Bite of the Forbidden Fruit - HeadlessKing (KingSaturnz) - 呪術廻戦 (2024)

Chapter 1: Special Bond


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The first memory Yuuji had as a child was of himself holding hands with his twin brother, Sukuna. They were both in kindergarten and were waiting for their parents to pick them up. They were probably three years old and Yuuji remembers as clear as day that he looked at his twin, becoming aware that they wore the same face and though Sukuna’s eyes were icy blue and his were a hazel brown, people still got them mixed up. Sukuna had turned to look back at his twin, feeling Yuuji’s burning stare before smiling and holding Yuuji’s hand tighter. “Yuu.” He softly called out.

Yuuji’s eyes lit up before smiling back and giggled at his twin. “Kuna!” Sukuna’s smile widened at the way his twin called out to him. Even back then, there was something different about their bond. Something special.

Without fail, everyone at the age of thirteen presented their secondary gender. There were some exceptions about kids presenting as early as ten, but there weren’t many. At least, not in Yuuji and Sukuna’s class. Tomorrow was going to be Yuuji and Sukuna’s birthday and their parents already called the school saying they weren’t coming because it would be their thirteenth birthday. To which the school understood, heck, even a few other kids from other grades whom the twins shared birthdays with were also going to be absent.

Many of their classmates were curious as to what Yuuji and Sukuna were going to present as. The infamous Itadori twins, The King and The Tiger of West Junior High. Even though Yuuji was the more ‘friendly’ twin, due to an incident in their former middle school, they had to move from Sendai to Tokyo. Though, the rumors still reach to their new school. They had —unluckily or maybe luckily— gotten so twisted that it ended in Yuuji and Sukuna somehow beating 100 guys up. Each.

Which is why when they moved to their new Tokyo middle school, the delinquents of their new school tried to pick on them on their first day. Only to end up being beaten badly by Sukuna and becoming their lackeys. Much to Yuuji’s dismay. It wasn’t all that bad, though, as he ended up becoming friends with Megumi. However, Yuuji couldn’t beat up the delinquent allegations since Megumi was also a troublemaker.

“I bet you’ll be an Alpha too.” Megumi said, buying a bottle of water from the vending machine of their school.

“You think so?” Yuuji asked with a grin. “Many people have been telling me that.” Yuuji said before laughing.

Megumi picked up the water bottle before glancing at his best friend. “I mean, it would make sense? You could also be a Beta.” Megumi said, shrugging before opening the water bottle. “But your twin definitely is an Alpha.”

Yuuji chuckled. “Right!? I know Sukuna will end up being an Alpha! I mean, Sukuna is so amazing! And he’s very smart and suuuuper strong and-”

“Right behind you, brat.” Sukuna said, draping himself behind his twin brother as Sukuna rested his chin on Yuuji’s shoulder. Yuuji was so used to his touch that he simply glanced at Sukuna with wide eyes.

“Sukuna!” Yuuji exclaimed, before pouting with narrowed eyes. “How did you know where I was? I made sure to go to the other side of the school!”

“You’re not escaping from me, Yuu.” Sukuna growled, holding Yuuji tighter and rubbing their cheeks together.

“Ugh! But you’re very weird today!”

Megumi stared at the twins unamused. Though, he did raise an eyebrow when Sukuna gave him a glare before wrapping his arms around Yuuji’s shoulders and putting their foreheads together. “ ‘Am not .” Sukuna grumbled while Yuuji rolled his eyes, gently bumping noses together.

“You’re clinger than usual, Suku-nii.” Yuuji teased him with a grin. Sukuna had ended up being born a few seconds earlier. Sukuna narrowed his eyes, a strange glint on his blue eyes.

Megumi cleared his throat, catching the attention of the twins. “Yeah, so, I’m gonna go back to the class. The bell just rang.”

Yuuji and Sukuna heard the last chime of the school bell. “Ah, you’re right.” Yuuji said. Megumi was starting to walk back. “Megumi, wait for me!” Yuuji exclaimed, trying to get away from Sukuna’s grip.

“Skip with me.” Sukuna demanded, huffing when Yuuji eventually pulled away from his arms. Yuuji gave his twin brother a look before taking a step to try and catch up with Megumi —who was already far away—, but Sukuna grabbed his arm. “Yuuji.”

“Sukuna.” Yuuji called out, looking back at his twin with a pout.

Brown staring into blue.

Sukuna sighed, slowly letting go of Yuuji. “Fine.”

Yuuji smiled at his twin. “Come on, Kuna, let’s go to class! We won’t be here tomorrow anyway.”

Sukuna stared at his twin before smirking. “I will if you do that.”

Yuuji tensed up, face heating up. “N-No way!”

Sukuna shrugged, putting his hands on his pants pockets. “Then, I’m skipping.”

Yuuji furrowed his brow at his twin. He hated when Sukuna did this. It was a little something that Sukuna started doing because their parents would often do it when they were kids. Although, it had been a long while since Yuuji last saw their parents do it. Sukuna would still use it against him and it had become a habit for Yuuji to cede that it was hard to break it.

Yuuji glanced around, making sure no one was around to see them —even though they were at the back of the school— before putting a hand on Sukuna’s shoulder and leaned in for a chaste kiss on Sukuna’s cheek. Yuuji quickly pulled away, face red as he glanced at everything but Sukuna. “T-There, happy?”

“I am.” Sukuna said, his voice uncharacteristically soft. Yuuji stared wide eyed at him before glancing away, the heat spreading from his cheeks to the tip of his ears.

“You’re being unfair.” Yuuji weakly stammered.

Sukuna closed the distance between them again before gently bumping their foreheads together. Yuuji closed his eyes, letting out a small yelp. Sukuna narrowed his eyes at his twin’s lips, they were a breath away and oh, how tempting it was to just close the remaining gap between them. Sukuna waited until Yuuji opened his eyes again, until those warm hazel eyes were back on him to say: “I know.” He said, staring as his twin looked at him wide eyed again.

Sukuna leaned away, giving Yuuji back his space before he started walking ahead. Yuuji felt a strange stirr in his heart, there were strange moments between them that left Yuuji like this and he wasn’t sure what to make of them. “Aren’t you coming, Yuu?” Sukuna called out and before Yuuji could even begin to dive deep into what any of that meant. Yuuji blinked before turning to look back at Sukuna.

“I am!” Yuuji exclaimed, before running up to catch up with his twin brother.


The day before their birthday went on as usual. Even back at home, there wasn’t any major change other than their parents cooing that tomorrow they were going to become ‘men’ or Choso being an older brother and teasing the twins about the ‘canonical event’ of the twins entering their emo phase and since the ancestor of all Alphas, Omegas and Betas was a werewolf. They would probably start thinking they could transform to one like in ancient times.

“Ew! I’d rather die than become like you.” Sukuna exclaimed before he started running away with a laugh as Choso chased him around the house, cursing at him. Jin had scolded the kids while Kaori laughed about her boys being boys.

Jin let the kids order pizza and Eso could barely grab a slice when Choso, Yuuji and Sukuna fought over who got to have the bigger pizza slice of the box. Eso laughed sheepishly before Jin scolded them again. When it was time for bed, Yuuji had gotten out of the shower. The twin’s room had two twin sized beds, each one on either side of the room. Yuuji glanced at his made bed before glancing over at Sukuna’s bed. He was already changed into his PJs, reading the latest volume of their favorite Shounen manga.

Yuuji smiled. “Kuna, can I sleep with you tonight?”

Sukuna glanced at his twin, staring at him like he just asked the most stupid question ever before making space for Yuuji and going back to reading. Yuuji giggled before climbing up Sukuna’s bed and laying down next to him. “Which part are you reading?” Yuuji asked, cuddling closer as he rested his head on Sukuna’s shoulder. Reading with him even though Yuuji read it first.

“They’re about to enter the tournament.” Sukuna mumbled. Yuuji hummed.

There was a knock on the bed before Jin opened the door. “Woah there, sleeping together?”

“Yep!” Yuuji exclaimed, smiling at his father. “Tomorrow is our big day, after all!” Yuuji laughed. Jin smiled, letting out a soft breath through his nose. Well, I guess one last time before we know what their secondary gender will be wouldn't hurt. Jin thought.

“Okey-dokey! Sukuna, put that away, I’m turning the lights off.” Jin said, glancing at Sukuna.

Sukuna groaned, leaning the book on his chest but still holding it open. “We don’t go to school tomorrow!”

“And who will be turning off the lights, hm?”

“I will!” Sukuna exclaimed with a huff.

“You said that last time and it ended up staying on all night!”

Sukuna pouted.

“Sukuna.” Jin said, his voice strict but not authoritarian. Sukuna sighed, grumbling as he put the bookmark in and let Yuuji put the manga on the nightstand table that was on Yuuji’s side. “Thank you~” Jin sang, smiling at his sons. “Goodnight, Yuuji, Sukuna.”

“Goodnight, Dad!” Yuuji exclaimed.

“G’night, Dad.” Sukuna muttered, unenthusiastic.

Jin chuckled before turning off the lights and closing the door.

“Hey, hey, Sukuna.” Yuuji whispered, his tone enthusiastic as he huddled closer to Sukuna under the blanket.

Sukuna turned around to face him. “What?” He asked, his voice low.

“What do you think we’ll be?” Yuuji asked, smiling with excitement.

Sukuna sighed internally before cupping Yuuji’s face, stroking it with his thumb. “It doesn’t matter,” Sukuna leaned their foreheads together, eyes narrowing. “Nothing will change between us.”

Yuuji rubbed their noses together with eyes closed. “I want us to be Alphas.”

Sukuna hummed, wrapping his arm around Yuuji. “Why?”

“So we can stand as equal!” Yuuji exclaimed with rosy cheeks and a closed-eyed grin. Sukuna gazed tenderly at his brother with a small smile before kissing his forehead.

“Yeah,” Sukuna chuckled, resting their heads together as he closed his eyes. “That would be nice.”

Whether he meant the part about being both Alphas or standing together as equals, Yuuji didn’t know. Sleep caught up to him soon and all he remembered thinking was that he wanted to be together forever with his twin brother like this.

Yuuji was eight when he fought with Sukuna for the first time. Many would think that Sukuna was the one who was attached to Yuuji and that Yuuji had to just deal with a very clingy twin. But that wasn’t true, not the whole truth anyway. Yuuji was as attached to Sukuna as Sukuna was to him. Which is why when a girl from Sukuna’s class —they had been separated that year— started to hang around Sukuna, Yuuji didn't like it. It was clear that she liked Sukuna, but Sukuna was oblivious to it and yet, it bothered Yuuji that Sukuna wasn’t doing anything about their time being so rudely interrupted.

One day, when it was time for lunch, Yuuji walked over to Sukuna’s class. “Kuna! Let’s eat at the staircase this ti-”

“Sorry, Yuu,” Sukuna said flatly. “Me and Chiyo will eat lunch this time.”

Yuuji felt a sting on his chest, not bothering to hide his hurt expression. For a split second, he thought he’d seen his twin brother tense up. Moving slightly as if he wanted to pull Yuuji close for a hug, maybe. “Oh.” Was all Yuuji said.

One day became two days, two days became a week and soon, Sukuna started to be taken away from Yuuji.

“Suku!” Chiyo shouted in the distance, raising her hand as she waited for Sukuna so they could go eat somewhere.

Sukuna sighed, annoyed as he took a step in her direction when someone grabbed his arm. Sukuna turned around, widened his eyes. It was none other than Yuuji. “Yuu.” He softly called out.

“Is she more important than me?” Yuuji asked, trying to hold back tears with a weak glare.

Sukuna gulped, shaking his head.

“Then, why!?”

Sukuna furrowed his brow, opening his mouth but closing it again. “I… can’t say.” Sukuna stammered.

Yuuji’s eyes watered before he let go of Sukuna. “Sukuna, you idiot! I hate you!” Yuuji cried out before running away, not caring if Sukuna called out to him. After that, Yuuji started to give Sukuna the cold shoulder. Even at home, he would ask Choso or Eso if he could sleep with them instead of their room. Until one day, Chiyo didn’t come to school. Something about her breaking a leg when she tried to climb up a tree. Even so, Yuuji ignored Sukuna until Chiyo came back with clutches. However, Sukuna didn’t seem to go to her this time and Chiyo had pretended like Sukuna didn’t exist.

As soon as they got home that day, Sukuna hugged Yuuji from behind. “Yuuji.” Sukuna called out, soft. Like a whisper. Like a plea. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to leave you alone.”

Yuuji widened his eyes, grabbing Sukuna’s arms.

“I love you, Yuuji, I’m sorry I hurt you. Can you please forgive me, already? I miss my best friend.” Sukuna croaked and this time, Yuuji turned around. Sukuna was crying and Yuuji felt a pang of guilt invade his chest before hugging his twin.

“I’m sorry, Kuna!” Yuuji croaked, feeling his eyes water. “I don’t hate you! I love you too!”

“Even more than mom and dad?”

Yuuji nodded. “Mhm!”

“Even more than brother Choso and brother Eso?”

Yuuji nodded again, a few tears spilling down. “Uh-huh!”

Sukuna giggled as both of them broke the hug, but only to wipe each other’s tears. Both of them laughed. It was clear to their family that Yuuji and Sukuna had made up. Relieved that the tension between the twins was gone. That night, Yuuji slept back in their room. Sleeping on the same bed as they cuddled together. “Yuuji?” Sukuna called out, his response a squeeze on the hand since they were holding hands.

“Mn?” Yuuji answered, half-asleep.

“I promise to never leave you alone.” Sukuna started.



Yuuji slowly opened his eyes, although only halfway to stare right into those blue eyes that he’s always known. “Kuna.”

Sukuna squeezed Yuuji’s hand back, smiling softly with narrowed eyes. “Nothing will ever drift us apart again. I swear on my name.”

Yuuji smiled sleepily before closing his eyes again. Yuuji felt a huge sense of relief invade him.

Yuuji woke up feeling like nothing had changed. He felt fine, like usual. Yuuji blinked, staring at the ceiling. I wonder if this is normal? Yuuji thought before glancing to the side and his breath hitch. Sukuna’s face was feverish red, eyes closed so tight as he groaned, beads of sweat forming on his temple. “Sukuna?” Yuuji called out, worried as he put a hand on Sukuna’s forehead. It was hot and soon, Yuuji sat up to give his twin a worried look. Sukuna barely opened his eyes as he stared up at Yuuji.


“You’re burning up!” Yuuji exclaimed, slightly furrowing his brow. “I’ll go tell mom-” Yuuji said, pulling his hand away when Sukuna grabbed his wrist.

“Don’t go.” Sukuna weakly said, a pleading look in his eyes.

Perhaps, if Yuuji had stayed, something would have changed. But Yuuji simply smiled down at Sukuna, squeezing his hand in a comforting manner. “Don’t worry, I’m just going to wake mom and dad up. It won’t take long!” Yuuji exclaimed, slipping out of the bed. Out of Sukuna’s reach.


“Sukuna is an Alpha,” Shoko started, looking at the results on her clipboard. Jin and Kaori glanced at each other with a smile. “But, Yuuji has not presented any Alpha or Omega traits. So, he’s most likely a Beta.” Shoko said.

“A Beta?” Jin repeated, surprised. Their family hasn’t had a Beta before. Before his passing, Wasuke was an Alpha. Jin is an Alpha, Kaori an Omega just like their second eldest son, Eso and Choso had also presented as an Alpha.

Kaori was also surprised, but smiled nonetheless. “Well, at least it will be easier for my Yuuji.” Kaori said, feeling a bit relieved since that meant Yuuji didn’t have to go through either a heat or a rut. Jin smiled at her and nodded. With just a prescription of some rut painkillers that Sukuna can take to ease the pain, there was nothing else to do aside from turning in a copy of the results to the school so they can update the student profile of their sons.

“How’s it going back there?” Kaori asked, glancing from the passenger’s seat to her three sons: Choso, Sukuna and Yuuji. Choso was on the left window, glancing over at Sukuna. Yuuji was on the right side window with a still feverish Sukuna resting his head on Yuuji’s shoulder. Sukuna was sleeping, whining in discomfort and cuddling closer to Yuuji for a bit of comfort.

Yuuji smiled at his twin, ruffling his pink hair. “Can we buy Sukuna’s favorite steak for dinner? I feel bad that he has to be in pain.”

Kaori knitted her eyebrows together. “Sure thing, though, we will have to see how he feels by then. Okay?”

Yuuji nodded, smiling up at her mother. “I got it.” Yuuji said. Although he said it, Yuuji didn’t exactly have a grasp on what exactly Sukuna was going through. The only ones who could at the moment were his father and Choso —which Yuuji was a little jealous of—, but he does know the basics about Alphas and their ruts.

“He hasn’t gone into a rut yet, but where will Eso be staying?” Choso asked, glancing at Kaori. Kaori closed her eyes, humming a little conflicted.

“The first rut is always intense, huh?”

“How about you take Eso and Yuuji to a nearby hotel?”

“Is it… really that intense the first time?” Yuuji asked, dejected as he didn’t want to separate from his twin. He needed to stay by his side, take care of him.

Jin glanced over the rear view mirror with an apologetic gaze and a small smile. “Sorry, Yuuji, but at least in our family it has always been intense the first time.”

Yuuji puckered his bottom lip, glancing down at his left hand intertwined with Sukuna’s right one. “Oh.”

Kaori chuckled. “Don’t worry, soon you’ll be together again!” Kaori exclaimed with a reassuring grin. Yuuji felt a strange knot in his chest, he didn’t really like this new change. But there was nothing Yuuji could do. Sukuna grumbled in his sleep, brow furrowing.

Yuuji …” Sukuna softly called out, so only Yuuji had heard it. Yuuji gave Sukuna an apologetic smile before resting his head on top of Sukuna, closing his eyes as well. I’m sorry I can’t be there for you, Kuna. Yuuji thought. I really wished I could help. Yuuji slightly opened his eyes. His nose took a small whiff of Sukuna’s hair before murmuring. “You smell nice.” Sukuna’s scent smelled like black ambar and plum, a deep and smooth type of smell that eventually made Yuuji feel drowsy and ended up falling asleep too.


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Chapter 2: The Line


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It all started with scenting.

Soon after Sukuna presented as an Alpha, he started to scent Yuuji right before leaving for school. The first time he scented Yuuji was right at the door of the house and Choso had seen them before he furrowed his brow at Sukuna. “Why are you scenting Yuuji?” Choso asked. There wasn’t anything wrong with a family pack scenting each other, but the tone with which Choso asked made it seem like Sukuna was doing something bad. It didn’t help that Sukuna only glared at Choso and Yuuji looked between them with confusion and worry.

To cut the tension, Kaori had clasped her hands together loudly to get their attention with a smile. “Let’s all scent each other!”

Yuuji couldn’t scent anyone, so he was just stuck with receiving everyone’s scent. The smell of everyone was overwhelming to Yuuji, he had been left with a headache all day. “So, you can smell everyone’s scent?” Megumi asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

Yuuji groaned, eyes closed tight as he held his head in one hand. “It’s like smelling a very strong cheap perfume, you know?”

Megumi stared at Yuuji, slowly blinking. “You can smell it.” Megumi repeated.

“I already said yes!” Yuuji hissed, glaring at his best friend because he was being weird and it did not help ease Yuuji’s migraine.

“Don’t you remember what they taught us about Betas?” Megumi asked.


Here.” Sukuna popped out of nowhere, handing Yuuji some painkillers with a bottle of water.

“Thank you, Sukuna.” Yuuji weakly smiled at his twin, feeling grateful to have him by his side. As he took the painkillers, Yuuji was unaware of when Sukuna glared at Megumi and Megumi had tensed up, shifting uncomfortably in his stance before excusing himself to buy another juice box.

The following day, Sukuna only scented Yuuji once they reached school. Sukuna had pulled Yuuji behind the school and when he was going to scent him, it was completely different from the first time he did it. Sukuna grabbed Yuuji’s wrists, bringing them close to his neck scent gland one by one. His blue eyes staring directly into Yuuji’s brown ones. “I-Is this necessary?” Yuuji stammered, cheeks heated up in embarrassment.

Sukuna let go of Yuuji’s left wrist, stepping into Yuuji’s personal space. He put a hand on Yuuji’s collarbone before slowly moving his hand up to Yuuji’s neck which sent shivers down Yuuji’s spine. Sukuna gently rubbed his wrist against Yuuji’s neck before cupping Yuuji’s right cheek, which startled him a little. “It is, Yuu.” Sukuna said, eyes narrowed and voice a little low. “Trust me.” Sukuna said, caressing his thumb against Yuuji’s cheekbone.

Yuuji shyly stared at Sukuna, a blush spreading across his face as he nodded. “I trust you, Kuna.” Yuuji said, closing his eyes and leaning into Sukuna’s touch. Nuzzling even closer to Sukuna’s palm.

Sukuna smiled. “Good.”

Unlike yesterday, Yuuji didn’t feel overwhelmed with Sukuna’s scent. In fact, it was quite soothing that at times it made him feel drowsy. Wishing he could curl up with his twin and take a nap.


“We’re home.” Yuuji called out, hearing the voices of his family quiet down as Yuuji and Sukuna took their shoes off. Yuuji heard heavy footsteps before he glanced up to see Choso, staring down at him with an unreadable expression.

“Come to the living room.” Choso said, ominous before turning back to the living room.

Yuuji glanced with a worried expression at Sukuna, but Sukuna only glared at Choso’s back. “f*cking nosy asshole.” Sukuna murmured, but Yuuji heard him and all of a sudden, Yuuji felt guilt. Like they had been caught doing something bad, but as far as Yuuji remembered, the only thing ‘bad’ he had done was fail last week’s math test and Jin had scolded him for it then.

When the twins were sitting down in the living room, Yuuji was not prepared for what was to come. “Sukuna, why do you scent Yuuji?” Kaori asked, her voice soft.

Sukuna glared at her, his scent souring. Yuuji glanced worriedly at his twin before glancing back at his mother. “Is it bad that he does?”

“No, baby, of course not.” Kaori said, giving Yuuji a reassuring smile. “You might not be able to smell it because you’re a Beta,” Yuuji widened his eyes at that statement, the words from his best friend from a month ago suddenly came to him. “But Sukuna’s scent is all over you.”

Yuuji stared at his mother, blinking slowly. “Is that… bad?”

Kaori gave Yuuji a sympathetic look. Jin had a stern look, but he wasn’t looking at Yuuji. He was looking at Sukuna while Choso had his eyes narrowed on Sukuna. Sukuna’s scent continued to sour until Kaori released her pheromones to calm her son down. Yuuji’s mother's scent smells like blueberry cheesecake. It was very delicious and Yuuji would have appreciated her mother’s smell better, but the situation right now was weird and tense.

“Scenting between a family pack is not bad, Yuuji. Sukuna.” Kaori smiled reassuringly at her twins. “But, it’s important to know which places should be scented or else people might get… the wrong idea.”

Yuuji and Sukuna were giving a lecture about which places were supposed to be scented between them for one hour. Places such as the wrists, the shoulders and even the top of the head. Those places signified a familial bond. Yuuji was the most curious of the two, so Yuuji had shyly asked what about other places such as the arms, hands, legs or even the back. Kaori and Jin were patient, explaining that it would depend on the context and with whom you were with.

“What about the neck?” Yuuji asked and immediately regretted it when he heard the answer.

“That’s only done between lovers, Yuuji.” Kaori explained, glancing at Sukuna whose foul mood had drastically soothed thanks to Kaori’s pheromones but there was still a small bitterness in the air. “I guess they don’t teach that in school, we should’ve taught you two this as soon as Sukuna’s first rut ended.”

“But now that you know, don’t do that again.” Jin commanded, his stern gaze directed at Sukuna. Sukuna clenched his jaw, unable to disobey (for now) and nodded. “Yuuji, you can go now.” Jin spoke, his tone softer compared to when he did Sukuna.

Yuuji hesitated, glancing between their parents and Choso to Sukuna. “W-What about Sukuna?”

“There are still some things we need to talk about with him.” Jin said.

Yuuji glanced worriedly at Sukuna again and Sukuna glanced back at Yuuji before softening his features. “It’s okay Yuuji, I’ll catch up to you soon.” Sukuna said, offering his twin a small smile. He was about to put a hand on top of Yuuji’s, but Jin cleared his throat. Yuuji left the living room with a strange ugly knot in his chest.


You might not be able to smell it because you’re a Beta. Those words were bothering Yuuji. “Eso,” Yuuji called out to his other older brother, staying in his room until their parents and Choso are done talking to Sukuna. Eso let out a hum of acknowledgement as he continued to paint Yuuji’s nails in a pretty pastel pink. “What does it mean that I can smell pheromones?” Yuuji wondered out loud.

“It’s not like Betas can’t smell anything,” Eso chuckled, glancing up to meet Yuuji’s curious gaze. “My science professor said that Betas can actually smell our pheromones, but on a smaller scale. Like, how a certain smell hits your nose all of a sudden then disappears soon after.”

Yuuji hummed. “Like, when I suddenly started smelling fries that time we were with our cousins?”

