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Horror of Aizen

Soul Society, Seireitei, Fifth Division, Former Main Building, Underground

The group of six walked through the underground corridors and passed many doors, and each time they passed a door, the Shinigami of the group would go into a room and kill the hollow within, or they would mark the door and then move on to the next.

"I get that, that crazy bastarted could do something like this but what I want to know is why," Sakurako asked as they walked.

"Sakurako Kuchiki what have I told you about cursing," Hisana asked her daughter with a narrowed look.

Ichigo hid his smile as he walked.

"What do you think his happening here Ichigo," Momo asked as they turned another corner and heard another explosion.

"If I'm being honest, I don't know yet, but I have a guess," Ichigo said as they soon found a set of doors. "All the hollows we passed were Aizen's old experiments that he was making; I don't know why," he told her as he looked at Byakuya, who nodded at him.

The two of them reached out, took hold of the door's handles, and pulled it open.

And what they found made everyone feel sick.

There were massive glass canisters filled with some liquid with bodies floating within the fluid.

"Oh my god," Ichigo said as he looked around. Rukia and Momo looked shocked, and Hisana covered her mouth.

"What is this," Byakuya asked as they looked around the room.

"I think it's a lab," Momo asked as she felt disgusted that the man she looked up to did this.

And when they looked closer, they found names on the canisters. When they read the names, Ichigo let out a sad sigh, "I beleave we found the my lost seated officers," He said as Momo looked like she was going to be sick, "Rukia, Momo, I'm going to call Yoruichi, and then when Renji metts up with us, she would have gathered enugh people to watch the entrance until Urahara gets here and then no one in," He said as they nodded at him.

"What do you want us to do," Momo asked him.

Ichigo looked at her and saw that she was shaking. A little paler than usual, "I want, you to rest, as this have shaken you, and when your ready go streat to Unohana and talk with her," Ichigo told her as she nodded. He then turned to Ruika, "Head to the head captian and tell him what we found and that we will need a guard rotation on this building," He told her.

"Got it," Rukia said as they waited for Renji. After they took stock of the room, the red-haired man walked in. He looked shocked.

"Captain what is this," He asked with a shiver as he looked around.

"The misguided ideads of a madman," Byakuya said as Momo looked down and Rukia put a hand on her shoulder.

"Let's get out of here," Ichigo said as the new group of seven left the underground corridors. When they exited the building, they found Yoruichi, Suì-Fēng, and two members of the Onmitsukidō.

"How bad was it?" Yoruichi asked as she looked past them and into the darkness below them.

And when she heard only silence, she knew it was not good.

"I want this place under constant guard, no one goes in unless it is one of the captains until Kisuke Urahara gets here," Suì-Fēng told her men as they nodded and stood at either side of the entrance.

Ichigo looked at his fellow captains and nodded, "This has to be shared with the head captain," Ichigo said as the two nodded.

"I'll send the information on what we found to him right away," Rukia said as Ichigo nodded and ran off.

"I'll gather the division," Yoruichi said. Ichigo nodded as she walked off, and Momo went with her.

Two Hours Later, Fifth Division, Main Building

With Rukia and Momo on either side, Ichigo looked down at his subordinate grimly.

Ichigo stepped out and looked down at his gathered men and women, "Thank you call for coming here even if I had up you all on searching, but I have some grim news for you all," He told them as they looked amongst each other, "As of two hours ago myself, along with both my lieutenants, Captain Kuchiki, and Lieutenant Abarai have found our remaining seated officers, and sadly they were not with us as they were killed, and had there reamines experimented on by the traitors," Ichigo told them as gasps filled the air.

"Kisuke Urahara has been informed on what has transpired, and he shall look over them, and after that, we will morn them and after that, we shall dispel the illusion, and we will search that building for all the secrets that Aizen has hidden within it," Ichigo them all as they all nodded, "Now, I we will start the morning tomorrow until then I want you all to return to your jobs, and I know this informaion will make it hard for you, but I ask you to hold on until we can bring that bastared to justice," He said as everyone nodded and went about there jobs.

But the air around them was just full of sadness and disappeared.

As Ichigo, Rukia, and Momo entered their office and found each other at their desks, Momo looked at her captain. "Do you think that they will be able to work past this?" she asked him.

But what Ichigo and Rukia heard was silent 'and I' in her question: "I don't know, but if they talk with someone from the fourth, they will be able to speak with a counsellor about the loss of a friend and be able to talk about what is affecting them," he told her as Momo nodded, and they started to fill out paperwork.

The Next Day, Kuchiki Manor

Byakuya and Hisana talked with Byakuya's grandfather while their daughter was shown around the manor.

"So you have returned to us, Hisana," The elderly man said as he looked at his granddaughter-in-law.

