaker #23 - Alison Kay
2 a.m. Guest Speaker #24 - Luna Ra Starshine
3 a.m. Close

3.30 a.m. Dragon Thunder 2024 LIVE Ends

For more information and to register, please visit English Mystic - Dragon Thunder Summit 2024. Let us come together and embrace the thunder of Dragon awakening.

See you there!

Galactic Dragon Thunder Summit 2024 (2024)


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