Eso laughed. “Well, maybe that was your hunger or who knows, maybe that’s what Noritoshi smells like!” Eso giggled, picturing their serious and grumpy Alpha cousin smelling like fries. “But, yeah, something like that.”

Oh, then Yuuji was not a defective Beta or something.

“I see, I feel bad for Betas who are scented by the whole pack then.”

Eso raised an eyebrow at him. “Why?”

Yuuji scrunched up his nose. “The smell is very strong, like when grandma used to put on that cheap perfume, remember?”

Eso’s smile faltered. “Yuu-”

Sukuna knocked on Eso’s open door, catching their attention. “Kuna!” Yuuji exclaimed with a grin.

“Told you I would catch up.” Sukuna said with a smirk.

“Just wait a little, Eso is painting my nails.” Yuuji giggled.

“Do you have black nail polish?” Sukuna asked, glancing at Eso. Eso nodded, hesitant. “Then, you can paint my nails too.” Yuuji laughed, said it was better to do a sleepover and call Choso. But Eso widened his eyes when Sukuna narrowed his in a glaring manner.


Since that day, their parents soon started to draw a line between Yuuji and Sukuna. No more holding hands, no more sharing a bed and horseplay between them had to stop all together. Yuuji didn’t understand why that was, Yuuji was a Beta for god’s sake! Sukuna’s pheromones do not affect him and Yuuji pays more attention to Sukuna so he knows when Sukuna is about to go into a rut better than even Sukuna himself. Sure, maybe the scent marking had been weird but Kaori herself said it. They didn’t teach Yuuji and Sukuna which places were familial appropriate and since then, Sukuna would just scent Yuuji’s wrists.

“They’re overreacting, don’t you think Megumi?” Yuuji huffed, angrily biting down on his onigiri.

Megumi stared at Yuuji, his dark blue eyes unamused. Megumi shrugged. “Well, at least you’re not like me, I have to wear this just because I am an Omega.” Megumi said, putting his hand on his neck. The thick black collar around Megumi’s neck had come as a surprise once Megumi was back from school after five days after his thirteenth birthday.

Yuuji gave Megumi a sympathetic gaze. “You’re dad sure is something.”

Megumi rolled his eyes at the mention of his father. “Don’t worry, Yuuji, you can say he’s scum.”


“It’s the truth, anyway.” Megumi’s scent soured slightly as he furrowed his brow, staring down at his lunchbox. “He rarely comes home, always gambling and sh*t.” Megumi shook his head. “Tsumiki’s mother should divorce his ass already.” Yuuji couldn’t help but laugh, his mood slowly lifting up. Megumi smiled at his best friend, glad to have been the one to light up his best friend. The door to the rooftop slammed open, showing a pissed off Sukuna.

“Sukuna!” Yuuji exclaimed, scrambling up upon seeing his twin brother bruised and with a cut on one of his eyebrows. Yuuji immediately ran up to him. “Why didn’t you go to the infirmary!?” Yuuji shouted, putting hands on Sukuna’s shoulders, checking if Sukuna was injured elsewhere.

Sukuna’s features softened as he smiled, the pain he felt for the wounds he received before putting some nuisance in place disappeared. “I’m fine now.”

“You’re bleeding!” Yuuji cried, brow furrowed before he grabbed Sukuna’s hand. “Let’s go,” Yuuni glanced back at his best friend. “Megumi!”

“I know, I know.” Megumi said, waving in dismissal at Yuuji. “I’ll bring your stuff when the bell rings.”

“Thanks!” Yuuji exclaimed with a smile.


The nurse was not there, so Yuuji had to patch Sukuna up himself. Wrapping bandages around Sukuna’s open knuckles as he scolded Sukuna, telling him to stop getting into fights so much. Sukuna was just smiling through it all, gaze tender as he stared at the cute frown on Yuuji’s face. Sukuna leaned their foreheads together. “Sorry for making my cute little brother worry.”

Yuuji pouted, cheeks turning pink as he stared back into his twin’s blue eyes. “If you’re sorry then stop doing it, suku-nii. Please, for me?” Yuuji didn’t mean for his voice to come out so whiny. There was a strange silence between them and Sukuna’s icy blue eyes narrowed on his lips. Yuuji gulped, glancing away with a nervous laugh. “W-We can’t be too close.”

“Why not?” Sukuna softly growled, staring intently at Yuuji.

“Because you’re an Alpha?” Yuuji said, though it sounded more like a question.

Sukuna let out a breath through his nose. “So?” Sukuna cupped Yuuji’s left face.

“Well… mom and dad said,” Yuuji closed his eyes, letting out a small stammering noise when Sukuna leaned in to leave littering kisses on Yuuji’s right cheek. “That… we can’t act like this anymore.” Yuuji finished. Sukuna hummed, nuzzling on Yuuji’s right temple before he straight up sniffed Yuuji. “Sukuna!” Yuuji pushed his twin away, face flushed as he stared wide eyed at Sukuna.

Sukuna stared at Yuuji, annoyed because Yuuji put distance between them. “I just wanted to see how you smelled like, relax.”

“I-I don’t smell, I’m a Beta.”

Sukuna rolled his eyes. “All Betas have a scent too, you know?”

“W-We do?”

“Yeah,” Sukuna put his hands on top of Yuuji’s that still rested against his chest. “All Betas have a fresh scent to them, even though they can’t smell it.”

“O-Oh.” Yuuji said. Sukuna moved Yuuji’s hands so they interlocked instead.

Sukuna looked at Yuuji with sad puppy eyes. “But, well, I understand if you don’t want us to be affectionate anymore.” Sukuna glanced away with a hurt expression. “I guess we’ll soon be fourteen and… doing this when we’re teenagers now must be gross to you.”

Yuuji felt a pang of guilt in his chest before he leaned in to hug Sukuna. “That’s not true! I don’t find it gross or anything.” Yuuji exclaimed.

Sukuna hummed again, wrapping a hand around Yuuji’s hips. He pulled Yuuji closer, nibbling Yuuji’s jaw while Yuuji giggled, telling Sukuna it tickled. Sukuna chuckled. “Well, if you don’t mind it, then I don’t either.” Sukuna said.

And just like that, despite the line being drawn between them, Sukuna still reached out to hold his hand.


When Yuuji and Sukuna entered high school, there were many changes. They had their growth spurt during summer and despite being twins, Sukuna had ended up growing slightly taller than Yuuji and he started painting his nails black while Yuuji hadn’t changed all that much. It annoyed Yuuji a little. Another thing that changed was their circle of friends; they clashed with each other. Megumi was the only friend in common left between the twins since he also managed to get into the same high school.

But the change that Yuuji hated the most was getting separate rooms.

Choso had moved out after finally saving enough for a small apartment which left one room vacant and either Yuuji or Sukuna had to move out. Because of the scent thing, Yuuji and Sukuna had had to walk on eggshells just so they could still be together without being torn apart because of some morbid imagination. Yuuji was starting to hate that side of their parents a lot. “I’ll move.” Sukuna said, smiling at his father. “I’ve always wanted Choso’s room.”

Yuuji couldn’t help pucker up his bottom lip and oh if only Yuuji knew how badly Sukuna wanted to kiss it away. But Jin only laughed and said: “You two need to start becoming independent of one another! What will you do if Sukuna mates with someone, Yuuji?”

Yuuji would cry.

“I know that already!” Yuuji exclaimed, pouting as he weakly glared at his father for teasing Yuuji.

Sukuna and Yuuji’s gazes lingered in the halls when it was time to turn for bed. “Good thing Choso’s room is across from ours, right?” Sukuna asked.

Yuuji smiled weakly. “Yeah.” He could barely say. They only tore their gazes when they heard someone walking upstairs.

“Oh my, getting ready to sleep?” Kaori asked with a grin.

Sukuna narrowed his eyes at her, nodding.

Kaori smiled at her twins. “Alright then, goodnight boys!”

“Goodnight, mom!” Yuuji exclaimed, smiling back at his mother.

Sukuna nodded in acknowledgement at her. “Night.” He dryly said. Kaori gave Sukuna a sad smile before heading to her and Jin’s room. Once again, Yuuji and Sukuna stared back at each other.

“Goodnight, Kuna!” Yuuji beamed up, trying to not be so clingy.

Sukuna smiled. “Goodnight, Yuu.”

Each twin walked inside their respective room. The line drawn between them and if they wanted to keep seeing each other, it was best if they didn’t cross it.


Yuuji stretched before standing up from his desk. “I’m going now.” He said.

“Again!?” Nobara asked, puckering her bottom lip and giving her best friend an annoyed look. “You never spend a whole lunch with us!”

Yuuji laughed sheepishly. “Well-”

“You’re going to see Sukuna, we know.” Junpei laughed, giving his friend a teasing smile. “You guys sure have a strong bond as twins.” Fumi nodded in agreement at Junpei’s statement.

Yuuji smiled, feeling giddy. “Of course we do! We’re not just twins, he’s my best friend too and-”

“Your soulmate, yeah, yeah, we know!” Megumi finished, playfully rolling his eyes. “One would think you’re in love with him or something.”

Yuuji laughed. “I’m leaving now! Sukuna gets grumpy if I let him wait for too long.” Yuuji said, hurrying to meet up with his twin.


As soon as they entered high school, they were separated into different classes again. This is something Yuuji can tolerate because he isn’t the school principal or whoever might be in charge of putting which student in which class. So whenever Yuuji and Sukuna were apart, they would often look for each other at their class. This was no exception as Yuuji made his way to Sukuna’s class.

“Ah, right on time, Yuu-chan!” Kirara exclaimed, raising her hand and waving with a grin. Hakari had his head leaned on Kirara’s shoulder, sparing only a glance before nuzzling back on Kirara’s neck.

“Your boyfriend’s here, Sukuna~” Mahito cackled and Sukuna rolled his eyes, smacking Mahito on the back of his head.

Sukuna stood up from his desk, ignoring the teasing from Mahito and Kenjaku. “Let’s go.” Sukuna said, wrapping an arm around Yuuji’s shoulder and guiding away from there.

Yuuji pouted. “Doesn’t Kenny have a twin, too? What’s wrong with us spending time together?”

“Well, Suguru is in another school for one,” Sukuna sighed, recalling one of Kenjaku’s rambles with annoyance. “And two, he’s always sticking to his boyfriend, so they rarely hang out anymore.”

Yuuji tensed up. If Sukuna has a partner, will it be like that too? Yuuji felt an ugly knot in his chest at the thought.


As clichéd as it was, the Itadori twins would spend their alone time on the rooftop. Yuuji bumped shoulders with Sukuna, resting his head on his shoulder with a happy smile. Sometimes they would talk about how their classes had been or if they thought they did well on a test, but there were times when they sat in silence. Cuddling against each other and pecking each other’s cheeks like right now. They would mostly sit on the side of the wall to avoid being seen by any snooping monitor hall or a teacher.

Yuuji stared at their intertwined hands, Sukuna’s thumb caressing him. “Let’s exchange gifts on Thursday.”

Sukuna hummed. “You don’t want to wait until our party on Saturday?”

Thursday would be their fifteenth birthday and their parents offered their backyard to plan a birthday party for them on Saturday. All of their friends were invited —even Mahito, much to Yuuji’s dismay— and Choso said he would come with a female ‘friend’. Most likely his girlfriend.

“I want to be the first one to give you something,” Yuuji said, glancing up to meet a blue gaze. “And I want my first gift to come from you.”

Sukuna narrowed his eyes, a dark glint on them before he tilted Yuuji’s chin up and planted a chaste kiss on his cheekbone. “What does my cute little brother want, hm?”

Yuuji chuckled, an embarrassed blush spreading over his face. “Sukuna!” Yuuji playfully whined, leaning slightly away to slap his twin’s shoulder.

Sukuna smiled, gaze tender as he brought their intertwined hands and pecked Yuuji’s knuckles. “I’m serious, what would you like as a gift?”

Yuuji hummed, holding his chin with his free hand and closing his eyes. “I’m fine with whatever as long as it’s from you, Suku-nii.” Yuuji purred, a teasing glint on his hazel eyes. Sukuna’s smile widened before cupping Yuuji’s face with his free hand and then pulling slightly on his cheek with a chuckle.


The door of the rooftop opened and Yuuji was quick to pull his hand away from Sukuna’s, scooting a safe distance so as to not look suspicious. Sukuna huffed, quietly standing up to peek over the wall at who had dared to interrupt their alone time. It was just an upperclassman, a boy who was nervously murmuring to himself and downcasting his gaze. Moving back and forth. The door opened again and a girl walked in.

“I’m here, Satoshi.” The girl said, making her way to the upperclassman with rosy cheeks and wide eyes. Satoshi glanced up, his eyes connecting with the girl and probably getting lost in them or some corny sh*t because even when Yuuji had scrambled up and joined his twin on peeking did he gave a f*ck about someone listening in on them.

Satoshi cleared his throat, his cheeks heating up. “Sayori, I… I love you!” Satoshi shouted, bowing. “Please go out with me!”

Yuuji let out a tiny gasp, putting a hand on his mouth as he watched the tip of the girl’s ears get red too. “Y-Yes!” Sayori shouted, her voice quivering a little from the excitement. Satoshi leaned back, surprised before smiling so sweet and pulling the girl in a hug.

Sukuna rolled his eyes, quietly retreating while Yuuji stayed. Yuuji felt his eyes tear up, feeling just as emotional because he was that easily influenced. The new couple pulled away, smiling to each other before they leaned in for a sweet chaste kiss on the lips with Yuuji blushing and quickly retreating back with his twin to the corner of the wall. “Kuna, they kissed!” Yuuji whispered-yelled so only Sukuna could hear.

Sukuna stared at his twin, unamused. “So?” Sukuna asked, low. Although, he spoke in his usual voice tone once they both heard the door open again and then close. “What does it matter if they did?”

Yuuji blinked. Since Sukuna was back to sitting down, Yuuji was on his knees beside him when Yuuji slowly sat back on his heels. “Nothing.”

Sukuna eyed Yuuji. “Have you given your first kiss yet?”

Yuuji almost choked, feeling his face slowly heat up. “N-No! T-There’s no way I have!”

Sukuna shrugged. “You could’ve given it to either of your Omega friends.”

“Megumi and Junpei are just friends!”

“What about Kugisaki or that quiet Beta girl who follows her?”

“Nobara and Fumi are dating, what are you talking about!?” Yuuji asked, raising his voice even though it cracked at the end. Before Sukuna could say something, Yuuji spoke again with a furrowed brow and red cheeks. “W-What about you!? I bet you have!” Yuuji exclaimed, though he regretted it when he felt a strange anger at the thought of Sukuna giving his first kiss to someone Yuuji didn’t know.

Sukuna sighed. “I haven’t either, don’t get so jealous.”

“I’m not jealous.” Yuuji quickly said, defensive as he pouted.

Sukuna smiled, a dark glint on his blue eyes. “Yuu,” Sukuna softly called out, grabbing Yuuji’s wrist. “You know, one day we will have to give our first kiss,” He paused, looking as Yuuji furrowed his brow again. A hurt look on those brown eyes. “So until then… why don’t we practice?”

Yuuji widened his eyes. “Practice?”

Sukuna nodded, his thumb slightly caressing Yuuji’s wrist. “Yes, Yuuji, practice.”

Yuuji eyed Sukuna. Somewhere at the back of his head, he knew that was too weird. Even for them. “Isn’t that… bad?”

Sukuna narrowed his eyes. “Why would it be bad?”

“Because we’re twins.”

Sukuna shrugged, slightly pulling Yuuji closer to him. Pulling Yuuji to the other side of the line. “Kenjaku and Suguru also did the same, you know?”

Yuuji blinked, surprised. “They did?”

“Yes, Kenjaku told me so. Said that thanks to him Suguru is a good kisser.” Sukuna said, smiling deviously. “Besides, it’s not uncommon to do this between twins.”

Yuuji shifted closer, gnawing his bottom lip. Unsure.

Sukuna’s stare lingered on his lips. “What better way to practice than with me, Yuuji? I won’t judge you if you’re bad at it… Would you make fun of me if I suck at kissing?”

Yuuji shook his head. “I would never!” Yuuji exclaimed.

Sukuna smiled. “Then, come closer.” He said, softly.

Yuuji leaned in.

Sukuna chuckled.


Jin came home from work, tired as he undid his tie. “I’m home!” He exclaimed. Kaori greeted him back from the kitchen, she was washing the plates and glasses from where her sons ate. Eso walked out of the living room, glancing at his father. “Welcome back, dad.” Eso said and Jin nodded, smiling back. Eso put his headphones on again before he went upstairs to his room. Jin went up to the kitchen, ‘properly’ greeting Kaori as they chased each other’s lips with small chaste kisses before Kaori laughed and said that was enough.

“I’ll heat up dinner for you in a bit.” Kaori said and Jin smiled, giving one last kiss on the cheek at his wife before going up. Yuuji’s door was open, but no one was there. For a second, Jin tensed up and whipped his head to Sukuna’s room. The light was on. Jin opened the door in time to hear Yuuji shout: “Noooooo!” before grabbing his hair and Sukuna laughed. Jin saw the TV screen split in two, a Bowser on the right side and a Mario on the left. The race over as the ranking showed up and Bowser had ended up coming in first place with Mario being in last place. Jin relaxed.

“Oh, welcome home dad!” Yuuji exclaimed with a smile upon noticing Jin standing on Sukuna’s door.

Sukuna glanced up at him. “Welcome.” Was all Sukuna said.

Jin chuckled, raising an eyebrow. “Why is the door closed, huh?”

Sukuna rolled his eyes. “A/C’s on.”

Jin hummed, brow slightly furrowed. “I see.”

Sukuna glanced back at his dad, narrowing for a second before he smiled in a teasing manner. “You’re starting to act like Gramps, dad!”

Jin looked at his son surprised before scrunching up his nose. “Ugh, you think?”

“Yeah, he always had very morbid thoughts about people. Even us, his family.” Sukuna said, putting his controller away for a second.

Jin groaned, recalling some moments that had him rolling his eyes at how closed-minded Wasuke used to be. “Maybe you’re right.” Jin sighed, before smiling at his sons. “Still, don’t stay up too late playing video games, alright? You both have classes tomorrow.”

“Yes, dad!” Yuuji exclaimed with a closed eyed smile while Sukuna rolled his eyes, murmuring a ‘yeah, yeah, we know.’

Jin laughed, shaking his head before closing the door again.

The twins looked at each other, a heavy silence between them. Sukuna smirked. “Since you lost, you need to take your punishment.” Yuuji pouted, glaring annoyingly at his twin before closing his eyes. Sukuna flicked Yuuji’s forehead as hard as he could, not giving any mercy as Yuuji hissed in pain and quickly rubbed his forehead to ease some of the pain out. Sukuna chuckled, licking his lips. “And now, my victory treat.”

Yuuji narrowed his eyes before closing them completely and slightly opening his mouth. Sukuna bit down a groan, grabbing the back of Yuuji’s neck as he leaned in. Lips inches away from Yuuji’s “Good. You’re learning fast.” Sukuna rasped against his twin’s lips before claiming his mouth. A tongue invading and prodding the inside of Yuuji’s mouth. Yuuji keened, holding tightly onto Sukuna when he nibbled Yuuji’s tongue. Sukuna pulled away only when their lungs were burning for oxygen, Yuuji let out a soft whine as a string of saliva connected.

Yuuji liked this kissing practice. Sukuna was right, learning through play was starting to be effective. Although, Yuuji wondered if it was normal that his co*ck was starting to stiffen. Yuuji knew what a boner was, of course, but Yuuji is unsure on how to tell Sukuna to stop so Yuuji can go relieve himself in his room. He wondered just how Kenjaku and Suguru would deal with this rising problem?

“One more round?” Sukuna asked, smirking as he put his forehead against Yuuji’s.

Yuuji gulped, feeling his chest fuzzy. Yuuji bumped their noses together before nodding. “Okay, one more.”

Sukuna smiled wide before giving Yuuji a small short kiss on the lips. “One more, then.”

The line that had been drawn between them had been blurred. There was no reason for them to have one in the beginning. But soon enough, that decision will cost them a lot more than they had bargained for.


✦ Omegaverse HC corner bc the author didn't want to info dump too much: Betas and Scenting

I. As stated, all Betas have a fresh smell. Although, they themselves can't smell it on them, they can have a picture as to what Alphas and Omegas mean if you —a Beta— finish doing laundry and smell that cleaness if you know what I mean. Or if you're mopping and your house ends up smelling nice. It's that type of smell. Nothing too out of the ordinary and to some, forgettable even.

II. Now, we all know Betas can't scent. However, this isn't to say they NEVER had the ability. You know how AMAB people have their nipples despite not producing milk? Well, before the secondary gender is revealed it's a little something like that. Which is why despite being Betas they do produce small pheromones with a fresh smell, so technically speaking, they have the potential to scent others but because their olfactory system isn't as developed as Alphas or Omegas, they can't really "control" their pheromones as they please like Alphas and Omegas do.

III. "But author, what if a Beta learns to control their pheromones without the need to rely on their sense of smell?" Congrats, you are now one of the very few Betas who can do that! If you do, those Beta pheromones bring mostly a soothing effect or it can even help neutralize an Alpha or Omega's smell that linger behind.

IV. Scenting does have different meaning depending on the place it's scented in. It also depends on the culture which places are meant to be familial and which places are meant to be more romantic. ("What about co-workers or colleagues?" "I, personally, would not want to be scented by my boss, dear reader, but in the hypothethical case your boss or colleagues are like family then it goes in the familial areas").

V. Betas do, in fact, smell the pheromones of Alphas and Omegas as stated before (This information is a recent discoverment in my Omegaverse, people didn't believe Betas could smell before). But in lesser intensity. I will use a very gross example, but let's say someone farts. You can smell the stinkiness for a while before you either a) spray the room (or the person) with a nice smell to counterattack the nastiness, b) get tf away from the source or c) wait for the smell to dissipate. That's how Betas "smell pheromones" ("Like a far-" "Yes, like a flowery fart, let's move on."). The only time Betas can small at the same level as Omegas or Alphas is when the pheromones are very VERY strong.

VI. Scenting between a family pack is a tradition that depends on the household. Meaning that if your family rarely shows affection, then they are less likely to even scent each other. The Itadori used to scent each other when the kids were little, but once their children start reaching adolescence they stop.

VII. The reason Eso reacted like that is because, in the case of a mostly Alpha/Omega household with either one or two Betas. The Betas then are incapable of smelling NOT A SINGLE scent from their family members when they scent the Betas because the amalgation of different smells sort of neutralize themselves before they reach the Beta's nose. For example, if Yuuji was truly a Beta, then he would have not smell anything but a fellow Omega or Alpha classmate would have told Yuuji he stinks of "home".

(I will explain Megumi's collar in the future because it has something to do with the Zen'in Clan and we're not there yet lmao)

Chapter 3: Torn Apart


Was anybody going to tell me that there was a Geto and Kenjaku are twins tag or was I just supposed to find out after looking for SuguKen fics myself?.jpg /j

Anyway, the smut is here at last. However, the reason it's short it's because when they reunite again, Sukuna is going to make sure he makes up for that short time.*wink wink*

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Yuuji was pulled on Sukuna’s lap that time on the rooftop, Yuuji had his hands on his twin’s shoulders as Sukuna leaned their foreheads together. He was staring hard at Yuuji and the longer they prolonged their first kiss practice, the more nervous Yuuji became as he visibly gulped. Staring back at Sukuna. Sukuna had always been good at leading and Yuuji trusted that Sukuna —despite him being inexperienced too— would guide him this time as well.

Sukuna smiled. “I’m going to kiss you now.” He murmured against Yuuji’s lips and that action alone already had Yuuji feeling warm and tingly. Yuuji closed his eyes tight, unconsciously tightening his lips. Yuuji let out a strangled gasp when he felt Sukuna’s tongue licking mouth. “Don’t tighten your lips, Yuu.”

Yuuji felt his face heat up in embarrassment. “S-Sorry.”

Sukuna kissed his left cheekbone. “Don’t apologize, Yuu, that’s why we’re… practicing.” Sukuna reassured him. Yuuji nodded, relaxing again before giving Sukuna a wry smile. He was right, it was better to practice between them since there was no judgment. Yuuji closed his eyes again and nothing else. Yuuji felt a weight against his lips and Yuuji thought it wasn’t that bad. Yuuji slowly opened his eyes to stare into narrowed blue ones.

It was just a chaste kiss and Yuuji figured it wasn’t anything different than when Sukuna kissed his cheeks. Sukuna pulled away slightly. “How was it?”

It was just a chaste kiss, but… it still left Yuuji’s lips feeling all tingly. Yuuji smiled, nodding as he bumped their noses together. “Good.”

Sukuna chuckled. “Then, let’s go to the next level.”

With each kiss, it had Yuuji giggling a little. They were all chaste and short kisses. Just their lips moving against each other. It wasn’t a complaint, just that Yuuji was starting to get the hang of it and the feeling was nice, at least Yuuji thought it felt nice. Things started to get a little heated when Sukuna licked his bottom lip and Yuuji was unsure about that one. “I-Isn’t that one a little too much?” Yuuji asked after pulling away, his face flushed red.