"I have," She said with a bow of her head.

"Can I ask where you were," He asked her.

"I was held captive by the former captain of the fifth, and where I was pregnant with my daughter Sakurako," Hisana told him; he narrowed his eyes.

"So that fool got the lady of the clan," he growled as he looked down at his fists before looking out and seeing a made-up Sakurako around the open field. She has Hollow Abilities, you said, Byakuya," he asked as the clan head nodded.

"Yes, and I have asked Rukia, along with Captain Kurosaki, to help train her in her powers and taming her inner Hollow," Byakuya said as the man nodded.

"That was a good idea, and I agree with what you have done with the old elders with them bringing shame to my son and daughter-in-law," Byakuya's grandfather told him with a stiff nod.

Some maids brought in tea and biscuits as they watched Sakurako walk around the open area.

"So how have the investigations been going?" the elder asked his grandson.

"They have been making solid progress with what they are finding," Baykuya said before a hell butterfly flew over to him and released its orders.

"All captains and lieutenants are to report to the meeting hall as soon as they are able,"the head captain's voice said before the butterfly flew off.

"I have to go. All captains and lieutenants have been summoned," Byakuya said as his grandfather nodded. Hisana gave him a quick peck on the cheek before he walked out.

As he left the manor, he met up with Renji, and the two walked in silence.

Well, until Renji opened his mouth.

"What do you think this is about captain," He asked his captain.

"I do not know, but I do know that Kisuke Urahara has returned to the Soul Society and has looked around the tweleth, but that is all I know," he told the red-haired man.

As the two walked, they met up with Ichigo, Momo, and Rukia, who were also making their way to the first a

"Hey you three how are things," Renji asked as the three turned to him.

"We're doing alright, and the division is slowly going back to normal," Momo said, and Renji nodded.

"That is understandable, considering how Aizen did his work," Byakuya said as they turned a corner.

"I know, and we've mourned them, and Ichigo used his powerR - The Rock to form a slab of rock and we've carved there names onto it so that they can be seen and honored," Momo told him as Byakuya turned to her.

"And how are you handling the information that was brought forward, Lieutenant Hinamori," He asked the woman.

"With how all the information is coming to light, a part of me is still in denial and that part is getting smaller and smaller each day and I'm getting better with dealing with everything," Momo told him as Byakuya nodded at her as they walked.

"Hey, Ichigo, do you know why we're being called to the first," Renji asked the newest captain, who shook his head.

"No, but I do have a feeling that the twelfth maybe having a captain change back to Urahara," Ichigo said as Byakuya nodded.

"I was thinking the same, but I would like to hear why you think that," He asked the younger captain.

"Well what I've learned is that nothing good can happen from Kurotuschi and with hearing about how one of the fifth's former seated officers went in and did not come back out is shocking enough," Ichigo told him as Byakuya nodded, "But other than that, it's the way he looks at me and my sisters, and I can't help think that he was planing somthing," He said as the head of the Kuchiki Clan nodded.

"That does make sense," Byakuya said as they continued waking. After a few minutes, they finally reached the first division. They walked into the meeting room and stood at their pots, with Renji behind Byakuya and Momo and Rukia standing behind Ichigo.

But what confused them was that Urahara was already there and talking with the head captain.

Once the other captain had ensued, they found that Kurotsuchi was not with them, but Nemu was.

"Now, as you can see, Kurotsuchi is not here, as Kisuke Urahara found evidence that he was not working for the Seireitei's best interest and has been sent back to the Magots Nest for the rest of his days," the head captain said as everyone nodded with him. And with that said, I have made Kisuke Urahara the captain of the twelfth once more," the leader of Gotie 13 said.

Everyone nodded as Urahara put on a captain's haori but did not move to stand with the others. "But that is not why I have called you all here, as shocking news has come from the word of the living," Yamamoto said as Komamura stepped forward.

"What has transpired," The wolfman asked them.

Urahara stepped forward. " Has anyone here ever heard of Bounts?" he asked as people shook their heads, but Byakuya stepped forward this time.

"I've read something that mentioned the word but nothing more," He said as Urahara nodded.

"That is understandable, as we were the ones who created them and brought them to the edge of extinction along with the Quincy," he said as Ichigo raised a brow.

"What do you mean," He asked the man.

"You see, back before I created the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, a group of Shinigami tried to make artificial souls, and it did not work in the way they wanted, but it worked nonetheless," Urahara said as everyone nodded. These souls acted like a fusion of Quincy and Shinigami, like you, Ichigo," he said to the teen.

"If that was so, why were they killed," Hitsugaya asked from where he stood.