Sukuna sighed, lowering his hands from Yuuji’s waist to his hip bones. “You want to be a great kisser, don’t you?”

Yuuji blinked, nodding shyly.

Sukuna smirked. “Then we have to start learning how to kiss with tongue… or else we will look like virgin fools.”

Yuuji hummed, closing his eyes with a furrowed brow as he held his chin with a puckered lip. “I guess you’re right, Kuna!”

“Of course,” Sukuna narrowed his eyes at his twin, caressing his twin’s sides and smirking as he saw him shuddering. “I’m always right, Yuu.”

Although they did make some mistakes like accidentally clashing their teeth together and being sloppy on their kissing, Yuuji started to get the hang of it. When they pulled away again, there was a string of saliva connecting them. Both of them were panting slightly and Sukuna was looking at him strangely, like he was thirsty and Yuuji was an oasis in a dessert.

The school bell rang, signifying lunch time had ended.

Sukuna stared at Yuuji’s lips. “Let’s continue at home.” He said.

Yuuji nodded, a little dazed.



March 19th

Yuuji put on his tennis at the entrance of his home before turning to look back at his twin, unamused. “I’m just going to hang out with my friends!” Yuuji whined, narrowing his eyes in annoyance at Sukuna and pouting. Sukuna was standing on the entrance, arms crossed and staring with narrowed eyes at his twin. Yuuji knew Sukuna wasn’t angry at him, he was just annoyed that their time spent together at home had been cut short because he decided to hang out with his friends.

Sukuna was not one to pout, but he was one to sulk. If his sour scent was anything to go by.

Sukuna glanced away. “Whatever. Have fun with your friends.” Sukuna huffed. Yuuji glanced behind Sukuna, hearing Kaori laugh at whatever comedian she was watching in their living room TV, Eso was upstairs in his room and Jin was still working. Yuuji put a hand on Sukuna’s arm and kissed Sukuna on the lips. It was a short kiss, but it did make Sukuna’s sour scent dissipate.

“I’ll make it up to you when I get back, Kuna.” Yuuji whispered against his lips with narrowed eyes.

Sukuna mirrored Yuuji’s gaze before grabbing his wrists and closing the gap between them. The booming sound of the television, followed by Kaori’s laughter overshadowed the moaning sound from Yuuji when Sukuna hungrily claimed his lips. “Suku-” Yuuji tried to pull away, only to be pulled back in that dance. “Mngh.” Yuuji started to feel light headed when Sukuna moved one of his arms to wrap around Yuuji’s waist and pull him closer to Sukuna’s body. “Sukuna.” Yuuji hissed on the low, weakly glaring at him through the heat on his face. “I need to go.”

Sukuna sighed. “Fine.” Sukuna said through gritted teeth before glancing down at Yuuji’s lips again. “One more.”



Kenjaku whistled, staring with amused eyes at Yuuji. “He really didn’t want to let you go, huh?” Kenjaku asked, chuckling as Yuuji put the back of his hand against his kiss-swollen lips. “Well, aren’t you loved?” Kenjaku teased with a laugh.

“Shut up, okay!?” Yuuji exclaimed, slamming a fist against the table of the café they were at. “I… I really need your advice on something.”

Kenjaku had already ordered himself a milkshake before Yuuji arrived, so he hummed in amusem*nt as he took a sip from the straw. “Okay,” Kenjaku put his arms on top of the table, folding them and smiling devilishly at Yuuji. “Shoot.”

Yuuji fiddled with his fingers, glancing at everywhere but Kenjaku. “S-So, um… f-first! Is it true that you and Suguru practice k-kissing together?” Yuuji asked, stuttering and staring wide eyed at Kenjaku.

Kenjaku blinked, surprised before bursting out laughing. Yuuji pouted, glaring in annoyance at Sukuna’s best friend. “I see, I know where this is going now.” Kenjaku said, wiping away a tear before smirking at Yuuji. “Yes, me and Suguru have done kissing practice~” Kenjaku purred.

Yuuji’s eyes lit up, nodding with a smile. Ah, so it is common between twins! Yuuji thought, feeling more reassured that he and Sukuna weren’t the only ones doing something that might seem weird to others. “T-Then, um, you know how when you're kissing with tongue you start to feel a little heated and, um, g-get an erection? How do you deal with that? I-I feel a little embarrassed telling Sukuna that I need to leave so abruptly in the middle of our practice.” Yuuji nervously stammered.

Kenjaku raised his eyebrows in amusem*nt as his smile widened. “So you get a boner each time you make out with Sukuna.” Kenjaku stated.

“I mean, i-it does sound bad when you put it that way.” Yuuji grimaced, glancing away.

Kenjaku chuckled. “Why would it be bad?”

Yuuji blinked, glancing back at Kenjaku with an eyebrow raised. “Because we’re family?”

“Is that all Sukuna is to you? Family?”

Yuuji let out a breath through his nose. “Of course not! Sukuna is much more than family,” Yuuji huffed with a furrowed brow before smiling softly, his gaze tender as he stared down at his intertwined fingers. “He’s my best friend, my other half… he’s my soulmate, I can tell!” Yuuji exclaimed, looking up at Kenjaku. “We were destined to be together!” Yuuji grinned.

Kenjaku narrowed his eyes with a knowing smile. Well, well, aren’t you lucky, Sukuna? Kenjaku thought. “You know, they say that twins are reincarnated lovers from a past life~”

Yuuji blinked. Tilting his head to the side. “So? What’s that got to do with Sukuna and me?”

Kenjaku chuckled, finishing his milkshake. “That you are in love with Sukuna, of course.”

Yuuji stared at Kenjaku, blinking slowly before widening his eyes and his face flushed red. “W-What!? N-No! I… how could I be in love with my twin brother, that’s… that’s gross!?” Yuuji exclaimed, but his voice had come out as confused.

“But you pop a boner each time Sukuna kisses you.”

“T-True, but-”

“There’s nothing wrong with that, Yuuji! You said it yourself, that you were meant to be~” Kenjaku teased

“Yeah, b-but I meant-”

“Be honest, you would hate to see your twin with someone else, wouldn’t you?”

Yuuji opened his mouth, trying to deny such claims. But the truth was that Yuuji would indeed feel sad that he can no longer stand by Sukuna’s side.

Kenjaku smiled sympathetically at Yuuji before closing his eyes. “I understand the feeling.” Kenjaku said with a melancholic hint in his voice. Kenjaku glanced out the café window, eyebrows knitted with a small sad smile. “Which is why I envy you and Sukuna.”

Yuuji stared wide-eyed at Kenjaku. In the end, Yuuji didn’t get a clear answer for his problem.



March 20th (Sukuna and Yuuji’s birthday)

As soon as it turned into midnight, Yuuji was woken up by someone getting into his bed. Yuuji groaned, stirring before slowly blinking his eyes awake. “Sukuna?” Yuuji called out, watching his twin brother crawl under the covers with him and smiled.

“Happy birthday, Yuu.” He softly said, reaching out to stroke Yuuji’s cheek with his thumb. Yuuji smiled lazily, nuzzling against Sukuna’s touch.

“Happy birthday, Kuna.” Yuuji whispered, kissing Sukuna’s forehead.

Sukuna chuckled, his arm wrapping around Yuuji’s waist. “If you’re going to kiss me, then give me a proper kiss~” Sukuna purred.

Yuuji tensed up, recalling Kenjaku’s words. “Practice so soon?” Yuuji stammered a question, mostly to avoid kissing his twin. But in the process, the mood between them got tense. Yuuji felt his ears heat up the longer they stared at each other. Sukuna’s hand cradling his face moved to hold his jaw, Sukuna’s thumb brushing against Yuuji’s bottom lip that had Yuuji’s breath hitch as he widened his eyes.

Sukuna narrowed his eyes before leaning in close. Yuuji’s chest felt fuzzy, breathing getting irregular. “Yeah, I guess it’s too soon.” Sukuna murmured, his breath tickling Yuuji’s lips.

Oh, they weren’t kissing yet and Yuuji could already feel his body grow hot.

Although they weren’t making out, they did end up littering small kisses on each other’s faces. Like they always did, wishing each other a nice day and being happy to have been born together.


“What did you buy him?” Megumi asked as soon as Yuuji stepped into the classroom and sat on his desk.

“Good morning to you too, Megumi.” Yuuji chuckled with a smile. “And that’s a secret!” Yuuji said, playfully sticking his tongue out while Megumi rolled his eyes.

“Happy birthday, Yuuji!” Junpei exclaimed, giving Yuuji a small package of cookies. “I know the party is on Saturday, but I still wanted to give you something.”

“Aw, thank you, Junpei!” Yuuji exclaimed, giving his friend a hug. Nobara and Fumi were the last ones to arrive from their group.

“Happy birthday, Yuuji!” Nobara exclaimed with a laugh, slapping Yuuji’s back as hard as she could. “Can’t wait for the party this weekend!”

Yuuji hissed, pouting at Nobara as he tried to rub his back.

“Happy birthday.” Fumi said in her usual soft and low tone.

Yuuji smiled at her. “Thanks, Fumi!”

Classes went on as usual and the closer lunch time was, the more giddy Yuuji felt. He brought Sukuna’s gift with him, impatient to give it to Sukuna even though his twin will most likely give Yuuji his gift after school. The school bell rang, signifying lunch started and because it was their special day, Yuuji wanted to spend the whole lunch time with Sukuna. “No comment this time?” Yuuji asked, raising an eyebrow at Nobara.

Nobara huffed. “You’ll still go if I say something or not.” Nobara rested her cheek on her right palm with eyes closed and her brow furrowed. She opened one of her eyes to glance at Yuuji. “We been knew that you are a brocon anyway.”

“Wha-!?” Yuuji gasped, flabbergasted and with a red tinge across his face. “I-I’m not a brocon!”

“It’s alright, Yuuji, your secret is safe with us.” Junpei teased with a smile; giving Yuuji a thumbs up and with a glint in his eyes.

“What secret!?” Yuuji exclaimed, voice cracking a little as those words did made Yuuji a little nervous.

Fumi only giggled with closed eyes at the shenanigans of their group. Megumi, however, gave Yuuji a knowing and unamused look before staring out the window, sipping at his juice box. “Just go. Otherwise Sukuna would get all pissy, right?” Megumi said, sighing as he could picture Sukuna irrumping on their class and dragging Yuuji away. It has happened before, after all.

Yuuji pouted at his friends. “Keep it up and you guys will be… uninvited to my birthday party!”

Nobara gasped dramatically and put a hand on her chest as if offended. “Not the birthday party!”

They all burst out laughing before Yuuji left with his bento box over to Sukuna’s class as per usual. “Sukuna!” Yuuji exclaimed with a wide smile upon arriving at Sukuna’s class. This time, only Mahito and Kenjaku were there. Hakari and Kirara had probably gone somewhere to make out, but it was strange that Sukuna wasn’t there.

“Where’s Sukuna?” Yuuji asked, as he walked up to where Kenjaku and Mahito were sitting. “Bathroom?”

Kenjaku gave Yuuji an apologetic glance, this time he wasn’t even smiling teasingly as usual. Mahito on the other hand laughed. “Oh, Yuu-chan ,” Yuuji scrunched up his nose at the way Mahito called Kirara’s nickname for him. “You won’t believe what just happened!”

Yuuji narrowed his eyes down at Mahito. “What?”

“Mahito, Sukuna said it was noth-”

“Sukuna got asked out by a girl in our class~” Mahito mocked before laughing out loud. “They’re probably making out right now, looks like you’ve been replaced~”

Kenjaku gave Mahito a stern look before looking back at Yuuji, smiling reassuringly at Yuuji. “She just asked Sukuna to come to the back of the school, even Sukuna said it was nothing to worry about.”

Mahito pouted, narrowing his eyes in annoyance at Kenjaku. “Kenny you’re no fun when your rut is approaching, you always get sentimental and ruin my jokes.”

Yuuji resisted the urge to hold Mahito by the collar of his shirt and shout at him what was so funny about his and Sukuna’s twin bond? Instead, he smiled at Kenjaku, nodding. “Thank you, Kenny! I’ll make sure you get the biggest cake slice this weekend!” Yuuji exclaimed as he turned back to meet up with his twin brother. Ignoring Mahito’s whining about Yuuji being unfair.


Yuuji is running, shouting apologies as he almost bumps into other students before he almost reaches the back of the school. Yuuji slowed down and for some reason, Yuuji quietly made his way as he heard a high pitch voice murmuring until- “S-Sukuna, I love you!” Yuuji froze in a corner, eyes wide. There was an ugly knot in his chest and Yuuji leaned against the wall, clutching his chest. “Please go out with me!” She shouted, her voice shaky and yet, Yuuji had to respect the courage it must have taken her to even do all this.

Yuuji’s mind recalled the first time they fought, how Chiyo, a girl from Sukuna’s class was clearly infatuated with Sukuna and stepped in-between him and Sukuna. Yuuji narrowed his eyes, glaring at his feet. Why can’t they leave us alone!? Sukuna is mine! Yuuji thought and it didn’t take long before Yuuji widened his eyes at his own thoughts. You would hate to see your twin with someone else, wouldn’t you? Kenjaku’s words came to his mind soon after.

Oh. Oh.

Yuuji blinked, noticing a few tears falling and hitting his school shoes.

“Sorry, you’re not my type at all.” Sukuna dryly said and Yuuji could pick up the annoyance on it.

There was silence between them and Yuuji wanted to peek over the corner to see what was happening, but the girl spoke again. “Then, is that rumor true? Are you in love with your own twin brother?”

Sukuna chuckled, but it didn’t sound mocking or degrading. If anything, Sukuna sounded amused. “Well, my twin is as handsome as I am, I would rather be called a narcissist.”

The girl scoffed. “What does that even mean!? Are you in love with him or not?”

Yuuji held a breath, holding his chest as he stared wide eyed in the distance. Watching some students play soccer. There was another silence before Sukuna broke it again. “And if I am, what’s it to you?”

Yuuji let out a small gasp, feeling a strange warmth spread all throughout his body and his heart beating fast. He… he loves me! Yuuji thought and the urge to interrupt them, ran up to Sukuna to hug him and kiss him. Responding back to Sukuna’s feelings. Euphoric.

“You’re gross.”

“Yeah? At least I’m not stalking my crush and sneaking into the boy’s changing room to smell his sweaty shirt.” Sukuna mocked with a laugh and Yuuji noticed the girl had run away with her face red and tears running down her eyes. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to notice Yuuji. Yuuji let out a startled gasp when he felt Sukuna wrap his arms around Yuuji’s waist, pulling him behind the school and nuzzling his face on Yuuji’s neck. “Yuuji,” Sukuna’s voice sounded strange, it was low and raspy. “Did you let Junpei or Megumi scent you?” Sukuna growled, holding Yuuji tighter and pulling closer until Yuuji was against Sukuna’s chest.

Yuuji shuddered and he had to bite down an embarrassing whine. “N-No! I only let you scent me.”

Sukuna hummed, narrowing his eyes to the side. “Then it must almost be time…” Sukuna mumbled against his neck.

“Su-Sukuna?” Yuuji stuttered, calling his twin’s name.

Sukuna let go of Yuuji, grabbing his hand. “How much did you hear?” Sukuna asked.

“I, uh, from your gross to the end?” Yuuji lied and prayed to the gods that Sukuna believed him.

Sukuna narrowed his eyes. “Why did you come look for me? You should’ve waited for me at my desk.”

Yuuji laughed, nervously as he glanced away. “Mahito said you were being confessed to and I,” Yuuji cleared his throat. “Got curious, I guess. Haha…”

Sukuna raised an eyebrow at Yuuji. “Well, let’s go to the rooftop.”

Yuuji smiled back at Sukuna, nodding. Feeling even happier today. It was their birthday, Yuuji realized his feelings for Sukuna and it seems like Sukuna likes him that way too! However, once the Itadori twins reached the rooftop, Yuuji remembered something.

“Ah.” Yuuji let out, standing still as soon as they stepped in. Sukuna glanced at his twin.

“What is it?”

“I forgot your gift, let me go back to-”

Sukuna held onto Yuuji’s hand tighter, pulling him to their usual spot. “Just give it to me after school.”

Nooooo! Then that defeats the purpose of me bringing it to school.”

Sukuna laughed and it wasn’t like his usual mocking one or a chuckle. No, this laugh was only reserved for Yuuji because it was so genuine and soft. Yuuji loved that laugh the most. “Too bad, brat, should’ve thought it better.”

Yuuji pouted as Sukuna continued to laugh, but eventually he smiled softly at his twin and gazed lovingly at him.


The rest of the day, Yuuji started feeling strange. A little sluggish and more tired than usual. Megumi kept glancing at him and eventually Yuuji wrote in a small piece of paper and threw it at Megumi without the teacher looking. The small note just read: ‘What?’.

Megumi wrote something down before throwing it back. Yuuji unfolded the paper: ‘You smell weird, did Sukuna scent you?

Yuuji furrowed his brow. Writing down.

Do I smell that strong? Also, no, Sukuna didn’t scent me.’

Now, it was Megumi who furrowed his brow before writing it down.

It’s not strong, per se, but it smells nothing like your previous smell

Yuuji raised an eyebrow at Megumi.

And how did I smell before?’

Megumi stared at the note before sending it back with an answer.

Don’t get angry. Like baby powder.’

Yuuji looked at Megumi, offended and with his mouth agape. Megumi rolled his eyes.


Megumi shook his head.

I’m not calling you a baby, dumbass! That’s just how you smelled!

Yuuji pouted.

What do I smell like now?

The teacher finally turned back to the class when Megumi was ready to throw the note back, which led Megumi to subtly crumble the note and stuffed it on his pencil bag. Mr. Nanami decided to surprise them with a quiz that day, so Yuuji didn’t get an answer back.


Yuuji had ended up falling asleep in the last class, waking up only when Sukuna came to pick him up. “Kuna?”

Sukuna stared down at Yuuji. His hands in his pants pockets. “It’s rare for you to fall asleep in class.”

Yuuji shrugged as he yawned, feeling so drowsy still. “I know, I don’t know why I’m feeling so tired all of a sudden.”

Sukuna eyed him, putting a hand on Yuuji’s forehead. “Maybe you’re going to get a fever. You should head home first.” Sukuna said, pulling his hand back.

“Huh!?” Yuuji felt more wide awake all of a sudden as he leaned against his desk. “Why!?” Yuuji whined.

Sukuna tensed up, clenching and unclenching his fists inside his pockets. “I need to re-take Nanami’s test.”

“Ugh, he’s the worst!” Yuuji huffed. He didn’t mean that, he loved teacher Nanami! (Even though his class is always the hardest). But Yuuji was feeling more sensible than usual, after lunch actually. Now that he thought about it, why did he immediately jump to the conclusion that Megumi was calling him a baby before? Why was Yuuji so defensive back there?

Sukuna, though, smirked. “Yeah.”

Yuuji got up, grabbing his stuff. “Don’t take too long,” Yuuji leaned his forehead against Sukuna’s shoulder, moving it from side to side. Sukuna chuckled, ruffling his twin’s hair. “I want to celebrate our day together.” Yuuji whined, again as he leaned away with a puckered lip and teary eyed.

Sukuna narrowed his eyes on Yuuji and he saw him shift in his stance, as if trying to resist doing something. “Yuuji.” Sukuna called out, soft as he cradled his twin’s face and leaned in close, their lips almost brushing and Yuuji wondered if his fever had already started as he felt so warm all of a sudden. “ Wait for me at home.” Sukuna commanded and Yuuji felt a delicious shudder run down his spine before weakly nodding.

Yuuji dragged his feet away while Sukuna’s burning stare followed him until he was no longer in sight.


“I’m home.” Yuuji weakly called out, but no one answered him. Yuuji walked around with shaky steps, noticing a note on the fridge: ‘Went out to buy stuff, brb — mom’. It read. Yuuji started having a little hard time breathing until he was panting and Yuuji felt so hot, he just wanted to get rid of his clothes. Yuuji dragged his feet all the way to his room, plopping down and feeling his eyelids heavy. Yuuji panted, trying to at least take off the school blazer, but his body felt heavy too. Wait for me at home. His Alpha’s voice reminded him and Yuuji whined, he at least wanted to surround himself with Sukuna’s things. But Yuuji can’t exactly disobey.

Yuuji slowly blinked, furrowing his brow. “What… the f*ck?” He managed to stutter out, confused at what just went through his mind. Alpha? Surround himself with Sukuna’s things?

He sounds like… like…

Yuuji slowly widened his eyes. “An Omega.” Yuuji said.


When Sukuna arrived home, the scent was all over the house. It was an amber noir. Yuuji’s scent was fruity and luxe, but it wasn’t exactly sweet. Sukuna took a big whiff of it and moaned. Seeing as no one was coming out to greet him or anything, Sukuna deduced that no one was home. No one, but his Omega. Sukuna smiled, taking his shoes off and making his way up to their former room and slowly opened the door. “Yuuji~” He sang, smiling wider upon seeing the state of his twin.

Yuuji was on his bed, drenched in sweat and eyes closed. It seemed he had fallen asleep as he waited for Sukuna, not that Sukuna minded. Sukuna set his school bag down, closing the door behind him before he walked closer. He noticed the wet patch on Yuuji’s pants and the bulge on his pants. Yuuji whimpered. “It hurts.” He croaked, moving his legs together to get some friction.

Sukuna smirked, licking his lips at the delicious meal before him. “Don’t worry, baby, I got you.” Sukuna chuckled, darkly. Sukuna grabbed one of Yuuji’s ankles and started taking his shoes off since Yuuji had forgotten to even do that in his desperation to hit the bed before Sukuna crawled on the bed.


Yuuji woke up with a breathy moan as he felt something wet and warm on his bottom half. Yuuji slowly opened his eyes, staring down to see Sukuna going down on him. Two fingers already scissoring inside, pooling more slick out of him. Yuuji moaned when Sukuna sucked all the way to Yuji’s hilt, bucking into Sukuna’s mouth. “Kuna?” Yuuji weakly called out.

Sukuna pulled back with an obscene pop. “Yes, baby?” Sukuna asked with a smirk, looking up at Yuuji and narrowing his eyes when Yuuji flushed red. His chest heaving as he squirmed, shuddering and keening when Sukuna inserted a third finger and started pistoning his fingers. Just wait until I’m inside you, Yuuji. Sukuna thought as he licked the underside of Yuuji’s shaft.

“S-Sukuna! My body feels… weird.” Yuuji stammered as Sukuna leaned away, pulling his fingers away. Yuuji whined at the loss, feeling his hole already clenching onto nothing. Sukuna crawled towards Yuuji with certain predation.

“Don’t worry, Yuu.” Sukuna chuckled, putting his hands on Yuuji’s thighs. “As your twin, I’ll help you out.” Sukuna pried Yuuji’s legs away, settling in between them. “Can I?” Sukuna asked, raising his eyebrows as he gazed tenderly at Yuuji.

Yuuji felt so unbearably hot, that Yuuji just wanted to get this over with. But there was a burning question at the back of Yuuji’s mind. “Kuna.”


“Do you love me?” Yuuji asked, he needed to hear it directly from Sukuna. Sukuna smiled softly and leaned down to capture Yuuji’s lips in a hungry claim. Sukuna’s hands moved from Yuuji’s thighs to hold Yuuji’s hands, their fingers intertwined. Yuuji eagerly returned the kiss, moaning when Sukuna nibbled his tongue before pulling away when their lungs burned with the need for oxygen, a string of saliva connecting them.

They were both breathing heavily.

“I love you more than you can think, Yuuji.” Sukuna murmured against his lips.

Yuuji pulled his hands away from Sukuna’s, wrapping his arms around Sukuna’s neck. Sukuna leaned their foreheads together, narrowed icy blue eyes staring into mirrored narrowed hazel brown eyes. Yuuji smiled softly, gently bumping their noses together. “Please hold me, Suku-nii.”

Surprisingly enough, there wasn’t a growl or a low moan or anything. Sukuna smiled back as he lined up his co*ck against Yuuji’s entrance, teasing the rim with his tip which had them both moaning. Yuuji pushed his head against the pillow, staring lovingly at Sukuna. “It would be my pleasure, Yuuji.” Sukuna purred before pushing in. Yuuji cried out, tears forming in his eyes and he wasn’t sure if it was because of the stretch or the fact that his Alpha was finally filling him up.

Sukuna rubbed soothing circles on Yuuji’s hips, devouring Yuuji’s keens and wails as he started to do shallow thrusts until he was fully buried inside of Yuuji. Sukuna let out a low moan, nuzzling on the crook of Yuuji’s neck. “You feel so good, Yuu.” Sukuna panted. “So f*cking warm.” Sukuna.

Hngh , I feel… haah … so full.” Yuuji panted, showing more of his neck once Sukuna started lapping and sucking at Yuuji’s neck. Yuuji jolted up with a mewl when Sukuna nibbled his scent gland.

Sukuna slowly pulled out until just the tip remained before slamming back in. Yuuji was holding tight onto Sukuna, legs wrapped around his waist as he cried out for him. “Ngh, f*ck, Yuuji.” Sukuna rasped, his thrusts sensual but determined as he stared at his twin’s face contorted in pleasure. “I knew you were the one for me Yuuji, my Omega. Mine.” Sukuna growled, grabbing Yuuji’s hips and slamming hard, making Yuuji arch his back before Sukuna started a relentless tempo.

Yuuji was wailing Sukuna’s name like a prayer, his fingers passing through his twin’s pink locks while his other hand dug his nails on Sukuna’s back. “Sukuna!” Yuuji cried out when Sukun started to leave open mouth kisses on his neck. “Please bite me! Pleasepleasepleaseplease- ” Yuuji choked a keen when he felt Sukuna’s fangs dig slightly onto his scent gland. However, before anything remotely happened, the door to Yuuji’s room slammed open.

Everything happened too fast, Yuuji saw in slow motion how Sukuna was punched down on the face and in a blink he was forcefully pulled away from Yuuji. “No! Alpha!” Yuuji shouted, trying to run after where Jin and Choso had pulled Sukuna away from Yuuji. Eso and Kaori were quick to stop him at the top of the stairs. “ Sukuna!"Yuuji cried, this time in distress as his scent soured.

Sukuna was struggling against Jin and Choso, who were fighting to drag him outside.

Yuuji struggled against Eso and Kaori. “Let me go!” Yuuji shouted, before reaching out for Sukuna as Choso punched the air out of him, managing to weaken him. “Sukuna!” Yuuji shouted one last time before Sukuna weakly glanced at him.


You are no longer part of our family.” Jin said through gritted teeth, glaring at his own son before pushing Sukuna out the door and stepping outside with Choso. There were many questions swirling Yuuji’s mind, but he couldn’t voice them out nor organize his thoughts because Yuuji was still going through his first heat. Yuuji was still feverish, still so so f*cking horny, frustrated, angry and devasted that his Alpha was forcibly taken away from him.

Yuuji was a mess, crying and begging for Sukuna to come back. After that, Yuuji passed out.


Yuuji’s first heat was sh*t. If this was how being an Omega felt like every time they had their first heat, then he wonders just how in the hell were Kaori and Eso, even Megumi and Junpei able to survive. It was so painful that Yuuji couldn’t even get out of bed. When Yuuji was in the process of creating his nest after waking up again for the third time, he had to fight with Eso for one of Sukuna’s shirts that still had his scent. “Eso, please.” Yuuji hiccuped, tears running down his brown eyes. “Let me have one thing from Sukuna, please.” Yuuji pleaded, sniffling.

Eso hesitated and to Yuuji’s small victory, he ceded.

After that, Yuuji’s heat was bearable. Amongst the familiar scent of his family, the only one to soothe him was Sukuna’s. For obvious reasons, the weekend party was canceled and the school was called. Once Yuuji’s heat ended —it lasted seven days, the exact length that Sukuna's rut lasted. Which further proved how perfect they were for each other—, Yuuji was taken for a second examination and it was confirmed that Yuuji was an Omega. Everything was moving at a rapid speed and Yuuji has been dissociating ever since Sukuna was disowned so when he is back home from the second examination. His father yelling and his mother crying were just background noise for Yuuji.

Yuuji was torn apart from his other half and he was left alone to suffer the consequences of it.


✦ Omegaverse HC corner bc the author didn't want to info dump too much: Heats and Ruts

I. When it comes to pre-heat/rut symptoms, it's always going to differ from person to person. There are some Omegas/Alphas who start to excrete small pheromones. Others start getting headaches tthe day before or start getting grumpy or too clingy, etc. There are also the very few rare who do NOT experience anything and only realize when they are already in heat/rut.

II. Omegas and Alphas actually stop having ruts/heats after a certain age.

III. Omegas can not get pregnant on their first heat.

IV. The lenghts of heats/ruts also depends on each person. There are some whose heats/ruts only lasts 3 days while there are others whose heats/ruts last a whole week.

V. If, by some chance, you decide to spend your first heat/rut with someone. Interrupting said action will only make your heat/rut worse and painful. Which is why Yuuji is in so much pain (more so because his Alpha was taken away by force).

VI. This also depends on the Omega/Alpha (as some do not experience this at all), but there are days where the heat/rut is the most intense. It can be right in the beginning, middle or end of your heat/rut (although there are some who feel it in the beginning then normal then again in the end as well as others who feel it all throughout their heat/rut).

VII. Because of that those 'intense' days were considered to be where the Omegas/Alphas go into 'primal mode' and aren't really concious.This is a myth, straight up misinformation as the only thing an Omega/Alpha feels during that time is feeling very VERY f*cking horny and they are conscious throughout the whole heat/ruts. Conscious as in, they know what they are doing (not in the literal sense bc I know some of you like somno).

That's it for now, I guess!

Chapter 4: Aftermath


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

Yuuji was fifteen when he started going into therapy. Something about being raped, but Yuuji was definitely not raped. He knew what was happening and what Sukuna and him were doing. He was also aware of what he meant when he begged Sukuna to bite him. Yuuji changed therapists often, most of them demonized Sukuna or demonized him for being an Omega and Yuuji was not going to put up with some religious or even societal traditional bullsh*t. Yuuji was firm on this with his parents —mostly Jin— who kept telling Yuuji he just couldn’t decide to not go to therapy.

Besides, there wasn’t anything wrong with Yuuji! He was perfectly fine and he started to butt heads about it with Jin the same way Sukuna would in the past.

And then, he went to see Dr. Suda Manami.

She wasn’t demonizing Sukuna nor downright calling him a rapist. Manami also didn’t treat Yuuji like some very conservative people tended to treat Omegas. She didn’t treat Yuuji like he was a poor Omega victim who could not consent during a heat. “Many people believe that those moments where they feel like their heat or rut is very ‘ intense ’ is when they go back to being primal and therefore can’t consent, but that is a reality farther from the truth.” She explain to Yuuji why it was that some people could not get it through their thick f*cking skull that Yuuji was not raped.

Yuuji liked her.

Then, if Yuuji wasn’t raped, what comes next to talk about?

“Have you always felt this… attraction for your twin, Yuuji?” Manami asked.

The incestual part of it all, of course.

Yuuji liked Manami, even if Yuuji was defensive about what happened. Manami didn’t ostracize him. Manami did guide him to look so deep into himself that he ended up telling her not just the whole heat fiasco, but many many things he slowly realized was repressing. Expectations from his parents, comparing himself with his twin on certain topics, the fights between brothers that at times went past teasing to downright hurting his feelings and never heard a single apology from. With the exception of Sukuna, of course. The fights with Sukuna were nothing like his fights with Choso or Eso.

Yuuji ended up telling Manami what happened in Sendai, the real reason and not an elaborated lie Sukuna came up with to help Yuuji out and convinced his parents to move. He hadn’t told anyone about this. Ever.

And in doing so, they found the answer to Minami’s initial question: was Yuuji always attracted to his twin brother? The answer was yes.

Kenjaku already helped him figure that one out, but Minami had guided him to the root of when, where and how that attraction came to be. For their final session, Minami encouraged Yuuji to pretend like she was Jin and let Yuuji tell her why Yuuji believed what he and Sukuna were doing was nothing wrong and Yuuji wasn’t exactly sure what Manami intended with this activity. But as he tried to argue about why it wasn’t wrong, the pretend argument always seemed to go back to one thing: Incest was wrong.

“Yuuji?” Manami asked, noticing that Yuuji had gone quiet in the middle of their roleplay.

Incest was immoral for many reasons. Forbidden in many parts of the world. Was Yuuji really sure he wanted to die on that hill? Defending incest?

Although Manami had noticed a sudden shift, Yuuji’s parents didn’t allow for him to keep on going to therapy despite Manami insisting to have a few more sessions. Mostly because Yuuji was going to graduate from high school soon and Yuuji’s college would be far from where they were. Manami slipped in her office card with her phone number on it to Yuuji. “Don’t hesitate to call if you feel like it.” Manami told Yuuji and Yuuji gave her a weak smile as a response.


Back at his high school, the rumors were spread like crazy. With Sukuna no longer in the picture to protect them both, all of the mockery and anger was vented out on Yuuji. Things like his desk always being scribbled on with insults and calling him a whor* who seduced his twin, his school shoes being covered in trash and there was even a time where they splashed Yuuji with toilet water. Of course, Nobara and even Megumi had stepped in, defending Yuuji. With Nobara getting into fights with the zealous girls who Sukuna rejected and Megumi helping Yuuji out in fights whenever some of the other delinquents tried to jump Yuuji.

Not that Yuuji couldn’t defend himself. Just like when many underestimated Megumi for presenting as an Omega back in their middle school, Yuuji —like Megumi when it happened— proved to them that strength had nothing to do with their genders.

Yuuji never told his parents about the bullying, even if he would come back home with a few bruises. Nothing would change anyway.


Graduation was just around the corner and upon seeing Yuuji not once lose his spark during the last two years —rather, he had shown everyone why he truly was the Tiger of West Junior High—, the harassment against him had drastically decreased. There was still some snickering behind his back, but no one dared touch him again.

“I’m going to the store, do you guys need anything?” Yuuji asked with a grin at his friends.

“Pass, I’m so full.” Megumi groaned, patting his belly. “Tsumiki’s bentos are top notch, I’m jealous.”

Fumi shook her head. “I’m fine, Yuuji, thanks!”

Nobara hummed. “A melon bread if they have any! If not, then leave it at that.” Nobara exclaimed with a smile. Junpei had been absent due to heat reasons.

“Just melon bread then. Roger that!” Yuuji exclaimed and once he stepped out, his cheerful grin and demeanor slowly faltered. Yuuji dowcasted his gaze with a furrowed brow. Yuuji shook his head before forcing himself to smile again and walking to the school store. Humming to the latest pop song as he made his way and yet, his feet took him back to the first year’s floor. To the class where Sukuna used to be in. Yuuji blinked, glancing around at the hallway before sighing.

“I thought I got rid of this habit.” Yuuji weakly mumbled. Not feeling like going to the store anymore, Yuuji made his way outside the school yard. He walked around, letting his feet carry him wherever as his mind drifted until he heard familiar voices murmuring near the back of the school. “I see, so he’s…” and “Got himself into a darker world.” were amongst the few things Yuuji heard. But Yuuji stopped walking when he heard Kenjaku’s voice strictly say: “Let’s not tell Yuuji about this.”

Kenjaku and Hakari were talking, murmuring about something. Hakari glanced behind Kenjaku and widened his eyes. “Oh, sh*t.”

Kenjaku blinked and turned around to see Yuuji staring at them. Kenjaku knitted his eyebrows, giving Yuuji a pitiful gaze before narrowing his eyes. “What did you hear?” Kenjaku asked, his tone serious and only then did he look identical to Suguru.

Yuuji narrowed his eyes in suspicion. “That there’s something you don’t want me to know.”

Kenjaku relaxed, letting out a soft breath through his nose as he glanced to the side with a closed eyed smile. “So you didn’t hear anything. Good.”

Yuuji further glares, his scent souring if Hakari’s scrunching up his nose was anything to go by. “I’m out.” Hakari stated, jumping over the closed dumpster. Yuuji rolled his eyes. Unimpressed that Hakari was going to skip school, probably go somewhere with Kirara if she wasn’t going through a ‘rut’.

“Yeah, say hi to Kirara from me if you see her!” Kenjaku exclaimed before Hakari jumped over the wall and outside of the school. Kenjaku glanced back at Yuuji. Kenjaku alongside Kirara were the first ones to see how Yuuji was from Sukuna’s friend group. Mahito had just mocked him and Hakari really didn’t say anything other than: damn . Kenjaku was the most shocked when he learned what happened and in the beginning, he had tried to follow in Sukuna’s steps of protecting him. But Sukuna was the King and Kenjaku had only been —at most— a Jack. Yuuji appreciated the effort nonetheless.

“So? What’s that all about?” Yuuji asked, crossing his arms and looking at Kenjaku unamused.

Kenjaku gave Yuuji a sad smile. “How’ve you been?”

“Same as always.”

“And that is?”

Yuuji stared at Kenjaku before shrugging. Kenjaku strained a smile before it slowly faltered and downcasted his gaze. “Yeah, I guess not so good.”


“Kenjaku-” Yuuji’s words faltered when Kenjaku walked towards Yuuji and hugged him. Yuuji widened his eyes, glancing to the side at Kenjaku. “Kenjaku?”

Kenjaku grimaced, tightening his hold on Yuuji a little. “I’m sorry.” Kenjaku started. “I’m sorry you lost your other half… I… I really wished I could’ve done something to help.”

Yuuji burst out laughing, but when his eyesight became blurry his laugh died down. With shaky hands, Yuuji held onto Kenjaku. Allowing himself to cry and wail, crying about the separation from his twin since the first heat. Kenjaku patted Yuuji’s back, closing his eyes as he allowed Yuuji to cry on his shoulder.

No amount of therapy or guilty gifts or anything the world can offer will be able to fill the hollowness inside of Yuuji after Sukuna was removed from his life. All of the photos, his clothes, his stuff. Everything was thrown out or sold. The room across from Yuuji’s is empty. It was like Sukuna never existed in the first place and that only hurt Yuuji a lot more. He was angry and sad all over again just thinking about it.

“Sorry, Nobara, they ran out of melon bread!” Yuuji exclaimed with a smile when he came back right on time for the school bell to chime in. Nobara and Megumi stared at Yuuji with blank faces.

Nobara smiled like usual at Yuuji. “Yeah, don’t worry about it!” Nobara exclaimed. Although Fumi was looking at him a little teary eyed, Yuuji was glad that neither of his friends commented on his red eyes and nose.


Dinner is quiet. The only sound echoing in the living room was the clattering of utensils against the plate or glasses being set down back on the table. Kaori cleared her throat. “How was everyone’s day today?” Kaori asked.

Eso gave Kaori a small smile. “Good. I did my presentation today and it went better than I expected! The professor even praised me for it.”

Kaori smiled back at Eso. “Really? I’m glad!” Kaori turned to look at Yuuji with the same kind smile. “How about yours, my dear?”

Yuuji shrugged, gaze fixated on his plate as he continued to play with the food. “Good.”


“I-Is that so?” Kaori strained a smile. “What did you do today?”

Yuuji didn’t answer. Jin’s scent soured before slamming a hand down on the table. Making Eso and Yuuji startled. “Answer the question.” Jin commanded.

Yuuji felt his eyes water, glaring at his father as his breathing started to get a bit erratic. “I did nothing today. Nothing but miss my twin brother whom I love-”

“Stop with that nonsense!” Jin shouted.

“What nonsense!?” Yuuji shouted back.

Despite Eso being already twenty, he couldn’t help but put his hands on his ears. Feeling distressed about the loud shouting of Jin and Yuuji, Kaori tried to intervene as much as she could but it only made it worse as Yuuji and Jin fought. “Go to your room, now!” Jin commanded, pointing to the direction of it as he glared at Yuuji.

Yuuji let out a dry laugh, glaring at his father. “You don’t have to command me that, I was going to do it anyway!” Yuuji shouted before abruptly standing up from the dinner table and making his way to his room, not caring about whatever Jin was shouting after him. Something about him being in the wrong that he needed some serious help. Yuuji slammed the door of his room loud enough for everyone to hear.


Yuuji gets in contact with Manami again when he starts college. Despite her office being far, Yuuji needed to find some guidance as he further sank in the darkness of his mind.

“I can’t erase him from my mind… from my soul,” Yuuji started, sniffling as he grabbed the tissues Manami offered him. “How can I even do that when he is my twin!? He’s my other half! How can you tell me to forget the best friend that’s been by my side since I have a memory!?” Yuuji cried.

Manami nodded, listening to Yuuji’s sorrows. “Of course, Sukuna is not just anybody. He is your twin. He’s been together with you since the womb.”

Yuuji nodded, hiccuping as he wiped away his tears.

“Forgetting his existence must be like telling you to forget how to breathe or that the sky is blue.” Minami offered Yuuji a reassuring smile. “Sukuna was a huge part of your life and you lost him in an instance… and he isn’t dead!”

Yuuji blew his nose, nodding.

Minami hesitated a little, but eventually asked. “Have you… ever tried to reach out again?”

Yuuji sniffled. “I… I have, but there’s not a single Itadori Sukuna anywhere I look. Not on the net or even asking around the places he used to frequent.”

Minami nodded. “I see…”

Once again, that had been their last session together and this time, it was mostly because Yuuji could no longer afford the therapy. Yuuji’s mental anguish persisted until he was twenty, when he dropped out of college and decided to work. Sharing an apartment with Junpei.

“Say, Yuuji, have you… um, tried meeting other Alphas?” Junpei asked him once and the look Yuuji gave him had Junpei tense up and shift on his feet, downcasting his gaze. “O-Or a Beta? Y-You know, these days relationships between the same caste aren’t that frown upo-”

“I’m not interested in meeting someone right now.” Yuuji stated.

Junpei gave Yuuji a concerned look. Well, I guess that’s better than him going back to Sukuna. Junpei thought, nodding.


Yuuji is twenty two. Jobless. When he finally realized that maybe he had misunderstood his feelings for Sukuna. He loved Sukuna, he really did. But, perhaps they both have gotten confused. Sukuna and Yuuji were both hormonal teenagers and horny teenagers get curious, right? The problem was that Jin’s harsh reaction rubbed Yuuji in the wrong way and being a teenager, Yuuji acted in rebellion against him. Yeah, that was probably it.

Junpei set the cup of hot coffee down next to Yuuji, not saying anything on the fact that Yuuji has been staring at the same job hunting page on his phone for an hour now. Not scrolling down once. Nor did Junpei say anything about Yuuji’s tears that were silently flowing down his light brown eyes. Some of them hitting the screen on his phone.


A year later, life seemed to get better for Yuuji when turned twenty three. Yuuji got a job at a bar called ‘Jujutsu Fantasy’. The owner was a white haired man with the brightest blue eyes Yuuji had seen. Liking his spirit and energy during the interview, Gojo Satoru hired him as a bartender.

Yuu-ji-tan~” Satoru purred, wrapping his arms behind Yuuji’s shoulder and rubbing his cheeks with Yuuji’s. Satoru was a very affectionate drunk, Yuuji learned in the worst way. “I’ll miss your cute face!” Satoru whined.

Yuuji only laughed at his boss. “It’s only a small vacation.”

“A well deserved one at that,” Akari —another bartender and Yuuji’s superior— chuckled. “You recently got your own place, right?”

“Yep!” Yuuji exclaimed.

Satoru got a phone call that forced him to let go of Yuuji, answering without hesitation. “Darling~” Satoru purred, jumping over the bar as he started to walk away. “Can I sleep over at your place? I wanna cuddle and litter your handsome face with my kisses!” Satoru drunkenly shouted before walking out of the bar. It was closing time already and everyone was mostly cleaning up.

“See you in three weeks, Yuuji!” Akari shouted, waving goodbye after closing the bar. Yuuji nodded, waving back a distance away.

“See you in three weeks, Akari-senpai!” Yuuji shouted back.


Yuuji opened the door of his new apartment. Almost tripping on an unopened box full of his stuff before finally reaching his room. Yuuji took his tie off before plopping down on his bed, kicking his shoes off. He was too exhausted and in serious need of sleep to care about changing. Yuuji let out a soft breath through his nose. Sukuna would probably scold me for not changing clothes. Yuuji thought, a melancholic glint on his eyes before his heavy eyelids forced him to slip into another dreamless night.

An eight year old Yuuji was walking back home from school. Holding hands with his twin brother. Yuuji hummed a melody, skipping as he swayed their intertwined hands back and forth. “Yuu.” Sukuna softly called, stopping on his track and gently pulling Yuuji to do the same. Yuuji turned to look at Sukuna, slowly blinking in confusion.

“What is it, Kuna?” Yuuji asked, tilting his head to the side.

Sukuna smiled at his twin, his eyes narrowed with a tender gaze. “I… really, really love you, Yuu.”

Yuuji blinked before smiling back at his twin, mirroring the same tender gaze. “I love you too, Kuna!” Yuuji exclaimed, taking two steps back before hugging his twin and kissing his cheek.

Sukuna giggled, hugging Yuuji and also kissing one of Yuuji’s cheeks. Sukuna gently bumped their noses together. “I… am glad you’re my other half, Yuuji.” Sukuna whispered, closing his eyes as he rested his forehead against Yuuji’s.

Yuuji closed his eyes also, rubbing their noses together. “Me too.” Yuuji whispered back with a soft smile as both of them opened their eyes again. Sukuna’s smile widened before both of them continued walking home, holding hands with their fingers intertwined. This time, both of them were singing a melody in perfect harmony. Like the perfect pair that they were.

Yuuji woke up with tears in his eyes and a small gasp. He stared at his ceiling, gulping down the knot on his throat before sitting up and wiping his tears. Yuuji groaned, looking around for his cellphone and checking the time. It was already past noon. Yuuji sighed. “I wonder how he’s doing.” Yuuji mumbled before standing up to stretch and putting his hands on his hips with a smile. “Well then, now that I have vacations I can start unpacking now!” Yuuji shouted, excited about settling into his apartment.


Yuuji didn’t take a shower because he was going to sweat anyway, but he did brush his teeth. He started unpacking clothes, his manga collection, his video game collection and some figurines he bought in Akihabara with Junpei. Some plates, glasses and utensils for the kitchen. Shampoo and other bathroom necessities and lastly, he unpacked some of his old stuff. Things like very old plushies from when he was a child to his graduation album.

Yuuji chuckled, watching how Megumi had ended up doing a small grimace upon his photo being taken because the photographer had told Megumi he looked like a porcelain doll. He flipped a page to see the graduation photo of his class. Yuuji is grinning despite spending most of his time sulking and fighting with his father afterwards. Nobara is doing a peace sign, winking with a grin. Fumi is smiling with closed eyes, Junpei is also smiling with closed eyes. Though, his smile was a little strained. And Megumi is straight up looking elsewhere, unamused.

Yuuji closed his school album and set it down on the floor. “Let’s see… what else do we have?” Yuuji asked himself as he rummaged around the box with a smile until he moved one of his plushies to notice a small bag. Like one of those small bags you get when buying jewelry and Yuuji didn’t need to peek inside to know what it was… and for who it was intended to.

Yuuji narrowed his eyes with his lips in a thin line. Sukuna… Yuuji closed his eyes. “I… I want to start a new life, Suku-nii…” Yuuji started as he slowly opened his eyes to stare at the unopened gift. “Do you think we can meet again?” Yuuji asked out loud, knitting his eyebrows together with a sad smile. “Have some closure of our own…” Yuuji said, trailing off before a deafening silence reigned in.

The headache of not eating since he woke up as well as the loud rumble of his stomach pulled Yuuji away from his trance. Yuuji blinked before sighing internally and closing the box. “I haven’t done groceries yet… I guess I should eat out again.” Yuuji mumbled.


Near Yuuji’s place was a chinese restaurant and Yuuji wasn’t that picky so he went there and ordered. Yuuji was in the middle of eating when someone walked into the chinese restaurant, someone that Yuuji recognized from his high school days. Although he had bleached his hair blond, Yuuji had always been good at recognizing faces.

Yuuji watched as the man paid for the take out and headed out. Yuuji was quick to slurp whatever he could muster of his noodles before quickly standing up and catching up to the man.

Hakari!” Yuuji shouted.

Hakari froze and turned back to stare at him wide eyed. “Oh sh*t.” Hakari murmured before he started running away from Yuuji.

“Wha-Hakari, wait!” Yuuji shouted as he started running after Hakari. “Why are you running!?” Yuuji shouted, but Hakari didn’t answer him as he kept on running, not caring as he shoved some bystanders. Yuuji and Hakari ended up at a public park before Yuuji sped up and tackled Hakari from behind. “What the f*ck is wrong with you!?” Yuuji shouted, short of breath. “Why did you run!?”

Hakari groaned, glancing over at Yuuji over his shoulder with a glare. “Why did you chase me?”

“Because you were running, duh! I’m asking you why you ran?” Yuuji huffed, sitting on top of Hakari’s back as he knew Hakari would slip away again once Yuuji let go of him.

Hakari murmured a pained ‘ow, ow, ow’ before he struggled against Yuuji. “Get off of me!”

“Only if you promise not to run from me like I’m a cop or something.”

“You might as well be.”

Yuuji rolled his eyes. “Sorry to break it to you, but I’m a bartender.”

“At which bar?”

“Jujutsu Fantasy.”

“What!? You’re working there!?” Hakari shouted, struggling to move again. “Oh he is so not going to like that at all.” Hakari mumbled, but Yuuji heard him.

Yuuji narrowed his eyes on Hakari. “You know, I remember you and Kenny having a strange conversation.”

“Who’s Kenny? I know no Kenny.” Hakari stated, tensing up. Sweating a little when Yuuji stared intently at him, clearly not believing his words. Hakari let out a pained shout when Yuuji further put his weight down.

“If I remember correctly,” Yuuji started, putting a finger on his right cheek as he glanced up innocently at the orange sky. “Kenny said something about not telling me something, right?” Yuuji asked with an innocent smile as he glanced down at Hakari, applying more of his weight down on Hakari before closing his eyes as Hakari let out another pained groan.

sh*t,” He barely breathed out. “I swear you and Sukuna are one and the same… f*cking twins.”