"They were slightly flawed in design, as unlike me, they did not think to use a soul as a base, so they used a body with an ever-dying soul as a base," he said as Ichigo narrowed his eyes.

"That would mean the Bounts would need to some how replenish there spirital energy," Ichigo said as Urahara nodded.

"That's right. I had thought they were wiped out, but it looks like I was wrong," he said as Yamamoto looked at him.

"Indeed, if this were when the three traitors were back here, I would have said to kill them and wipe them out, but maybe we can ask them to aid us," he said as the others nodded. "Captain Urahara, how long would it take you to make something to help the Bounts move forward?" the head captain asked.

"A few days at lest, a week at most," He said as he stood with the others.

"I see, then where are the Bounts," Yamamoto asked the twelfth captain.

"Karakura Town," He said as everyone looked at each other as Ichigo stepped forward.

"I offer to invest in this with a team," he said, and the head captain nodded.

"Who will you bring with you," He asked the orange-haired teen.

"My friends from Karakura, as it will give us more eyes on the situation, along with a select few from each division except the first, as you will need the strongest here to defend in case of something happens," Ichigo said as Yamamoto nodded, "So I was thinking, Captain Suì-Fēng, Lieutenant Kira, Seventh Seat Yamada of the fourth, both my lieutenants along with my Third Seat Yoruichi Shihōin, Lieutenant Abarai, Lieutenant Iba, Lieutenant Ise, Lieutenant Hisagi, Lieutenant Matsumoto, Fifth Seat Ayasegawa of the eleventh, Lieutenant Kurotsuchi, and Third Seat Kotetsu of the thirteenth," Ichigo said as the head captain nodded.

"Explain these choices," He told Ichigo.

"Both Captain Suì-Fēng and Yoruichi are former partners, so they will be able to scout for the Bounts; Lieutenant Kira along with Lieutenant Hisagi both need to learn how to handle situates like this and help fill the captain role for the moment," Ichigo said as both people who were mention nodded ad they knew he was right, "We will need a medic for this mission as we do not know what we are dealing with so that is why I picked Seventh Seat Yamada, the others that I have mentioned have skills that we will need going agenst the Bounts so that is why I picked them and there is another reason why I picked Lieutenant Abarai," The hybrid said as everyone looked at him in wonder before he said something that threw everyone for a look.

"Permission to act as your stead in a captain's evaluation for, Lieutenant Abarai, while on this misson," Ichigo said as Yamamoto opened his eyes and looked at Ichigo.

"If you are to do this, you must not act as his friend in this process but as his superior," He told Ichigo, who nodded.

"I understand," Ichigo said as he held out Zangetsu in its sealed form.

The head captain nodded. "Then you may," he said as Ichigo looked over to a shocked Renji, who had his mouth open. Lieutenant Abarai, you shall be judged by the captains of the second and fifth along with the former captain of the second, and if you pass, you shall be given the title captain of the ninth. Am I understood?" He told Renji, who turned to the old man and nodded.

"Then Captain Kurosaki, off with your team and find out what you can and deal with the ones that want to harm the Soul Society," He told them as Hitsugaya stepped forward.

"I know that you did not need to know this, but Rangiku is moving down to the third seat soon, and the former Captain Shiba is going to be my lieutenant," he said as Yamamoto nodded.

"I see, and that is good; we gain more strength with that one change and Third Seat Matsumoto," Yamamoto called out to Rangiku, who turned to him, "This will be your last mission as a lieutenant, so I expect you to preform to your best and if I hear good things from you, I might have you keep your lieutenant badge if you wish but not of the tenth but of the thirteenth, if you want it," He told him.

But she bowed at him.

"That's alright, sir. I'll stay at the tenth if that's okay," she said as he nodded. Then head out," he said as he banged his cane on the ground.

Three Hours Later, Senkaimon Gate

Ichigo and his team were waiting at the gate as Urahara walked over, "I've made sure that each of your homes has something to find the Bounts, a Mod soul, so when you on the look, make sure that you keep them with you at all times, and here is the last piece of advice," He said as he looked at them all, "Make sure that if you sense someone with high spiritual pressure, you keep an eye on them so that they are not made a target for the Bounts," He told them.

"Got you," Ichigo said as the gates started to open, and everyone started to run through them, with the hell butterflies following them.

"Do you think it was a good idea to sent them," Isshin asked as he stood behind Urahara.

"I do not know, and only time will tell in the end," Kisuke said as he watched the gates close, "But I do know one thing: that group there will start the changes that are needed to bring down Aizen," He said as Isshin nodded.

"Got you. Now then, I'm off to see my daughters," he said as he walked to the fifth.

"Good luck," Urahara said as he returned to the twelfth.

Bleach: Power of a Hybrid - Chapter 9 - blazeninja0 (2024)


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