Yuuji stared down at Hakari. Although he never once had problems with him, Yuuji didn’t have a strong opinion about Hakari. Kirara was another story though, Yuuji liked her alongside Kenjaku. “Say, are you and Kirara still together?”

“Yes.” Hakari breathed out.

Yuuji hummed before smiling. “You’ll talk to me now, right?”

Yes!” Hakari hissed. Yuuji stood up, even helped Hakari up. “Aw, f*ck! Now I have to order again.” Hakari whined, pulling the plastic bag with his order up to see that it had been smashed during the fall.

Yuuji felt bad about that, so he grabbed his wallet. “How much was it? I-I can at least pay-”

“Nah, that’s fine,” Hakari shrugged, walking to the nearest trash bin. “I can order a pizza that’s near my workplace.” Hakari turned to look back at Yuuji before motioning with his head up ahead. “Let’s talk somewhere else.”


Yuuji handed Hakari a bottle of water he bought from the vending machine nearby. Hakari reluctantly accepted the drink before taking a huge chug of water. “Been a while since we last saw each other, huh?” Hakari grumbled.

Yuuji crossed his arms. “Since high school, but last I heard, you ended up failing and dropped out of education.”

Hakari shrugged. “I wasn’t exactly all that smart anyway.”


“So,” Yuuji narrowed his eyes on Hakari. “Why did you run?”

Hakari flinched, nervously glancing away. “I, uh… confused you for a cop-”

“Don’t bullsh*t me, Hakari.” Yuuji interrupted, furrowing his brow. “You know my nickname wasn’t just a show.”

The Tiger of West Junior High. A little cringey, but Yuuji was as good at fighting as Sukuna.

Hakari sighed. “I… have no answer for that.” Hakari said.

Yuuji eyed Hakari before putting his arms back down. “Hey, do you keep in contact with Sukuna?”

Hakari tensed up again, looking up at Yuuji with wide eyes. “No.” Hakari was quick to respond. Yuuji narrowed his eyes in suspicion at Hakari before Hakari stood up from the bench he was sitting on. “I, uh, need to go now! I’m… actually supposed to meet up with Kirara, so!” Hakari exclaimed as he started to slowly walk away from there.

Yuuji grabbed his shoulder. “Hakari.”

“Damn, I hadn’t realized I wasted so much time,” Hakari strained a laugh. “Kirara must be waiting for me.”

Hakari.” Yuuji’s voice had a threatening tone to it.

One and the f*cking same! Hakari thought, feeling a sweat bead roll down his temple.

“You… know where Sukuna is, right?” Yuuji asked, his tone soft as he downcasted his gaze. Hakari widened his eyes at the change in tone and slowly turned around at the same time Yuuji pulled his hand back. “You know I… I never stopped thinking about him,” Yuuji glanced up to look at Hakari. “Not in a bad or weird way, I now realize that what we did was wrong.” Yuuji said, knitting his eyebrows together as he downcasted his gaze again and strained a smile.

Hakari had a bad feeling about this.

Yuuji glanced up at him. “Do you think… you could take me to where he is?”

“No.” Hakari was quick to say again, shaking his head.

“But, Hakari-”

Hakari raised his hands, shaking his head again. “No way Jose.” Hakari stared back at Yuuji with a serious expression. “Listen well, Yuuji. I can’t tell you where Sukuna is and what he is doing now… but I can tell you that he is no longer the same Sukuna you once knew.”

Yuuji furrowed his brow. “It’s not like I expected him to stay the same after…” Yuuji trailed off, glancing away with knitted eyebrows.

Hakari let out a breath through his nose. “Sorry, Yuuji, but I need to go.” Hakari said, turning his back against Yuuji and taking two steps before letting out a startled noise as Yuuji pulled on his arm.

“Hakari, please!” Yuuji exclaimed, looking up at Hakari with certain desperation. “I don’t have to talk to him, I just… I…” Yuuji let go of Hakari, hugging himself as he downcasted his gaze again. “I want to see if my twin brother is doing fine. That’s all.”

Hakari stared at Yuuji before glancing away with a furrowed brow. He glanced around as he slowly grimaced before groaning as he held his face. Hakari sighed. “Fine.” He relented.

Yuuji beamed up at his words, smiling with a happy glint in his eyes that the innocence in them almost blinded Hakari. “Thank you, Hakari!” Yuuji exclaimed.

“But you’re just going to look from afar, okay!? Do not talk to Sukuna if you know what’s best for you!”

Yuuji pouted, eyes narrowed. “He’s not in jail, is he?”

“Well, no, but…”

Yuuji eyed Hakari in suspicion before sighing internally. “Fine, I won’t.” Yuuji relented.


The sky was already dark when Hakari took Yuuji to a fancy neighborhood. From the looks of it, one of the houses was having a party since there were many cars parked around and the noise of loud music and people talking reached their ears. There were two guards stationed at the entrance when they stopped them. “Invitations. Please.” One of them dryly stated.

Hakari clicked his tongue before pulling out a small golden medal from his hoodie pocket to show it to the guard. The guard lowered his sunglasses before nodding. They opened the door for Hakari, but stopped Yuuji with one hand. “Do you have an invitation?” The guard asked.

Yuuji tensed up. “Um…”

“He’s with me.” Hakari said, glancing back at the guard with an unamused look. “A rookie I’m training.”

The guards glanced at each other. “Then, he must show his pin-”

Someone clicked their tongue behind Yuuji. “Oi, oi, what’s the hold up here!?”

“Naoya-sama!” One of the guards exclaimed before both of them bowed at the young man that just arrived.

Dyed blond with green roots and sharp brown eyes. He was wearing a dark suit with a green tie despite the piercings on his left ear. Naoya had one hand on his pant pocket while the other was being held by a very attractive brunette young woman. Naoya narrowed his eyes in annoyance at the guards. “If someone doesn’t have an invitation, isn’t it your job to kick…” Naoya’s words trail off as he glanced towards Yuuji, widened his eyes.

Yuuji shifted, uncomfortable as he gave Hakari a look that pleaded for help. Hakari sighed, walking back and grabbing Yuuji’s arm. “The pin hasn’t arrived yet, but I can vouch for his identity.” Hakari huffed, pulling Yuuji in. “Got any problems, take it up to the boss!” Hakari shouted, raising a hand as Yuuji nervously glanced back at the entrance. Noticing that Naoya had narrowed his eyes at him.

Hakari pulled on Yuuji until they reached the backyard. The speakers blasted the latest songs that played on the radio. Someone in swimwear jumped on the pool, splashing some of the women and men there. There were some strings of lights hung around, a table with a lot of red cups and a red bowl of what Yuuji thought must be red fruit punch. There were also snacks at the table. However, Yuuji’s breath hitch when his eyes landed on the grill.

There were three men standing there. One of them had his sleeves rolled up as he grilled the steak, talking to the other two men who both held cans of beer in their hands. The one on the other far end soon became nonexistent as Yuuji focused on the man in the middle. “See him?” Hakari asked, following Yuuji’s gaze. “He’s doing good, now-”

“He… looks different.” Yuuji stammered. Hakari stayed quiet for a few seconds, staring at Yuuji.

“Yeah,” Hakari glanced away with a furrowed brow. “Told ya he wasn’t the Sukuna you knew.”

Sukuna was meters away from Yuuji, but he could tell.

That was Sukuna. His twin brother, his best friend, his other half. Although, he looked a bit different. Yuuji wasn’t sure what kind of life Sukuna must have lived through since their separation, but Sukuna had become slightly taller than Yuuji. Broader on the shoulders too, jaw sharper and the black tattoos on his face accentuated it more. The only thing that stayed the same was his pink hair and those blue eyes that would gaze at Yuuji so tenderly.

Hakari sighed. “Okay. You saw him, he clearly is more than fine in this house that costs more than my ass, we need to lea-oi, Yuuji!” Hakari hissed on the low. “What are you doing, Yuuji!?” Hakari called out. A distant ‘You said you were only going to look!’ was heard as Yuuji’s feet started to take him to where Sukuna was.

His heart started racing, his ears heating up as his hazel brown eyes got a little teary. After years of not seeing each other, Yuuji was finally reunited with his twin.

Sukuna laughed, downcasting his gaze as he shook his head. “If it wasn’t for Higuruma, our asses would already be in jai-”

“Sukuna.” Yuuji’s voice came out a little shakier than intended. Gulping down a knot as putting a hand on his chest.

The two other men stared wide eyed at Yuuji before glancing at Sukuna. Sukuna’s gaze on his feet hardened, crushing his can of beer before straining a smile. “Sorry gentlemen, I must be too drunk already.” Sukuna said, throwing his crushed can of beer away and glancing at a pair of red tennis that looked oh-so-familiar. “Because I’m hearing the voice of a ghost again.” Sukuna said, glancing up as their gazes finally met.

Narrowed blue eyes staring directly into wide teary brown eyes.


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Chapter 5: Reunion


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Chapter Text

Sukuna narrowed his eyes behind Yuuji, noticing Hakari as the latter tensed up and raised his arms in defeat. “Yo, he has the same face as you, no way!” Kusakabe, one of his adoptive father’s men, exclaimed.

Shiu, one of the men from the head of the Zen’in clan, whistled. “Twins, eh? Like the young mistresses.”

Yuuji blinked, becoming aware of where he was now. Feeling his face slowly heat up in embarrassment. “Ah, s-sorry! I, I didn’t mean to crash your party or anything, I just… u-um…” Yuuji stuttered, downcasting his gaze with a slight frown. “I just wanted to see you… again.” Yuuji softly said, his tone melancholic. See how you’ve been doing. Yuuji finished in his mind.

“Aww, isn’t he a cutie?” Kusakabe laughed, teasingly at Sukuna as he gave Sukuna a smirk.

Sukuna’s face was unreadable, before he turned to look at Kusakabe with a glare. “The stake is burning, old man.” Sukuna said, venom in his voice. Kusakabe glanced down at the grill and saw one of the steak’s turning black.

“sh*t! f*ck! My steak!” Kusakabe shouted as he tried to salvage it and failed.

Sukuna huffed before staring back at Yuuji. Eyeing Yuuji up and down as he put his hands on his dress pants pockets. Yuuji gulped, feeling conscious now about the change of clothes he put on to go grab something to eat: a yellow hoodie, some sweatpants and his red tennis that still fit him from high school. Sukuna was wearing a black button shirt, sleeves rolled up to his elbow and Yuuji could see a black mark tattoo near his wrist. Sukuna wasn’t constantly showing off his pheromones like some Alpha tended to do, but Yuuji could pick up a cologne fragrance coming from Sukuna.

Sukuna let out a soft breath through his nose, tilting his head to the side slightly before narrowing his eyes on his twin. “You haven’t changed much, huh?”

Yuuji felt those words more like a stab than a compliment. Yuuji strained a smile despite his eyes not quite meeting it. “Sorry I haven’t changed!” Yuuji exclaimed, annoyed and that was a first.

Sukuna snickered softly, smirking at Yuuji with a soft gaze. Sukuna took a step closer to Yuuji, getting into his personal space and out of habit, Yuuji let him as he stared at his twin. Tilting his head in curiosity. “What?” He asked.

Sukuna reached out to try and touch Yuuji’s face (which led to Yuuji noticing another tattooed black mark around Sukuna’s wrist). “You’re not a figment of my imagination, are you?” Sukuna murmured and Yuuji widened his eyes. His hand was inches away from his face when the music stopped as someone grabbed the microphone from the DJ, causing a loud noise.

Sukuna!” The booming and echoing sound of his name being called had Sukuna’s reached out hand turned into a fist before retreating his hand. Sukuna glared over at the person who snatched the microphone to become the center of attention at his own party. And Sukuna can only count two assholes who could do that; one of them was currently exchanging spit with his boyfriend and the other was-

Naoya.” Sukuna called through gritted teeth as he furrowed his brow, icy blue eyes narrowed in annoyance.

Naoya cackled, smirking mockingly at Sukuna. “Who’s the Omega with your face, hm? Introduce us!” Naoya taunted. Yuuji was going to turn his head to glare over at the man, but Sukuna held him in place by his nape. Yuuji felt a heat spread to his nape as he stared wide eyed at Sukuna, who kept his glare on Naoya.

“Yuuji. Pull up your hoodie.” Sukuna commanded. Yuuji felt his body shudder before quickly pulling his hood up. Sukuna wrapped a protective arm around Yuuji’s shoulder before smirking. “He’s a clone of myself, surprised?” Sukuna asked, but there was a threatening tone to it. Yuuji glanced at Sukuna, worried. Just what is going on!? I want to see! Yuuji thought.

Naoya laughed, jumping down from the small stage the DJ had set up. Microphone still in hand. “Damn, do you love yourself that much Sukuna?” Naoya asked with mockery. “Enough to f*ck yourself.”

Yuuji glared into the distance and tried to turn around and give that guy a piece of his mind, but Sukuna held him in place. “Don’t listen to him, Yuuji, he’s always taunting people like this.” Sukuna murmured low enough for Yuuji to hear. Yuuji flared through his nostrils, putting a hand on top of Sukuna’s arm and narrowing his eyes at his twin.

“Defend me, then. Suku-nii.”

Sukuna stiffened. Yuuji could tell before a thrilling smirk made it past Sukuna’s lips. His glare on Naoya intensified. Sukuna chuckled darkly. “Perhaps I was wrong about you,” Sukuna glanced from the corner of his eyes at Yuuji. An amused look on his face. “You’ve changed, Yuu .” He murmured and the nickname had Yuuji knitting his eyebrows, looking at Sukuna with emotion.

Sukuna glanced back at Naoya, moving his arm from Yuuji’s shoulders to grab at Yuuji’s wrist. “I see, no wonder you’re being extra whiny tonight,” Sukuna snorted, glancing at the Beta woman whom Naoya came with before glancing back at Naoya with a mocking grin and taunting eyes. “You couldn’t get it up with an Omega again!”

Naoya’s confident smirk disappeared as everyone laughed. It was a well known secret in their circle and yet Naoya insisted on picking fights with people who were more cunning than him. Naoya glared back at Sukuna with the same intensity as him minutes prior. Naoya’s face turned red in humiliation as he gritted his teeth. “Shut up!” was all Naoya could shout.

Sukuna chuckled, raising his chin a little. “If I was you, I would be so embarrassed to even show my face! No wonder the head of the Zen’in clan has yet to choose an heir with incompetent guys like you around!” Sukuna taunted. The guests further laughed and Yuuji felt a little bad for the guy, even though he was an asshole. Naoya started to sputter insults, the best he could do in that situation before Yuuji heard footsteps approaching.

Yuu-ji~” A familiar voice sang.

“Ah, Kenny!” Yuuji exclaimed with a wide smile upon noticing Kenjaku approach with a raised hand and a closed eyed smile.

“It’s been a while~” Kenjaku said, lowering his arm as he opened his purple eyes to look at Yuuji in amusem*nt. Yuuji noticed there was a scar going across Kenjaku’s forehead. Kenjaku noticed Yuuji’s stare before smiling softly, raising his eyebrows. “Don’t worry, I’m fine now.”

Sukuna huffed, walking as he pulled on Yuuji’s wrist. “I’ll leave the idiot to you.” Sukuna said, narrowing his eyes at Kenjaku before pulling Yuuji to the house.

“Argh, wait! I can walk on my own, wait!” Yuuji exclaimed. Yuuji peeked back a little over his shoulder and noticed many guests had pulled out their phones and recorded Naoya losing his mind. Ah, so that’s why he told me to pull up my hoodie. Yuuji thought before glancing back at Sukuna’s back, pulling his hoodie further down and letting himself be guided without much of a fight. “You’re an idiot.” Yuuji murmured, feeling a heat in his ears.

Sukuna heard him, but didn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Kenjaku had Naoya escorted out before he walked up towards Hakari with a serious expression. “I thought we agreed on not telling Yuuji about Sukuna’s whereabouts.”

Hakari bit down his tongue, nervously glancing away. “Hey man, he was very insistent!”


Kenjaku’s burning stare stabbed Hakari before he smirked. “You really can’t say no to Omegas, huh?”

“S-Shut up!”

Kenjaku laughed.


Yuuji was tugging on his hoodie, hiding his face as they walked inside the house. Luckily, not many people spared him a glance as many were either blatantly making out, passed out drunk or doing some clearly not legal stuff with a white powder that Yuuji had to quickly turn his head to. Not wanting to even see and wondering what he should do. Whether to report it and risk putting his twin in jail or turn a blind eye to it despite his moral code.

Yuuji was taken upstairs before Sukuna let go of Yuuji’s wrist and pushed Yuuji inside his room. Yuuji’s hood falling down. “Ow!” Yuuji exclaimed with a huff as he turned around to stare at Sukuna. Sukuna closed the door, glancing at Yuuji with a blank face. “Should I even ask?” Yuuji started, crossing his arms as he furrowed his brow.

“Ask what?”

“What you do.” Yuuji started, watching with cautiousness as Sukuna slowly walked towards him. Like a predator ready to pounce on his prey. “Why you throw parties like this...” Yuuji’s words trail off, his breath hitching when Sukuna was too close to comfort. Sukuna stared into his twin’s eyes before reaching out again to touch Yuuji’s face.

Sukuna hummed, smiling mischievously as he patted Yuuji’s right cheek. “Relax, brother, the law can prove that I’m a good bidding citizen~” Sukuna purred.

Yuuji took a step back, putting distance between himself and Sukuna. “Something tells me that’s not right.”

Sukuna rolled his eyes. “Since when do you care what’s right or wrong?” Sukuna asked.

There’s a deafening silence between them. Narrowed hazel brown staring into unamused icy blue ones.

“You… you’ve also changed, Kuna.” Yuuji softly mustered up, glancing away.

Sukuna stayed quiet for a second before glancing away too. “Who wouldn’t change after being kicked out of his house for being in love.”

Yuuji widened his eyes, staring back into Sukuna’s eyes. Yuuji gulped. “Sukuna… I don’t know if this is a bad time or if it's too soon, but… I want to talk about us.” Sukuna narrowed his eyes on him. “I have tried to reach out to you, before, but I couldn’t find you-”

“Get to the point, Yuuji.” Sukuna dryly said, crossing his arms.

Yuuji flinched, giving Sukuna a sympathetic look. “I’m sorry about what happened.”

Sukuna raised an eyebrow at Yuuji, not quite understanding his words.

“I…” Yuuji closed his eyes, brow furrowed. “I think we crossed a line we shouldn’t have and because I believed something that wasn’t right, you were kicked out and-”

“Are you apologizing for almost spending your first heat with me?” Sukuna interrupted, frowning and lips turning downward in disapproval.

Yuuji looked at his twin, sympathetic and it further hit a nerve on Sukuna as the room started to smell sour. “Not just the heat.” Yuuji stammered. “Sukuna, we were just teens who didn’t know any better.”

Speak for yourself.” Sukuna glared at his twin, the sourness turning bitter.

Yuuji furrowed his brow, staring hard at Sukuna. “Sukuna, I didn’t come here with bad intentions.” Yuuji started and Sukuna slowly walked closer to Yuuji. For each step forward, Yuuji took another step back. “I want us to talk about what happened! You can hate me or not forgive me, but I think we should at least get some closure and move on-” Yuuji let out a small gasp at the end when his back hit a wall and Sukuna loomed over him, slamming an arm on the wall. Trapping Yuuji.

They’re close. Far too close for Yuuji’s liking.

“You think you can come back into my life, demand I put our past behind us so you can feel better about yourself and leave just like that?” Sukuna asked through gritted teeth, glaring into those hazel brown eyes he used to love gazing into.

Sukuna’s harsh words stabbed deep and Yuuji glanced up, not wanting to cry as he felt some tears prick at the corner of his eyes. “That’s not what I said! I just… i-if you want us to stay in contact, we can! But I want us to be proper brothers!? ” Yuuji raised his voice at the end, tensing up when Sukuna grabbed Yuuji’s jaw with his free hand and turned his head to the side. “W-What do you think you’re doing!?”

Sukuna pulled on Yuuji’s hoodie and exposed his neck. No mark of any kind.

“You’re not mated yet.”

Yuuji’s face flushed in embarrassment before slapping Sukuna’s hand on his jaw. “What’s it to you if I am or not!?” Yuuji raised his voice, glaring.

“You hurt me, Yuu. You want us to talk and be brothers yet you say what’s it to me if you’re mated or not?” Sukuna bitterly snickered. “Pick a struggle, darling.” Sukuna huffed, glaring back at Yuuji.

Yuuji’s eyes are teary despite the glare. “I just wanted us to be normal twins.”

The only sound that could be heard was the muffled music.

In a swift movement, Sukuna hungrily claimed Yuuji’s lips. Yuuji tried to pull away, moving his head to the side. “N-No, Suku-ngh.” Sukuna forced Yuuji to face him and deep kissed him again, pushing his body closer to Yuuji. Each time Yuuji pulled away, Sukuna was quick to capture their lips together again. Yuuji’s hands quickly pushed Sukuna away, hitting him with a fist on his chest before his wrists were pinned against the wall. Yuuji let out an involuntary moan when Sukuna’s fangs sank a little on his tongue.

Sukuna groaned, settling his knee between Yuuji’s legs and further pressed their bodies together. Sukuna pulled away when he felt a sharp pain, biting down a hiss of pain as a trail of blood rolled down the left corner of his lips. Both of them were breathing heavily, Sukuna’s eyes narrowed in arousal as he stared at Yuuji. Face flushed red, tears streaming down his brown eyes and a bit of blood smeared on the corner of his lips from having bitten Sukuna. “I didn’t come here for this.” Yuuji croaked, knitting his eyebrows as he sniffled.

“Then what did you come here for, Yuuji?”


There was a knock on Sukuna’s door. “Young master, Mr. Ryoumen has arrived and is calling for you.” An androgynous voice said at the other end of the door.

Sukuna continued to stare at Yuuji as he answered them. “Thanks, Uraume.Tell father I’ll be there soon.”

“As you wish.” Uraume said through the door before their steps started to drift away. Sukuna let go of Yuuji, wiping the blood from the corner of his own lips with a thumb before licking them. Staring at Yuuji as he did.

“You should leave now.” Sukuna dryly stated before he turned his back on Yuuji and walked towards his door.

“Your father?” Yuuji repeated, staring at Sukuna’s back with wide eyes as Sukuna stopped his movements when he put a hand on his doorknob.

“Why are you surprised?” Sukuna narrowed his eyes at Yuuji over his shoulder. “I am no longer an Itadori, don’t you remember?”

Yuuji couldn’t say anything to that because it was true. And yet, Yuuji was still heartbroken that Sukuna really has no ties to their family anymore.

Sukuna snorted, glancing back at the door. “It was nice seeing you, Yuuji.” Sukuna said, putting emphasis on Yuuji’s name before he walked out of his room. Leaving a conflicted Yuuji behind.


Kenjaku walked upstairs, glancing around before going inside Sukuna’s room. “Yo~ Yuuji? Are you still here?” Kenjaku asked, looking around before he noticed a figure hugging their knees in a corner. Yuuji’s face was buried in his legs and as Kenjaku walked closer, noticed Yuuji was sobbing and trembling. Kenjaku offered Yuuji a sympathetic gaze before crouching down and tapping one of Yuuji’s knees. “Yuu-chan?” Kenjaku called out to him using Kirara’s old nickname.

Yuuji only continued to cry and sob, sniffling with small hiccups.

Kenjaku smiled softly with knitted eyebrows before giving Yuuji a side hug. “There, there.” Kenjaku cooed, patting Yuuji’s head. “It must have been a real shock, huh?”

Yuuji gulped down a knot on his throat, his crying slowly quieted down until he was just sniffling.

“Sorry we didn’t tell you anything, Yuuji… but the world where Sukuna is in now is, well, completely different from yours.”

Yuuji glanced up. His face was a mess; red puffy eyes, tear-stained cheeks and his face swollen from crying. “What type of world is it?” Yuuji asked with a sniffle.

Kenjaku wiped Yuuji’s tears with the black sleeve of his black yukata with an almost motherly smile. “The underworld.”

Yuuji widened his eyes before downcasting his gaze. “I knew it.” Yuuji murmured.

Kenjaku chuckled, standing up as he offered Yuuji a hand. “Come on now, let’s sneak you out of here!” Kenjaku exclaimed.

Yuuji slowly took Kenjaku’s hand. “Why can’t I just go where I came from?”

Kenjaku laughed, hiding his teasing smirk behind the sleeve of his yukata as he looked at Yuuji with amusem*nt. “Well, Papa Ryoumen is a very scary man~ should he know someone uninvited and worse, a civilian got here… well, I’m sure many of those yakuza films can give you an example!”

Yuuji froze, face paling.

Kenjaku wrapped an arm around Yuuji’s shoulder. “Don’t worry! That’s why Sukuna sent me here~”

“He… He did?”

There is a strange shine in Kenjaku’s eyes, a soft smile gracing his face. “Well, at the end of the day, you are his other half.”

Yuuji felt that familiar stirr, but quickly shook his head. No, no, I want us to be normal brothers! So that he… Yuuji’s thoughts stopped as he heard distant voices while Kenjaku sneaked him back to the entrance. “A toast to the heir, Ryoumen Sukuna!” A booming and echoing deep voice reached their ears followed by clapping and cheering. Can go back to us. Yuuji finished the thought, feeling his eyes tear up again as a single tear rolled down his face. “I guess that’s not possible anymore.” Yuuji whispered, looking back on that big house before Kenjaku called for a cab.


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Chapter 6: Warned


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Chapter Text

Sukuna walked downstairs to meet up with the man who picked him up in the streets. A man who Sukuna is forever in debt with and despite the horrors he had to endure the further he sank down in the underworld. Sukuna considered that he had always been a Ryoumen and was now in a place he can call home. And yet, those hazel brown eyes Sukuna had to force himself to forget lingered on his mind. Burning.

“Hmm, did I interrupt something?” Mr. Ryoumen asked. Sukuna stood by his side,hands in his pants pockets as he looked up uninterested. Mr. Ryoumen was taller than any guest in the room with a strong body and black tattoos on his face that were similar to his. Spiky turkish rose hair, a black harness eyepatch on his right eye and his only visible eye was the same icy blue color as his. “No one will deny you are my son with eyes like yours.” Mr. Ryoumen once told him. Mr. Ryoumen had narrowed his left eye, smiling in amusem*nt at the cut that was already bruising on Sukuna’s lip.

“No, they were boring anyway.” Sukuna shrugged, nonchalantly even though deep inside him a turmoil of his own was brewing. Mr. Ryoumen chuckled, beckoning Uraume to bring over the gift Mr. Ryoumen prepared for Sukuna.

“Oh well, let’s forget about that.” Mr. Ryoumen started as Uraume walked to Sukuna’s side with a small black suitcase on their hands. “Happy birthday, son!” Mr. Ryoumen exclaimed with a closed-eyed smile. Uraume opened the suitcase to reveal a Beretta 92FS. Nickel plated with gold accents. “It’s customized with stainless steel.” Mr. Ryoumen said, watching as his son picked up the gun and inspected it.

Sukuna hummed before Sukuna pointing his new gun towards the open slide glass door that went to the pool, many guests either got out of the way or duck as Sukuna pressed down on the deco*cker to deco*ck and then pressed forward to disable the safety. Sukuna shot three of the lights that hung outside with perfect accuracy from where he was inside the house. Sukuna smirked before glancing over at Mr. Ryoumen. “Thanks a lot, pops.” Sukuna teased while Mr. Ryoumen laughed.

“I knew you would like it!” Mr. Ryoumen exclaimed. He raised his glass of champagne. “Let’s make a toast to my son!”

Kusakabe brought the microphone inside the house, carefully pulling the cord so it reached. “Sir!” Kusakabe exclaimed with a grin.

Mr. Ryoumen chuckled before grabbing the microphone. “A toast to the heir, Ryoumen Sukuna!” Sukuna rolled his eyes with a wry smile as everyone cheered for him with their glasses up, some guests clapping.

Once everyone went back to enjoying the party, Sukuna helped himself with a glass of champagne before Kenjaku approached him. “Congratulations, Sukuna, you are now officially twenty three to the rest of the underworld.” Kenjaku said with a teasing smile.

Sukuna rolled his eyes as he took a sip of his glass. “Did you escort him properly?” Sukuna asked, low.

Kenjaku nodded, giving Sukuna the ‘ OK ’ sign. “Safe and sound!” Kenjaku exclaimed.

Sukuna stared at the bubbly drink. “Good.” Sukuna said before he walked back outside the backyard.

Kenjaku followed suit. “Not to be nosy, but I found Yuu-chan crying… so, what happened? Why did he show up here?”

Sukuna glanced around, looking for Hakari and clicking his tongue when he could not find him. Must’ve slipped away when he could. Sukuna thought. “I’ll tell you later, when everyone is gone.” Sukuna huffed, brow furrowed. Kenjaku gave Sukuna a concerned look.

“What are you going to do now that Yuuji knows you’re here?” Kenjaku asked.

Sukuna took another sip, narrowing his eyes in the distance. “He said he wanted to see me.” Sukuna said before glancing at Kenjaku. His gaze burned with an intensity Kenjaku hadn’t seen since their first year in high school.

Kenjaku stared at him, surprised. “So, are you going to pull him in with us?”

Sukuna smirked. “I’m not going to pull Yuuji, he has to jump down with me. Willingly.”

Kenjaku blinked several times before smiling. “Whatever decision you make, I’ll support it.” Kenjaku said. “But, you need to be more gentle,” Kenjaku huffed, narrowing his eyes on Sukuna’s lip cut. “Yuu-chan was probably brainwashed, you know? He might get scared and leave for good this time.”

Sukuna’s smirk faltered, glancing away with his brow furrowed. “I should’ve gone back and took him with me sooner.”

“Well, at the time the three clans were at war.” Kenjaku chuckled. “You couldn’t help it!”

Sukuna huffed, gulping down the whole champagne. “That’s true.”

Su-ku- CHAN!!!

Kenjaku’s foxy smile turned downwards as he narrowed his eyes in annoyance at the person running to them before jumping high. Without looking, Sukuna took a step back as the person landed on his feet with a huff. “You’re late as usual.” Sukuna stated, looking at the young man dressed in a black button shirt and white dress pants with dress shoes unamused. “Gojo Satoru.”

Satoru leaned back, looking at Sukuna with a pout. “Why did you dodge my bear attack hug!? Are we not the best of friends!?” Satoru exclaimed in an exaggerated, offended tone.

Sukuna rolled his eyes. “You wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t for the peace treaty.”

Satoru gasped, fully offended this time. “How dare you accuse me of such things!? Us young, handsome and powerful heirs should stick together.” Satoru said, moving to Sukuna’s side and wrapping an arm around Sukuna. “You know?” Satoru said, giving Sukuna a teasing smirk with eyebrows raised.

Sukuna raised an eyebrow at Satoru before slightly brushing him off. “Speaking of heirs, you should’ve been here when Naoya made a fool out of himself.” Sukuna said with a smirk.

Satoru laughed, pushing his sun glasses down to show his amused baby blue eyes. “I would have loved to see that in person!”

“You think so? The 50 different angles of Naoya losing his mind was pretty funny to me.”

“Suguru!” Kenjaku exclaimed, looking at his twin with a wide smile.

Sukuna let out a breath through his nose, putting on his empty glass when one of the ‘ waiters ’ passed with a silver platter as they passed around the champagne. “Of course if he’s here, you’re here.” Sukuna said.

Suguru had walked out from inside the house, most likely to set down Sukuna’s gift at the gift table and say hello to Mr. Ryoumen on Gojo's behalf. Kenjaku giggled as he skipped towards his twin and did a small jump to hug him. “Suguru!” Kenjaku shouted with a genuine laugh. Suguru chuckled, wrapping an arm around Kenjaku’s waist.

“Kenjaku-niisan , it’s been a while.” Suguru greeted him with a soft smile. Kenjaku leaned away, putting his hands on Suguru’s forearms.

“Hey, handsome!” Kenjaku laughed as he noticed his twin had put his hair down. Eyeing him up and down. Suguru was wearing a white button shirt, sleeves rolled up and a black dress pant with shoes. Suguru chuckled, eyes glinting with mirth.

“You don’t look bad yourself in that yukata, Kenjaku.” Suguru complimented, his hands holding Kenjaku’s elbows. Kenjaku’s smile widened, feeling his cheeks heat up and shyly flutter his eyelashes at Suguru.

“Thank you.” Kenjaku said, hoping his voice had come out normal.

“Yeah, Kenny, you look nice.” Satoru said through gritted teeth, appearing next by them with a strained smile. His right eyebrow twitching in annoyance.

Kenjaku looked at him unamused, clearly in disapproval of his interruption. Suguru, however, broke their hug with a laugh. Taking two steps towards Satoru and wrapping his arms around Satoru’s hips, pulling him close to lean their foreheads together. “Don’t be so jealous, darling~” Suguru teased, narrowing his eyes at Satoru. “No one can be as gorgeous as you, baby.”

Sukuna rolled his eyes, almost puking on the lovey-dovey display. Kenjaku, however, clenched his jaw when Satoru wrapped his arms around Suguru’s neck and smiled, leaning in to kiss Suguru. Satoru chuckled as they gave each other small pecks until Satoru pulled slightly away. “You’re right, baby~” Satoru purred before he hugged Suguru, narrowing his eyes behind his sunglasses and smirking at Kenjaku. “You are so right.”

Kenjaku clenched his fist, eyes narrowed unamused before downcasting his gaze in defeat. Kenjaku furrowed his brow before glancing up and smiling like nothing when the couple broke their hug and Suguru turned back. “You never get tired of each other, huh?”

Suguru laughed, a blush creeping up his face. “Don’t tease me, Kenny!” Suguru exclaimed. Kenjaku felt that familiar knot on his chest as he continued to perfectly fake his smile.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll leave the married couple alone now!” Kenjaku exclaimed and to others it might have come out as playful teasing, but Sukuna can detect the bitterness in his own words as Kenjaku patted Suguru on the shoulder while Suguru said that they weren’t married yet.

Kenjaku excused himself, going back inside the house. Sukuna entertained the couple only a few seconds before they ended up being too engrossed with each other. Sukuna walked back inside. “Uraume, have you seen Kenny?” Sukuna asked as Uraume passed by with another bottle of champagne —possibly for his father— before pointing to the hall. “Thanks.” Was all Sukuna said before going down the hall.

Sukuna found Kenjaku in the living room with the lights off. Kenjaku sitting in the corner of the beige L shaped couch. Kenjaku quietly sobbed, his face buried in his arms as he rested on the arm rest. Kenjaku cried to himself and Sukuna only leaned against the doorway as he crossed his arms. Sukuna narrowed his eyes at Kenjaku. “Coward.” Sukuna said and Kenjaku’s only response was a muffled sniffle and more sobbing.


Yuu 🐯🩷



Megumi sighed as he stared at the text his friend decided to send right before he was going to bed.



Yuu 🐯🩷



How important? 😒


Yuu 🐯🩷

I saw Sukuna 🙁

Megumi widened his eyes. Come to think of it, what has that guy been doing all these years? Did he end up in the streets? In some orphanage or shelter that could take him in? Megumi thought. All his questions would be answered the following day as he swung by Yuuji’s new apartment with some donuts and coffee from the local café that Megumi knew Yuuji liked the most.

“Alright,” Megumi started, clasping his hands together after finishing his moka donut. “Tell me everything. In excruciating detail please.” Megumi said, a sharp glint on his blue eyes.

“Listen to this, Megumi!” Yuuji whined, feeling his eyes tear up again. “Sukuna is part of the underworld now!” Yuuji cried before proceeding to tell everything that led to Yuuji meeting Sukuna. From bumping into Hakari to learning, Sukuna has found a new family. Megumi hummed, holding his chin. Ryoumen… why does that name sound familiar? Megumi thought with narrowed eyes. Yuuji was already crying, remembering what happened between his twin and him. Yuuji blew his nose with a tissue that Megumi offered before sniffling. “What do you think?”

Megumi gave Yuuji a sympathetic look before he proceeded to give his honest and unfiltered opinion. “Well, one: I am not surprised Sukuna ended up in bad steps,” Megumi started, remembering how he never cared about getting in trouble and would often get into fights. Neither of the people whom Sukuna would physically beat up dared to accuse him to the principal or anything and if they did, Sukuna would somehow manage to pin the blame on someone else. He was a true menace when Yuuji wasn’t around. “Two: As much as I love your dumb ass, what you told Sukuna was f*cked up. Not gonna lie.”

Megumi’s words stabbed Yuuji. “W-Why do you think so?”

Megumi stared at Yuuji for one whole minute before he spoke again. “Listen, I don’t know what your therapist would speak to you about,” Megumi started, carefully licking his lips as he put them on a thin line. “But one can’t exactly go back to being ‘normal’ brothers after… well… you know… f*cking your twin?” Megumi asked, as he sort of motioned with his hands. Not sure on how else to give the news to Yuuji.

Yuuji sniffled, puckering his bottom lip. “I think this is my fault, I pulled Sukuna into this mess and he ended up being kicked out.” Yuuji said, dejected.

Megumi slowly blinked. “Are you sure it wasn’t the other way around?” Megumi asked, raising an eyebrow.

Yuuji pouted. “No, it was me. I spoke about this with Miss Manami.”

“And what did she say? Did she imply that it was your fault?”

“Well, no, but-”

“Then why are you assuming that sh*t?” Megumi asked, raising one eyebrow again. Yuuji stayed quiet. Megumi sighed before shifting so he could sit cross-legged across from Yuuji on his couch. “Listen, you have your perspective about the events,” Yuuji nodded in agreement. “I’m sure Sukuna has his.” Yuuji kept being silent but ended up nodding, agreeing that the statement made sense. “I do agree that you and Sukuna should talk about this,” Yuuji looked at Megumi with a hopeful look. “But you can’t go back to before you crossed the line.”

Yuuji downcasted his gaze and all Megumi could see was a dejected tiger. “Why not?”

Megumi stared at Yuuji for almost two whole minutes before he spoke. “I don’t… I don’t think people can ever go back to talking like before after f*cking a family member, Yuuji.”


“So what option does that leave me with?” Yuuji asked and Megumi could notice the hurt in his eyes and tone. Megumi knitted his eyebrows at his friend.

“You either agree on cutting ties with each other or...” Megumi started, but stopped himself there as he wondered if Sukuna had already been doing that until Yuuji came into his life again. Yuuji stared at his friend, eyeing him.

“Or what?”

Megumi put his lips in a thin line before shrugging. “To be honest, I don’t know.” Megumi said. Yuuji downcasted his gaze and puckered his bottom lip again. “But a yakuza, hm? He sure got into a very dark world.”

Megumi’s words reminded Yuuji of the time he heard Kenjaku and Hakari whisper about Sukuna after the whole heat fiasco. Yuuji remembered correctly that it was Hakari who said those words before Kenjaku decided they shouldn’t tell Yuuji about it. “I wonder what happened after our parents disowned him…” Yuuji mumbled.

“You can ask him if you ever decide to talk to him again.” Megumi pointed out. “And if he tells you, be sure to update me on that.” Megumi said, giving Yuuji a thumbs up with another sharp glint on his eyes.

“You just want some tea, don’t you?” Yuuji asked with a suspicious narrowed glare.

Megumi fell back on the couch with a huff, pulling his phone up. “In any case, what are you going to do now?” Megumi asked as he typed in the name Ryoumen on the net.

Yuuji stayed quiet before sighing. “I don’t know.”

Megumi widened his eyes. “Holy sh*t.”

“What?” Yuuji asked, raising an eyebrow at Megumi. Megumi sat up and showed his phone to Yuuji. Yuuji grabbed his phone to read the article that Megumi was reading before widening his eyes. “Holy sh*t.”


There are currently three ‘clans’ who have taken the underworld by storm. The Zen’in, with the current Kumicho being Naobito Zen’in. The Gojo —and this information made Yuuji’s blood run cold— and the Ryoumen , with the current head being Mr. Ryoumen. Yuuji had no idea about two things: one, that the bar he had been working for belonged to the son of a yakuza and that he’s been amicably talking and goofing around at times with said son of one of the most powerful mafia families. And two, that Sukuna’s father was indeed a very scary man.

Yuuji spiraled down into a rabbit hole of digging through news about how these three clans were in a drug war during the time Yuuji was in high school and that only three years ago there seemed to be some sort of truce. There wasn't any more detailed information that Yuuji could find. Megumi had gone back home, something about having to take care of Toji now that it's gone back to being just the two of them again and now Yuuji was all alone. Walking in the park near his apartment to clear his mind.

Yuuji was walking back home when he froze upon seeing someone waiting at his door. “How did you know where I live?” Yuuji asked with wide eyes and a furrowed brow.

Sukuna was leaned up against his door, smoking a cigarette as he did not gave a single f*ck that there was a clear sign that said no smoking in the staircase of the apartment building. “I have my ways.” Sukuna stated as a matter of fact before taking one final drag and putting the cigarette bud with his foot. “Nice apartment building you chose, are mom and dad paying for it?”

Yuuji narrowed his eyes at Sukuna. “You’re not an Itadori anymore, remember?” Yuuji threw back his own words at his twin with a huff as he walked closer to his apartment door.

Sukuna chuckled, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Ouch.” Sukuna said, leaning away to let Yuuji open the door of his apartment.

Yuuji, however, stared hard at him. “Why are you here?”

Sukuna stared back at him, before leaning into Yuuji’s personal space and perhaps Yuuji has already been conditioned to it, but Yuuji made no effort to lean away. “Well, dear brother, you wanted to see me.” Sukuna said through gritted teeth, eyes narrowed on Yuuji. “So here I am.”

They both were glaring at each other and Sukuna kept glancing at his lips and Yuuji unconsciously licked his dry lips which further pulled Sukuna’s attention to them.

They were too close again. Close enough that Sukuna’s breathing was tickling his lips.

A lot of alarming bells were ringing inside Yuuji's mind. Yuuji visibly and audibly gulped, Sukuna’s eyes traveled down to his neck and Yuuji held back the urge to shudder. “We need to talk.” Yuuji weakly stammered.

Sukuna’s gaze connected back to Yuuji’s. Burning. Sukuna slightly nodded, bumping their noses together like they used to do before. “Let’s talk then, Yuu.”

That wasn’t fair, Yuuji thinks.


“Are you a yakuza?” Yuuji straight up asked. Wanting to hear it directly from Sukuna’s mouth. They were sitting on each side of the three person couch. Sukuna chuckled, giving Yuuji a knowing smile with narrowed eyes.

“And if I am, will that put you off?”

Yuuji felt his ears heat up as he furrowed his brow. “Why do you have to say it like that!?” Yuuji exclaimed while Sukuna laughed. “I just… how did that happen?” Yuuji asked, knitting his eyebrows together as he gave Sukuna a sympathetic look.

But sympathy was a synonym for pity in Sukuna’s dictionary. Sukuna stared at Yuuji with narrowed eyes. “Is this what you wanted to talk about?” Sukuna asked, monotone.

Sukuna’s scent was slightly sour and Yuuji didn’t want to make Sukuna angry so early in their conversation. “Don’t tell me then, but it is true that I have always wondered if you were doing fine.” Yuuji said, his tone dejected.


“Why did you look for me, Yuuji?” Sukuna asked with a huff.

Yuuji fiddled with his fingers. “I want us to talk about what happened.”

Sukuna’s scent continued to sour. “And I keep telling you, what’s there to talk about?” Sukuna glared at Yuuji, defensive. “It was consensual, was it not?”

Yuuji tensed up, staring wide eyed at Sukuna. “It was!” Yuuji was quick to say, putting a hand on the couch and slightly leaning in. Sukuna’s face softened and his sourness dissipated. “But… what we did was wron-”

Don’t.” Sukuna interrupted, glaring back at Yuuji and his sourness returned tenfold. Yuuji flinched, letting out a small whine as he downcasted his gaze. Sukuna tensed up and in the back of his mind, Kenjaku’s words to be gentle scolded him. Sukuna sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose as he leaned against the couch. Sukuna dissipated his pheromones before putting his arm down and staring up at the ceiling with a blank expression. “Did you ever miss me?”

Yuuji glanced up at Sukuna, widening his eyes when his gaze connected with Sukuna’s. “I did.” Yuuji croaked, his eyes tearing up. “I missed my best friend… a lot.”

Sukuna knitted his eyebrows together, gaze tender and that was a gaze that Yuuji had missed a lot. One he thought he’d never see again. Sukuna reached out his hand. “Yuuji. Come closer.” Sukuna said and Yuuji gave him a weak smile, a tear rolling down his right eye as he scooted closer to his twin. Yuuji rested the right side of his face against Sukuna’s palm, allowing Sukuna to wipe his tears as Yuuji nuzzled against his hand with closed eyes. It was just like before. Sukuna chuckled. “Are you that happy to see me?”

Yuuji hadn’t realized he was releasing his pheromones. His fruity scent seemed to almost be hugging Sukuna. “It’s been years.” Yuuji stammered before opening his eyes, eyebrows knitted as his light brown eyes looked at him with so much emotion. “I missed you.” Yuuji ended up blurting out. Sukuna narrowed his eyes before pinning Yuuji down on the couch. Yuuji tensed up and trashed around, trying to get away from Sukuna. “Sukuna, wait, this isn’t what-”

Sukuna growled. “For f*ck’s sake, Yuuji,” Sukuna huffed, tightening the grip on Yuuji’s wrists a little. “You’re starting to piss me off!” Sukuna exclaimed, annoyed. “Who drilled that sh*t into your skull, hm? Was it Jin? Or was it that asshole, Choso?” Sukuna narrowed his eyes at Yuuji, his scent souring.

Yuuji’s scent soured too as he glared at Sukuna. “Well, sorry for trying to be a decent human being!?”

Sukuna bitterly laughed. “Isn’t it a little too late for that?”

“Then, let’s talk about it!”

Sukuna scoffed. “So you can deny what happened?”

“I’m not denying it happened! Just that our feelings had been misplaced and-”

“I have never once doubted that I love more than just a twin.”

“And that’s why we need to talk! Because of me, you-” Yuuji was interrupted by a desperate claim on his lips. Yuuji moved his head to the side when Sukuna licked his bottom lip to try and get him to open up. “Sukuna, please!” Yuuji pleaded, closing his eyes. “I don’t want to keep doing this to my twin.”

“Then we are no longer twins.” Sukuna snarled, glaring down at Yuuji and tightening his grip until it was bruising Yuuji’s wrists. Yuuji winced in pain. “We no longer have the same f*cking last name anyway, we don’t have a…” Sukuna stopped midway, mirroring Yuuji’s wide eyes before narrowing his eyes and slowly letting go of Yuuji as he sat back up.

Yuuji stared wide at him, eyebrows knitted as he looked at Sukuna with teary hazel brown eyes. “You’re an asshole,” Yuuji croaked as tears started to roll down his eyes. Yuuji weakly glared at Sukuna as he laid on his side, hugging himself. “You’re not my Sukuna.” Yuuji cried out.

Sukuna clenched his jaw, gulping down the knot as he watched Yuuji cry. Sukuna sighed before he hovered over Yuuji, planting small kisses on his temple before trailing down to his cheek. “I’m sorry, Yuu.” Sukuna said in a low and soft voice. “I didn’t mean it.”

Yuuji bit down a whine, stammering a weak noise as he hiccuped. “Who’re you?” Yuuji sniffled. “You’re not my twin. Get out!” Yuuji cried.

Sukuna continued to litter Yuuji’s face with kisses, wiping his tears and murmuring apologies and using his pheromones to calm him down. Yuuji hated that it was working against him. Yuuji calmed down, sobbing before shifting so he faced his twin again. Sukuna leaned down, putting their foreheads together. “You want to know, don’t you? What I have been doing all these years I wasn’t by your side.”

“I don’t like how you say it, but… a little.” Yuuji stammered, sniffling.

Sukuna narrowed his eyes with a wry smile. “Are you jealous?”

Yuuji weakly bit the inside of his mouth. “No.” He said, but it came out a little defensive.

Sukuna chuckled. “Is that so?” Sukuna said before glancing down at Yuuji’s slightly parted lips. “I’ll tell you,” Sukuna rasped, kissing the corner of Yuuji’s lips which startled him a little. “With time, of course.” Sukuna said as he leaned slightly away.

Yuuji stared wide-eyed at his twin, feeling a heat spread across his face. Yuuji gulped. “What… does that mean?”

Sukuna hummed, leaning in to nuzzle against Yuuji’s neck. Yuuji moved his legs together, feeling the heat on his face spread through his body. Yuuji let out a small gasp when Sukuna’s lips brushed against his scent gland. Yuuji could feel his heart beating fast and his breathing slowly fastening. “Sukuna-” Yuuji bit down his words, closing his eyes when Sukuna licked a strip on Yuuji’s neck before he sucked and nipped on his skin. “Ah!” Yuuji let out a sound before Sukuna leaned away, staring at the red mark on Yuuji’s neck.

Yuuji found the strength to push Sukuna away, quickly sitting up as he put a hand on where Sukuna gave him a hickey. “W-W-What do you think you’re doing!?” Yuuji stuttered, face red as he tried to frown.

Sukuna laughed, smirking at Yuuji as he leaned his back against the couch again. “I have decided,” Sukuna started as he pointed at Yuuji. “I’m going to make you mine again.”

Yuuji started to feel a little light headed. “Y-You can’t!” Yuuji stuttered, closing his eyes tight as his face further redden.

“I’m not asking you,” Sukuna said with a wry smile as he stood up and put his hands on his dark pants. Sukuna smirked at Yuuji over his shoulder, a devilish glint on his blue eyes. “I’m warning you that’s what I’ll do.” Sukuna stated, making Yuuji looked at him with mouth agape. “I’ll see you around, Yuuji.” Sukuna purred, waving dismissedly at him before walking out of his apartment.

Yuuji bit his bottom lip, putting his hands between his legs before turning his back against the door. “f*ck.” Yuuji weakly croaked, taking a sharp intake of breath before letting out a shaky sigh. “Fuuuuuuck.” Yuuji groaned through gritted teeth as he tightly closed his eyes again. Feeling warm all over as he curled up on himself. What the f*ck did I got myself into!? Yuuji thought.


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Chapter 7: False Sense of Security



(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Ryoumen Residence

10:01 AM

Sukuna walked back out to the pool area, just in time to see one of his female ‘cousins’ diving in. Sukuna paid no mind to them as he walked over to one of the lounge chairs where Mr. Ryoumen was sunbathing, sunglasses on. “Pops.” Sukuna called out, putting one hand on the right pocket of his white pants. Mr. Ryoumen only hummed in acknowledgement at his son. “I’m going out, I’ll be near Shibuya.”

Mr. Ryoumen chuckled, slightly lowering his sunglasses down to show his open left eye. “All dressed up like that?” Mr. Ryoumen asked and before Sukuna could say anything, he continued. “You’re going out for a hunt.” Mr. Ryoumen stated, left eye narrowing with a smirk.

Sukuna smirked back. Mr. Ryoumen was a very smart man, Sukuna could never hide anything from him. “I am.”

“Must be the boring one that left that cut on your lip~” Mr. Ryoumen teased.

Sometimes, Mr. Ryoumen was too smart for his own good.

Sukuna let out a dry laugh. “I don’t waste my time like that.” Sukuna lied, but they both knew it was futile anyway.

Mr. Ryoumen pushed his sunglasses up again. “Sure, sure.” Mr. Ryoumen snickered. “I won’t tell you what to do, but if you’re picking up sex buddies again, you have to be careful they don’t end up killed by the other remaining yakuza syndicates again.” Mr. Ryoumen said. His tone lighthearted, but there was a hidden stern tone behind it. Mr. Ryoumen has had to clean up some of his messes. Although the other syndicates could care less who they kill, the families of the victims were another story and when money can not settle things. It was just another mountain of bodies to innocent civilians who wanted justice for their sons/daughters and whatnot.

Sukuna rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, I’ll make the clean up easier.” Sukuna said, nonchalant before turning his back and smiling, a certain fire on his otherwise icy blue eyes. “Or who knows, maybe you won’t have to clean up this time.” Sukuna said, narrowing his eyes with a smirk at Mr. Ryoumen.

Mr. Ryoumen hummed, amused. “Now I’m curious to see who this Omega that the Zen’in laughingstock was talking about.”

Sukuna’s smirk widened. “Hands off, he’s mine.”

Mr. Ryoumen laughed. “Fine, fine.” Mr. Ryoumen patted his son’s arm. “Have fun~” He sang.

Sukuna chuckled, shaking his head as he walked away.


Yuuji glared at the mirror. More specifically, at the hickie his twin had left behind. “I shouldn’t have tried to contact him again.” Yuuji sighed before putting a band-aid on top of it because he doesn’t know what else to do. Make-up isn’t his thing and asking Nobara to help him will raise suspicions and Yuuji was a terrible liar. While Yuuji was spiraling, he got a call from an unknown number. Yuuji furrowed his brow before answering. “Hello?”

«You haven’t changed your phone number, really?»

Yuuji widened his eyes. “Sukuna!”

«Are you dressed?»

Yuuji blinked, glancing down at his pj shorts and an old t-shirt from his favorite band. “I mean, I have my pijamas if that’s what you’re asking?”

Sukuna chuckled and Yuuji tried not to let the tender hint on Sukuna’s voice affect him. «I suggest you start dressing, then

Yuuji narrowed his eyes in suspicion. “Why?”

«Don’t worry about it. Just do as I say

“W-What if I don’t want to?”

«I’ll call you until you do

“What if I block your number?”

«Then, I’ll force myself inside your house. I’m right outside after all

“What!?” Yuuji shouted before sprinting out of the bathroom and opening the door of his apartment. Truth to what he said, Sukuna was outside his home. Leaned up next to his door holding his phone close to his ear and smirking at Yuuji with narrowed eyes. This time he was wearing a brown polo shirt with white pants and black dress shoes.

Sukuna hung up. “So, what’s it going to be, Yuu?” Sukuna purred.

Yuuji gulped. “Just… where are you taking me?”

Sukuna let out a breath through his nose, rolling his eyes. “I’m not taking you anywhere you don’t want to be, Yuuji.” Sukuna started, icy blue eyes narrowed. Eyebrows knitted as he turned his lips downward. “I want to hang out with my best friend again.” Sukuna said, leaning away and taking a step closer to Yuuji. Yuuji tensed up, taking a step back and slightly pulling the door. Sukuna smiled sadly at Yuuji. “I missed you too, you know?” Sukuna asked, his voice low and soft.

Yuuji softened his face. Yuuji was aware of the risk that came with further involving himself with his twin. In more ways than one. But this was Sukuna they were talking about and sure, he wasn’t an Itadori anymore, but that doesn’t erase the years they’ve spent together. Even if his family disagreed. Even when Jin tried to erase any trace that Sukuna existed. Like he had told Dr. Manami, how was Yuuji going to forget about Sukuna? He wasn’t some friend he met since childhood, some high school ex or a neighbor. Sukuna was his twin, his other half. Yuuji thought back on Megumi’s words, about how you can’t go back after crossing the line and that his only option was cutting ties.

Yuuji slightly pushed the door open. “We’re just… hanging out, right? You won’t do something weird to me?” Yuuji asked.

Sukuna smiled innocently. “Of course!”

Yuuji eyed him. It was clear from yesterday that Sukuna didn’t want to talk about the events and despite his weird declaration, he was here. Not asking Yuuji on a date, but to hang out like they used to. Yuuji narrowed his eyes in suspicion at Sukuna. “We’re hanging out as brothers, right?”

Sukuna rolled his eyes with a huff. “Don’t think too much into it,” Sukuna shrugged. “But if you don’t want to see me ever again, then I guess I’ll leave you alone.” Sukuna said, turning around.

Yuuji gnawed his bottom lip, unsure. There were still a lot of things he wanted to say, a lot of apologizing to do. No, cutting ties with him can’t be my only option! There has to be a way for us to go back to being brothers like before! Yuuji thought and with his newfound determination, grabbed Sukuna by the arm. “O-Okay! I’ll hang out with you.” Yuuji stammered.

Sukuna smirked. Got him! Sukuna thought before turning to look back at Yuuji with a feigned surprised look. “Really? Are you sure?”

Yuuji smiled before nodding. “It will be like old times, right?”

Sukuna smiled back. Nodding. “Yes. Like old times.”


Unlike Sukuna, Yuuji was wearing casual clothes. Although he didn’t look bad, it was clear that Sukuna was more well dressed than him. Sukuna had invited Yuuji for brunch at World Breakfast Allday. “I thought you would be forceful.” Yuuji said as he was surprised that Sukuna was willing to wait in line with Yuuji to get inside.

Sukuna smirked at Yuuji, wrapping an arm around Yuuji’s shoulder. “Want me to use my name to cut line?” Sukuna asked, a teasing tone in his voice.

Yuuji rolled his eyes. “I rather not be caught up in the middle like in your party.”

“That’s your fault for coming uninvited~” Sukuna sang, playfully pulling on Yuuji’s cheek.

Yuuji slightly slapped Sukuna’s hand from pinching him with a huff as Sukuna chuckled. “You’re mean for not inviting me, your twin!” Yuuji exclaimed, bumping his hip against Sukuna.

Sukuna laughed. “Sorry, sorry~ That’s why, I’m going to make it up to you.”

Yuuji pouted, crossing his arms as he glanced away. “Hmph! You better!” Yuuji childishly exclaimed and felt fuzzy as Sukuna leaned their heads together.

Sukuna smiled softly with eyes closed. “Yes, yes, whatever my cute little brother says.”

Yuuji softened his expression before smiling softly. It’s just like before… see? We can go back! Yuuji thought.

Once inside, Yuuji learned that every two months the restaurant changed their menu to different countries. “How did you find this place?” Yuuji asked, after ordering.

Sukuna smiled, leaning elbow on the table and rested his right fist against his temple. “There were many places that I discovered and thought: Yuuji would love to come here and memorize every location.”

Yuuji widened his eyes. “Every location?”

Sukuna nodded. “Every one of them.”

Yuuji downcasted his gaze, hoping Sukuna wouldn’t notice the tip of his ears growing red. “Why not write them down?”

Sukuna narrowed his eyes, not letting any change in Yuuji’s face pass him by. “I couldn’t risk anyone finding out.”

Yuuji glanced up, eyebrows knitted. “Then… all those years I didn’t see you…”


“Many things happened, but all I can tell you at this moment was that tension was high amongst us.” Sukuna spoke, pointing to his tattoos.

Oh, it must be the drug war that I read in the articles. Yuuji thought. “But it’s not like you didn’t want to see me again, right?”

Sukuna stared at Yuuji, not saying anything for a few seconds. “No, there was never a single day I didn’t think about you.” Sukuna said.

Then, why? Yuuji wanted to ask. Why did you never look for me?

Wide hazel brown eyes staring at a pair of icy blue with emotion.

“Here’s your order!” The waitress said, setting down two plates. Yuuji had ordered a true American breakfast with hotcakes, two strips of bacon, homemade fries and two fried eggs. Meanwhile, Sukuna had ordered a Taiwanese breakfast. A soy milk soup called ‘Shen Dou Jiang’, a danping —chewy Taiwanese egg roll filled with cheese and ham— and lastly the ‘Fantoine’, a rice ball filled with sticky rice. “Bon Appetit!” The waitress exclaimed before retiring.

The topic changed as they ate. Mostly about Yuuji such as how long has it been since Yuuji moved into that apartment and how have his friends been. Although, when Sukuna asked him where he worked, Yuuji was quick to deflect the question. There’s no way I’m telling him I work at Jujutsu Fantasy! What if he and Gojo start another drug war!? Yuuji thought.


“So, where next?” Yuuji asked with a smile at Sukuna.

Sukuna wrapped an arm around Yuuji’s shoulder with a mirroring smile as they started walking. “Well, we can waste time before the movie starts.”

“Movie? You bought us tickets?” Yuuji asked, brow furrowed. “How much was it? I can pay you my share-”

“Don’t worry about it.” Sukuna said with a smirk, a dark glint on his eyes as he narrowed them. “It’s my treat this time.”

Yuuji hummed, a little suspicious. “This isn’t a date, is it?”

Sukuna laughed. “And you’re the one who tells me I should move on?”

Yuuji’s face flushed in embarrassment before trying to kick his twin and Sukuna letting go of Yuuji at the right time. “S-Shut up! I never said-I didn’t-!” Yuuji sputtered as he tried to kick Sukuna and Sukuna slid away with a laugh.


The twins wasted time browsing around the shops and Yuuji was taken to the time when it was just the three of them: Sukuna, Megumi and him —Well, counting Tsumiki who would be there for Megumi, would make them four— when they were still in middle school and would hang out around the mall or the arcade. Although, there were moments that had Yuuji suspicious like when Sukuna stood behind him at a shooting game and guided his arms to shoot at the enemies better.

“That reminds me, are you okay walking so freely like this?” Yuuji asked, glancing over his shoulder at Sukuna and unintentionally —subconsciously, perhaps— leaned against his chest.

Sukuna narrowed his eyes, lowering his hands to Yuuji’s hips with a hum. “It’s not like I’m unarmed and unguarded, I just told my men to follow me at a distance where they aren’t disturbing our time together.”

Yuuji hummed, looking surprised. “Wait, you’re not unarmed?” Yuuji asked, processing what Sukuna said. “You have a gun!?” Yuuji exclaimed. Sukuna bit Yuuji’s cheek. “Ow!” Yuuji shouted, glaring at Sukuna.

“This is why none of us told you secrets.” Sukuna huffed.

“What!? What are you talking about!? Who is us!?” Yuuji exclaimed, lowering the toy gun from the machine and furrowing his brow. Feeling a certain anger that Sukuna was keeping secrets from him with other people.

Sukuna smirked. “Jealous?”

“N-No, I’m no-ew! Sukuna!” Yuuji whined, trying to get away when Sukuna started to lick Yuuji’s cheek, where the bitemark started to form. Yuuji tried to get away, but Sukuna further wrapped an arm around Yuuji’s hip. Keeping him in place. “S-Sukuna!” Yuuji felt a heat settle on his face, closing his eyes tight. “W-We’re in public!” Yuuji tried to argue.

“Don’t care.”

I care!” Yuuji exclaimed.

Sukuna’s narrowed eyes met Yuuji’s glare. Yuuji started to feel conscious of their positions now, gulping slightly as the heat radiating from Sukuna’s body spread to him.

Sukuna let go of Yuuji, taking a step back as he raised his arms in defeat. But he didn’t look sorry nor dejected, if anything Sukuna was smirking at him. A mischievous glint on his icy blue eyes.

It was too good to be true that Sukuna wouldn’t try something. Yuuji sighed internally and guarded himself up again.


Sukuna, however, didn’t try anything else after that stunt. If anything, he just went back to being playful and that had Yuuji confused. Even when the movie started, Sukuna hadn’t tried to do anything to Yuuji and after thirty minutes into the movie, Yuuji relaxed again. Maybe it was just a one-time thing… a slip up! Yuuji tried to convince himself. The movie Sukuna picked was the long awaited movie Yuuji had been wanting to see after they released the official trailer last year: Human Earthworm 5. Like the fourth installment of the franchise, this movie lasted almost two hours.

Two hours that Yuuji absolutely loved.

“I have no words to express what I saw… just kidding, it was awesome! I f*cking love the twist at the end and it was such a fresh spin on the classic horror tropes and the soundtrack was impeccable! It made me uncomfortable in the right way and they didn’t overuse the jumpscares and that scene where the protagonist…” Yuuji started to ramble, starry eyed as he kept on singing praises to the movie. Sukuna knew his twin, knew that he could go hours upon hours about the franchise. Which is why he bought Yuuji a bottle of water. “And-oh, thank you!” Yuuji said, opening the water bottle and sipping it before he continued. “But the parallels to Earthworm 3!? And the way they fixed the plot holes of Earthworm 2!? So good!” Yuuji exclaimed.

Sukuna knew better than to interrupt Yuuji, so he let Yuuji talk as he motioned a black car to drive closer to them, opening the door for Yuuji before going after him. Sukuna told his personal driver Yuuji’s address before turning to look at a —still— rambling Yuuji. “But man, it was the best movie so far!” Yuuji exclaimed before taking another gulp of the water bottle.

“So, it’s your favorite among the franchise?” Sukuna asked.

“Okay, wait, I haven’t decided yet!” Yuuji whined. “I mean, the first movie was good but because it came out in 1997 it has that vintage look, you know? Not that it’s bad! But the quality of then vs now is very notorious!” Yuuji started before rambling again. Comparing each movie. Except Earthworm 2, Yuuji absolutely destroyed that movie, picking it apart and though Yuuji wasn’t outright saying he hated that movie, it was clear that Yuuji didn’t think fondly of it either. “But, well, they managed to salvage it with this new part.” Yuuji huffed.

Sukuna chuckled. “You haven’t changed that part of you, huh?” Sukuna said as he stopped walking.

Yuuji stopped as well, blinking. “Oh, sh*t, I rambled again!” Yuuji exclaimed before punching Sukuna in the arm as his twin laughed. “Why don’t you ever stop me!?”

“I like the look on your face when you do,” Sukuna started, wiping a fake tear. “It’s cute.”

Yuuji looked at his twin unamused, crossing his arms with a huff. “Whatever, I’ll take a cab home.”

Sukuna raised an eyebrow at Yuuji with a smirk. “What do you mean? We’re already here.”

“What?” Yuuji blinked, glancing around to notice that they were indeed in Yuuji’s apartment building. Right outside Yuuji’s door. Yuuji glanced back at Sukuna, an embarrassed blush creeling up his face as he further punched Sukuna’s arm. “Bastard! You let me ramble on purpose!” Yuuji whined as Sukuna laughed harder.

Yuuji cleared his throat as he got closer to his door and pulled out his keys, unlocking his home. Yuuji turned back to look at Sukuna, despite what happened at the arcade, Yuuji did have fun. Yuuji smiled at Sukuna. “I had fun today.” Yuuji started.

Sukuna smiled back. “Yeah? That’s good.”

For a moment, neither twin spoke. Only staring into each other’s eyes.

“I… would love to hang out with you again like this…” Yuuji stammered, shifting in his stance. Sukuna narrowed his eyes. “It’s been years since we hung out like this, I missed that feeling. I missed having fun with you like this, playing around and-” Yuuji didn’t finish his words before Sukuna closed the distance between them and kissed him. Unlike the last two times, this was a more chaste kiss and Yuuji’s eyes were wide whereas Sukuna’s were still narrowed, his gaze burning right into Yuuji’s eyes. Sukuna slightly pulled away, lips brushing. “Why?” Yuuji asked, his eyes tearing up.

“I should ask you that,” Sukuna murmured. “Why now are you pushing me away, Yuuji? Why couldn’t you push me when we started kissing practice or after you were eavesdropping on that love confession before your heat?”

Yuuji was staring at Sukuna. Shocked. “You… you knew?”

“How could I not?” Sukuna asked, trapping Yuuji against his door. “You’ve always been bad at hiding from me.” Sukuna said through gritted teeth, brow furrowed as he glared at Yuuji. “I don’t know who it was that brainwashed you, but I know that’s not what you truly want.”

Yuuji glared back. “I have changed, Sukuna.” Yuuji said his name through gritted teeth. “You don’t know what I want.”

Sukuna let out a dry laugh. “Baby if you really wanted to have closure, you wouldn’t have come looking for me.” Sukuna stated and Yuuji felt a slight heat spread across his face at the nickname. “But you did, because deep down inside you know you still love me.”

Yuuji clenched his fists. “You’re wrong!” Yuuji exclaimed, his glare weakening. Yuuji couldn’t come up with any argument at the moment so he ended up saying: “I think you should leave.” Yuuji stammered, trying to look for the doorknob while keeping his stare.

“I will if you give me a proper goodbye.” Sukuna demanded, eyes glancing at Yuuji’s lips.

“And if I do, what does that mean for you?” Yuuji asked, unsure of what that even meant for Yuuji himself.

Sukuna glanced up to look at Yuuji. “How about if you kiss me right now, I won’t consider it my win.” Sukuna growled.

The silence between them was heavy. Yuuji was between the imaginary angel and devil on his shoulder. The tiny angel that looked like him was crying, pleading to Yuuji: ‘Don’t do it, Yuuji! You’ll make mom cry again and just when you were going back the right path! Yuuji! Don’t fall back to sin!’ until the tiny devil on his shoulder fly-kicked the little angel, this one looked strangely enough like Sukuna and chuckled, straight up laughing to Yuuji: ‘Don’t listen to that coward! The man said it himself, that it won’t count! Besides, you just want to get inside and plop down on your bed faster, right? Kiss him so we can all move the f*ck on from this situation!’.

Yuuji glanced at Sukuna’s lips. “It doesn’t count.” Yuuji stammered.

“Yeah,” Sukuna rasped, leaning close again. “It doesn’t count, Yuuji.” Sukuna breathed into his mouth before claiming his lips. Yuuji finally closed his eyes and maybe that wasn’t such a good idea because he was more aware of each sensation. The feeling of lips moving against each other, of Sukuna’s tongue licking the roof of his mouth, the electrifying thrill of fangs digging against his tongue. Yuuji couldn’t help but moan and didn’t realize he had wrapped his arms around Sukuna’s neck until he pulled Sukuna closer to him.

Sukuna’s hands were on Yuuji’s hips, one of them sneaking underneath Yuuji’s shirt to caress all the way up his waist. Yuuji let out a breathy whine as Sukuna pulled away, a string of saliva connecting them. Both of them were heavily breathing, eyes equally narrowed. Yuuji’s face, however, was flushed and Sukuna had to resist the urge to ignore everything and f*ck Yuuji against the door of his apartment, not caring if his neighbors heard. “Goodnight, Yuuji.” Sukuna murmured against his lips before leaning away and walking towards the stairs, Yuuji followed him with his gaze as he tried to catch his breath and only when he could no longer see Sukuna did Yuuji let himself slide down the door of his apartment.

“There has to be another way.” Yuuji shakily said, brushing his fingertips against his lips. “There has to be!” Yuuji cried out.


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Chapter 8: After Taste Excitement


This is the last scheduled Monday guys, sorry 😭

CW: derogatory language, use of slurs, hom*ophobia

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Yuuji was on a phone call with two of his best friends: Nobara and Megumi. Nobara had been the one to initiate the call in their group chat and since Fumi and Nobara lived together, Fumi didn’t pick up the call because she was close by and also because she was preparing dinner. «Anyway, what have you two been doing these days?»

«Being a housewife for free.» Megumi answered. His camera showed part of his room ceiling and Megumi’s side as he sewed a black shirt that most likely belonged to Toji. «I should honestly charge this man for my services. Always coming back home whenever he wants… gambling… getting into fights.» Megumi grumbled as per usual about his father. And yet, Yuuji never saw Megumi try to cut him off from his life. If anything, wherever he went, Megumi followed. Yuuji thought it was sweet that Megumi still cared for his father.

Unlike him and Jin, whose relationship had been strained due to what happened with Sukuna and they never got a chance to talk it out. Kaori was the only parent who kept in contact with him.

“I finally finished unpacking everything.” Yuuji said as he held his phone up high from where he was laying down on his bed. “And thinking what I can do with three-weeks worth of vacation.”

«Well, maybe you can have the time to see whoever left their claim on you~» Nobara teased with a smirk.

Yuuji furrowed his brow, looking at Nobara confused. “What?”

Nobara rolled her eyes. «The hickey on your neck, bro!» Nobara exclaimed, pointing to the side of her neck. In the background a usually very quiet Fumi shouted ‘Hickey!?’ so loud she almost dropped the spoon she was using to mix the tomato sauce for the spaguetti she was making.

Megumi had stopped sewing Toji’s shirt, looking down with an eyebrow raised and a side eye.

Yuuji’s face reddened, forgetting he had just gotten out of the shower and didn’t put a new band-aid to cover Sukuna’s hickey from yesterday. His mind was now occupied with images of the ‘kiss’ that didn’t count from a few hours ago to remember that the hickey was still not gone. “W-Wait! I can explain-”

«About time you met someone, Yuuji!» Nobara exclaimed. Yuuji blinked, twice. R-Right, they don’t know Sukuna was the one who made it. Yuuji thought. Despite that thought, Megumi had his eyes narrowed in suspicion. «Who is the lucky person?» Nobara asked.

«Yeah, Yuuji, who is it?» Megumi asked, despite the stoic face there was a hint of mischief in his voice.

Oh, it was Sukuna who did it guys. Like I can say that to them! Yuuji thought, annoyed. “Ah, that reminds me! Junpei is dating someone new, right?” Yuuji tried to deflect the question.

«I know! That’s actually why I called, but Junpei didn’t pick up!» Nobara exclaimed, her tone a little whiny.

«Is that guy ok?» Megumi asked, brow furrowed. «He rarely talks in the group chat now.»

Yuuji hummed. “Maybe he’s too busy with his work?”

«Maybe.» Megumi repeated.

«Oh, maybe we can go to his house and surprise him for his birthday!» Nobara exclaimed. «It’s coming up soon, right?»

Yuuji grinned, sitting up. “Yeah! I like that idea.”

«Sounds good to me.» Megumi said as he finished sewing Toji’s shirt.

«Well boys, I need to leave you now because I need to set the table for dinner. Buh-bye~» Nobara sang and Fumi’s ‘bye bye!’ was heard in the distance. The screen split in three was now just showing Megumi in full screen with Yuuji’s small screen in the corner.

Megumi carefully folded Toji’s shirt and put it aside. «It was Sukuna, right?»

Yuuji had puckered up his bottom lip, eyes teary.

Megumi let out a soft breath through his nose. «Listen, I won’t tell you what to do.»

Yuuji grimaced. “But?”

Megumi grabbed his phone and brought it close to his face. «If you want to go back to being ‘normal’ then you’ll have to reject Sukuna and cut ties with him.»

Yuuji bit his bottom lip, downcasting his gaze. “Is there… no other way?”

Megumi stayed quiet for a few seconds. «If it makes you feel better, none of us were surprised when the heat situation happened.»

“What!? H-How is that supposed to make me feel better!?” Yuuji exclaimed, eyes wide.

«Man, you really are dense… or maybe all you could see and think about was Sukuna…»

Yuuji’s face heated up. “N-No! We were twins, sure, but it’s not like I didn’t want to hang out with you guys!”

Megumi chuckled, giving Yuuji a small smile. «Yuuji, we could all see that your eyes shined when you were with Sukuna.»

Yuuji stared at Megumi, wide eyed. Too stunned to speak.

«Alright, I’ll let you ponder on your actions. But you’ll have to make a choice sooner or later, Yuuji.» Megumi said before bidding farewell and hanging up. Yuuji sighed and went back to his call history. That unknown number sat there, ominous.

Yuuji remembered the times he felt something even when they were apart. Moments were a sudden wave of nostalgia and yearning invaded him and he knew that it was Sukuna. That Sukuna was probably missing home and wanted to come back there. Come back to him. Moments were Yuuji felt this panicked feeling that something wrong had happened to Sukuna and there was nothing he could do about it because Sukuna was far away. Somewhere Yuuji didn’t know… until now.

“My eyes shined when I was with him, huh?” Yuuji mumbled. Yuuji saved Sukuna’s number and he tried to justify himself about it in his mind. But in the end, Yuuji knew deep inside that he only saved Sukuna’s number for one thing only: He wanted to keep seeing Sukuna again. Sukuna was right, he wanted to know what Sukuna has been up to all these years they weren’t together.

Yuuji put his phone away, staring off into the distance as he laid on his side. “Goodnight, Sukuna.” Yuuji finally answered back. Too late, but he answered.


“So, how did the date go?” Kenjaku asked, already there to receive Sukuna.

Sukuna smirked. “What do you think?” Sukuna asked, amused. They both walked inside the house. Sukuna already ate with Yuuji, so he skipped dinner with the family as he and Kenjaku walked to the living room.

“Fufu, I’m sure Yuuji didn’t even realize it was a date.” Kenjaku chuckled, hiding his amused smile behind the sleeve of his black yukata.

Sukuna sighed. “Wouldn’t be the first time.”

“Ha, ha, like in high school?”

“From middle school.”

“No way! That early on?” Kenjaku exclaimed, looking at his best friend in surprised.

Sukuna rolled his eyes, grabbing the control remote to turn the flat TV. “Like you haven’t been pinning on Suguru since middle school either.”

Suguru laughed. “That’s true!”

Sukuna put on a movie he used to watch with Yuuji a lot. One they both enjoyed and before he could get lost in the past, they heard running steps before a young girl slid on the wooden floor. Comically getting in between Sukuna and the TV. The young girl had braided black hair, bangs covering the middle of her forehead. Wide round blue eyes that stared at Sukuna starry eyed. Sukuna stared back at her with a deadpan face. She clenched her right hand in a fist, simulating holding a microphone as she slightly brought her fist close to her face. “Ping!” She exclaimed before moving the imaginary microphone to Sukuna.

Kenjaku was hiding his failed attempt at a smile behind the yukata sleeve with a snort, trying to hold back his laughter. Sukuna sighed, internally. “Pong.” Sukuna dryly said.

The young girl brought the invisible microphone back to her. “With?”

“Sukuna.” Sukuna said, monotone. “Riko, when are you going to stop-”

“Full name?” Riko asked into the invisible microphone before turning it over to Sukuna.

“Greeting me with that TikTok sh*t you found.” Sukuna finished.

Riko pouted. “Please answer, Sukuna-niisama! I promise this is the last one!” Riko exclaimed. Giving Sukuna her best puppy eyes with a puckered lip as she put her hands together. Riko Amanai, Sukuna’s supposed second cousin. She was in middle school at an all-girls school and after Mr. Ryoumen adopted him, Riko became attached to him since she was a snotty little brat. Being that her personality was very similar to Yuuji, even if Sukuna won’t admit it, he’s grown a small soft spot for the kid.

Sukuna sighed internally. “Ryoumen Sukuna.”

Riko smiled wide, her eyes shining before going back to pretending to hold a microphone. “Where did you go today?”

Sukuna smirked. “Curious?” Riko nodded. “I was on a date with my first and only love.”

Riko gasped.

Awww!” Kenjaku and Riko exclaimed in unison.

“I want to know more! Tell me more, Sukuna!” Riko exclaimed, plopping down on the couch next to Sukuna’s other side.

Kenjaku nodded in agreement, enthusiastic even. “I want to know more too~” Kenjaku purred.

Sukuna chuckled as he shook his head before pausing the movie. “I took him to this new restaurant that serves breakfast from all over the world.”

“Oh, I read about it online!” Riko exclaimed, smiling wide with eyes closed. “I’ve been wanting to go there with my friends!”

“And then?” Kenjaku asked, a teasing tone on his voice before childishly poke Sukuna’s shoulder.

Sukuna rolled his eyes. “We went to the arcade and… well… I guess you could say I tried to make a move on him.”

Kenjaku smiled knowingly at Sukuna while Riko laughed with rosy cheeks. “Sukuna-niisama, you’re so bold!” Riko exclaimed, slapping Sukuna’s arm.

Assertive, you mean.”

“And then!?” Riko asked, enthusiastic and staring with starry eyes at Sukuna.

“I went to see a movie with him, one I knew he would like.” Sukuna said with a soft smile. “Then, I took him home and kissed him.”

Riko let out a prolonged ‘kya!’ As she blushed with a grin. “How romantic!” Riko exclaimed, giving Sukuna a score of ‘10’ alongside Kenjaku, who nodded in agreement.

“Miss Riko!” Misato, Riko’s caretaker, exclaimed. “Ah, greetings to the heir!” Misato was quick to greet Sukuna with a perfect bow.

“At ease, Misato, I’m not my old man.”

“N-No, no, I could never be informal to the heir of the clan.” Misato said, putting her hands up and shaking her head with wide eyes.

“Misato!” Riko exclaimed, jumping out of the couch and rushed over to her. “Listen to this! Sukuna was-”

“Young miss, I’m sorry to interrupt you, but it’s time for your bedtime.”

Riko pouted, narrowing her eyes in annoyance. Letting out a whine. “But Sukuna-niisama was telling me about his date!”

Misato smiled softly at Riko. “Sorry, young miss, but tomorrow is a school day.”

Riko sighed, dejected. “Okay.” Riko turned to look back at Kenjaku and Sukuna. “Goodnight, Sukuna-niisama! Kenny!”

Kenjaku chuckled, waving Riko goodbye. “Goodnight, Riko-chan!”

“Goodnight.” Sukuna said, politely.

Once Riko left, Kenjaku turned to look at Sukuna with a teasing smile. “Do I get to know the not safe for work version?”

Sukuna snorted as he slightly pushed Kenjaku away while the latter laughed.


For two days straight after the birthday party at the Ryoumen’s house, Naoya was on his phone. Getting angry on purpose as he watched the many videos of himself being humiliated by Sukuna on Instagram, Snapchat and even TikTok. Naoya’s Twitter account is still suspended, but he has no doubt in his mind that he had been trending when it happened and he could already read how many people made a mockery out of him.

“You should just leave it be,” Maki started as she came to check up on her cousin. “Your old man is already taking care of the videos,” Maki leaned against his doorway with crossed arms and narrowed eyes. “By the end of the week the videos will be gone.”

“Shut the f*ck, bitch!” Naoya snarled, glaring at Maki from where he was laying on his bed. Sitting up. “What are you even here for, huh? Why don’t you go be a dyke somewhere?”

Maki rolled her eyes, unsurprised and unamused about Naoya’s outburst. “Says the closeted fa*g.” Maki mumbled.

“What was that!?” Naoya shouted.

Maki let out a breath through her nose. “Anyway, I thought you'd be a crying mess after uncle gave you the whooping of the year,” Maki smirked, looking down on Naoya who was choking on his own rage. “But it looks like you’re fine to me.”

“Are you done?” Naoya huffed.

“Yeah, yeah,” Maki chuckled, leaning away from the doorway. “I’ll let you wallow in your own misery!” Maki exclaimed, turning to walk away.

“I need you to find someone for me.” Naoya started.

Maki stared out into the hallway with a grimace before glancing back at her cousin. “I can already guess who, but…”

“I need you to find out who the Omegan guy with Sukuna was.”

Maki sighed. “Yeah, I figured it was him.”

Naoya stood up and walked over to Maki. “Can you work with this?” Naoya asked as he showed Maki a screenshot from one of the videos where Sukuna is holding someone protectively. The yellow hoodie was the only thing shown.

Maki gave Naoya a look at him with a scrunched up nose. “Are you for real, Nao?”

“I’ll pay you whatever you want if you can at least give me his name.” Naoya said, ignoring Maki’s annoyance.

Maki was giving Naoya an annoyed glare, not really enthusiastic about the idea. “Why should I? Just stalk Sukuna’s socials, he probably has him added or something.”

“I already did, it’s just the usual followers and some of us from the three clans.” Naoya said, a sharp glint in his eyes.

“You’re a creep, you know that?”

“I don’t give a f*ck! Just find that Omegan boy for me!” Naoya exclaimed, walking past Maki and harshly bumping shoulders.

Maki crossed her arms as she watched Naoya walk away. “You better not try something that will break the truce the three clans have, Nao.” Maki said, eyes narrowed.

Naoya stopped walking, slightly glancing to the side. “Unlike you, I have a chance to become an heir. I’m not stupid enough to break the truce for a bitch boy.”

Maki raised an eyebrow at Naoya. “Then what do you want me to look for Sukuna’s plaything?”

Naoya thought back on that night. He thought back on a face that was exactly the same as Sukuna’s, warm and pure hazel brown eyes and the same pink hair. Even when Omegas don’t release their pheromones, Naoya has always been right when he points at someone being an Omega. Naoya was also good at knowing what people’s treasures are and for the longest time Sukuna didn’t seem to have one.

Until now.

Naoya chuckled darkly before he ended up laughing like a maniac before turning to look back at Maki with a crazed look. “You already know, Maki,” Naoya started smirking wide. “I have always loved to steal other people’s treasures.”

“This is Sukuna we’re talking about, Naoya.”

“So? It’s not like I haven’t poked at Satoru!” Naoya exclaimed, shrugging with a mocking grin. “We’ll all just beat each other up like we always do!” Naoya laughed. “You wouldn’t get it because you’re not a man no matter how hard you try to look like one.” Naoya huffed.

Maki rolled her eyes again. “I’m just warning you, but Sukuna is very different from Satoru.” Maki started. “When you forced a kiss on Suguru, Satoru immediately beat your face. But Sukuna? If this boy is his treasure, then Sukuna won’t stop at just a beating.” Maki warned him, remembering a conversation she had with Sukuna three years ago.

“Ha! He’s not dumb enough to break the truce over something like a lover, they all end up dead anyway!” Naoya exclaimed before turning back and walking away.

Maki sighed. “Well, if you end up crying for help, don't say I didn’t warn you.”


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Chapter 9: Busy Day


CW: Implied/Mentioned Physical Abuse, Implied/Mentioned Domestic Abuse, Implied/Mentioned Self-Harm, Degrading

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Sukuna was on his way out. Determined to take Yuuji somewhere new to eat when Uraume blocked his way. “Young master, Mr. Ryoumen wishes to have breakfast with the whole family.”

Sukuna didn’t hide the sourness from Uraume as he sighed internally. Jaw clenched. “Of course.” Sukuna dryly said before following close behind Uraume to the dining room. Not everyone had woken up, but most of the Ryoumen clan was there. Sukuna took the seat next to his father and Mr. Ryoumen smiled at his son. Chuckling. “Aren’t you quite the eager one?”

Sukuna rolled his eyes and didn’t comment on his father’s teasing. Riko was sitting across from Sukuna, yawning and still trying to keep herself awake from being woken up so early. She would ‘rest’ her eyes, head slightly tilting down before jolting back up with wide eyes only to repeat the cycle. Misato was by her side, perfectly poised and anxiously glancing at Mr. Ryoumen. Sukuna’s aunt was there with her husband. She was Mr. Ryoumen’s younger sister and mother of one of his more ‘direct’ cousins.

“Aww, I wanted to sit next to my uncle!” Yorozu Ryoumen whined upon being the last one to arrive. Her whiney and loud voice had woken up Riko as the young girl sat straight, wiping the saliva that was running from a corner of her mouth.

Yorozu!” Her mother shouted with a scold.

Sukuna glanced up to his side once his cousin stood on the seat next to him. Charcoal black hair, thick eyebrows and dark brown eyes. Yorozu was only wearing a white bralette with a long red skirt that reached to her ankles. Showing off her white heels. Yorozu gracefully sat down next to Sukuna. “Sorry for being late! I just wanted to make sure I looked pretty~” Yorozu purred, narrowing her eyes at Mr. Ryoumen. She put a few strands of black hair behind her ear to show off her ruby red earrings.

“With your sperm looking eyebrows, I doubt it.” Sukuna snickered under his breath. Yorozu strained her smile, holding back the urge to hit the heir of the Ryoumen clan.

Mr. Ryoumen laughed. “Don’t worry about it, Yorozu! You’re not the only one who is running late.” Mr. Ryoumen said and as if on cue, a masculine voice shouted in a broken tone before everyone could just hear the running steps of someone before that someone got in. “S-S-Sorry I’m late, Mr. Ryoumen!” A young man around Sukuna and Yorozu’s age shouted, bowing a perfect 90° degree.

“Ha! Looks like I win this time, big brother!” Riko shouted, getting up and pointing to her older brother as she laughed.

“Riko!” Rin Amanai, Riko’s older brother. He had long brown hair and large eyes with small black pupils that glared at his younger sister.

“Settle down children,” Mr. Ryoumen started as Rin took a seat next to a glaring Yorozu. Angry that her fashionably late arrival was overshadowed by the moron who overslept his alarm clocks. Riko sat back down again on her seat, giggling and glancing at her uncle with a smile. Sukuna was the only one who looked unamused. “Let’s start digging in, shall we?” Mr. Ryoumen asked as the servants set down their sets of plates.

As they ate, Mr. Ryoumen made small talk with his sister and his brother-in-law. Riko was happily downing the food with a worried Misato telling her to slow down. “Urgh, this could have been my chance to get uncle’s attention and you ruined it!” Yorozu hissed under her breath at Rin with a glare.

“How is that my fault!?” Rin whispered-yelled back.

“Give it up, sperm-brows, dad isn’t interested in you.” Sukuna grumbled before catching Yorozu’s wrist in time before she stabbed Sukuna with her metal chopsticks. Although she was smiling wide, her eyes and the vein popping on her temple said otherwise.

Call my eyebrows sperm again and you’ll see a bloodshed worse than Shibuya during the last drug war.” Yorozu murmured through gritted teeth. Sukuna smirked mockingly at her as he looked down on her.

Sukuna was ready to bolt once Mr. Ryoumen would tell all of them to dismiss. However, the only one he dismissed was Riko. “You’ll be late to school.”

“Yes, uncle!” Riko exclaimed, careful of her skirt as she stood up. “Have a nice day everyone!” Riko said, hugging her uncle and waving goodbye to everyone before walking out of the dining room with Misato following close behind. With Riko gone, the atmosphere in the room changed. However, Mr. Ryoumen kept a dark smile.

“There’s a shipment from Colombia that will arrive tonight.” Mr. Ryoumen started and Sukuna mentally cursed. Meaning, I have work. Sukuna thought, stoic but he would be dragging his face with a hand. He really hated dealing with shipments. Sukuna preferred when the jobs involved more action. The violent kind, of course. “Sukuna, I want you and your men at the port in Yokohama by eight sharp.”

“Yes, father.” Sukuna said, nodding.

“I want you there with the money ready.” Mr. Ryoumen said, pointing to his brother-in-law who nodded with a serious expression at him.

“The shipment aside,” Mr. Ryoumen glanced at Rin. “Rin, I need you to collect the debts around our turf and if they don’t have the money ready, show no mercy.” Rin nodded, although he furrowed his brow. It was clear that he had no joy in doing the dirty job unlike Sukuna.

“Tch. Lucky.” Sukuna grumbled as he narrowed his eyes at his cousin.

Rin strained a smile. I don’t know if lucky is the right word. Rin thought, a small bead of sweat rolling down his temple.

“Sister,” Mr. Ryoumen smiled at her. “Tokyo’s governor will be dropping by at one of your brothels tonight, I hope you give him the best treatment~”

Mr. Ryoumen’s sister smirked. “May I ask, which one?”

Cherry’s Spa.” Mr. Ryoumen chuckled.

Mr. Ryoumen’s sister smiled wide. “Why of course! We’ll give him the best of the best.”

Mr. Ryoumen nodded, before finally turning to look at Yorozu. Yorozu straightened up, smiling at Mr. Ryoumen with a flirtatious flutter of her eyelashes. “Yorozu.” Mr. Ryoumen started with a smirk.

“Yes, uncle?” Yorozu responded.

“I arranged a meeting with Hajime Kashimo for you this afternoon!” Mr. Ryoumen exclaimed and whatever delusion Yorozu was waiting to happen was shattered into a million pieces. Rin had to glance away, putting a fist on his mouth as he tried not to laugh. Sukuna was holding in his laughter as he glanced down, hiding his mouth behind his palm as he slightly snorted and shook his head. “He’s a nice kid and his father is a very important politician, so I trust you to not stain the family name.”

Yorozu strained a smile. “Of course, uncle!” She clenched her hands into fist underneath the table. “I’m a good girl, I would never do something that would bring you shame uncle!” Yorozu exclaimed. Her mother looked at her daughter in a disapproving manner and shook her head.

“Good.” Mr. Ryoumen said before standing up. “You are all dismissed!” Mr. Ryoumen exclaimed before leaving the dining room. Once Yorozu’s parents left as well, Sukuna and Rin bursted out laughing. Yorozu was staring ahead, unamused as Sukuna laughed and hit the table with his fist several times while Rin rudely pointed to Yorozu as he cackled.

In a flash, Yorozu had punched Rin in the gut and while Rin was holding himself, shaking on his seat. Sukuna was holding both of Yorozu’s wrists with a bored look as Yorozu stared down at him with a furrowed brow and her face red in embarrassment. “You!” Yorozu snarled. “I’ll kill you, I swear it’s true this time!” Yorozu shouted.

Sukuna rolled his eyes.


Yuuji was at the supermarket with Nobara, buying birthday party decorations and plastic plates and cups for the food and drinks. Yuuji would glance at his phone every so often. After waking up, Yuuji sort of expected to get a call from Sukuna and expected to be dragged off into another ‘not a date’ hang out. But Sukuna had been radio silent.

“Waiting for them to call?” Nobara asked with a smirk as she noticed Yuuji peeking at his phone.

Yuuji tensed up and put his hand away. “N-No, no, I was just checking the time.” Yuuji tried to lie and failed miserably.

“Mhm.” Nobara hummed, looking at him incredulous before she continued pushing the cart. “So, what are they like?” Nobara asked, a curious yet teasing tone in her voice.

“Oh, uh… it was just… a one-night stand, so I wouldn’t-” Yuuji got cut off by a notification and Yuuji pulled out his phone, raising his eyebrows. “Know…” Yuuji’s words trailed off.

Imposter Kuna 😤

I will be busy with work today

I’ll miss you 😔

Yuuji is staring at the message, lips on a tight line as the tip of his ears get red.

Good luck with work!!



Yuuji what are you doing wishing a f*cking yakuza good luck with work!? Yuuji mentally cursed himself, shaking his one brain cell. Oh god, just how did we use to text before!? Yuuji mentally groaned, trying to recall those times. There wasn’t really much texting between them because they were always together physically, even before the whole kissing practice. The only times he ever texted Sukuna would be for small stuff like ‘toilet paper please!! 🙏’, ‘waiting by the entrance 👍’ or ‘mom said to buy milk on the way home >.<’.

Imposter Kuna 😤

Of course, baby~

I’ll do my best torturing men for info~

Yuuji’s face flushed red.









Imposter Kuna 😤

Gtg now.

I’ll call you if I have time.



Yuuji gnawed on his bottom lip as he stared at his messages. Was he being too dry? Would Sukuna feel disheartened? Yuuji felt a small stab on his chest, he was still struggling on how exactly he should interact with Sukuna. But pushing him away hurts. A lot.

We can hang out tomorrow or when you’re

free, dw!!

I’m… not going anywhere.


Yuuji smiled softly, satisfied with his message before putting his phone away.

Nobara peeked at him over her shoulder before smirking. “Just a one-night stand, huh?” Nobara asked with a smirk.

“S-Shush!” Yuuji exclaimed with pink dusting his cheeks while Nobara laughed.


Megumi was going to drop by Junpei’s apartment. The excuse being that he will try and see what Junpei would like as a gift and also because they were all worried about Junpei. His last message was at the start of the month saying: ‘sorry guys, been busy with work’ before disappearing. Megumi knew Junpei, he knew that the guy sometimes preferred his solitude and they all respected that. But Junpei’s messages would gradually become less and less before they went radio silent. He hasn’t killed himself or something, right? Megumi thought with knitted eyebrows. Speed walking to Junpei’s apartment.

Megumi knocked on Junpei’s door three times. At first, there was no answer, but when he knocked again, there was a loud thud inside before hurried steps drew closer to the door. “W-What is it? I-I thought you had gone to Yokoha… ma.” Junpei had answered the door, clearly expecting someone else as his visible eye widened.

Megumi mirrored his stunned expression. “Junpei, you-”

Junpei tried to close the door on Megumi but Megumi was quick to grab the door and struggle against him before pushing Junpei inside the apartment as he followed behind. Megumi furrowed his brow, eyeing Junpei as he tried to catch his breath from trying to avoid getting the door closed on him. “Junpei, what the f*ck happened to you!?”

Junpei flinched, hugging himself as Megumi assessed the state of his friend. He had bruises on his arms and since he was wearing shorts, Megumi could see the bruises on his legs too. There were even some scars on his thighs from probably past cuts. The corner of Junpei’s chapped lips had a small cut and there was a bandage wrapped around his head, although Junpei’s long fringe covered some of it. But the glaring thing on his fellow omega friend was the mating bite mark on his scent gland. The living room soon became flooded with Junpei’s pheromones. The scent was sour and it indicated to Megumi that Junpei was in great distress. Megumi became more horrified as the bite mark on Junpei’s scent gland started to disappear.

Junpei choked out a whine as tears threatened to fall from his eyes. “W-What are you doing here, Megumi?” Megumi took a step forward, wanting to hug his friend close but Junpei tensed up and took two steps back, looking wide eyed at Megumi and shaking his head. “D-Don’t touch me! I-I don’t want your scent to stick to me…”

Megumi gave a concerned look at Junpei. “Junpei, wha… who?” Megumi stammered.

Junpei gulped down a sob as tears fell uncontrollably from his eyes. “Please leave, Megumi.”


Leave!” Junpei shouted and Megumi had to put a hand to cover his nose and mouth as Junpei’s scent was the sourest it's ever been. “H-He can’t know you were here.”

He?” Megumi asked, although he sounded muffled. “Junpei, did your boyfriend do this to you?” Megumi asked, lowering his hand a little so Junpei could hear him before covering again.

Junpei started crying, giving Megumi a pleading look. “Are you deaf? I said leave!” Junpei shouted before gaining enough strength to run towards Megumi and push him out the door since it wasn’t closed. Megumi fell on his rear, hissing in pain. Junpei stared out at the orange sky, as if he was seeing it for the first time. Junpei sobbed, he moved his upper body closer to the sky but his feet were planted on the entrance of his apartment. It almost looked like he had chains around his ankles that didn’t let him reach back to the outside world. Back to freedom.

It was clear to Megumi that Junpei was in a very abusive relationship. Megumi grunted as he got up. “Junpei, let’s go to the police! Let’s report him and…”

Junpei got out of his trance and looked at Megumi with a pale face. “N-No! No, I-I don’t want to falsely report-”

Falsely report? Junpei, look at you! What other proof would you need to-”

“T-T-These are because I fell-”

Megumi gave Junpei an incredulous look. “Really? The old ‘I fell’ excuse? Junpei, if you’re worried he might do something to you then stay with me! We can think something out, but please-”

Junpei had a blank expression, his eyes narrowed and looking at Megumi like he had given up on life already. “It’s impossible to run…”

“What!?” Megumi exclaimed, desperate to get his friend outside.

“Don’t speak to me again.” Junpei said, monotone before closing and locking his door. Megumi blinked before he started banging on the door.

“Junpei? Junpei! We’re all worried about you! Please, let me help!” Megumi shouted. f*ck, if only I were good with words like Fumi or be more assertive like Nobara or Yuuji! Megumi cursed at his uselessness. Megumi pulled out his phone and started calling someone. “Just so you know, this won’t stop me from getting you help! You hear me!?” Megumi exclaimed before walking away.


“Where the f*ck is he? We needto leave soon!” Sukuna growled, glaring at a distance as he tapped his foot. Kenjaku was by his side, sighing internally and shrugging with a shake of his head.

“You know he got himself a mate recently! Maybe he can’t say goodbye to him and they're being lovey-dovey with each other~” Kenjaku teased as he rested his chin on his palms and smirked at his best friend and boss, blinking several times. Kenjaku put his hands together as he puckered up his lips in a ‘kiss’. “Giving each other goodbye kisses and saying: Honey, I’ll be late for wor-” Sukuna punched Kenjaku’s side with enough force that had him shakily leaned against the stairs of the private jet that will fly them to Yokohama as Kenjaku grunted in pain.

Sukuna huffed as he looked at his best friend. “That’s what you get for annoying me.”

“Y-You’re just bitter Yuuji isn’t like that with you yet.” Kenjaku hoarsely said, glaring at Sukuna.

“Su-ku-na!” A loud and annoying shout caught their attention. “Let’s play!” A young man with long light blue hair shouted as he ran like a kid. Laughing without a care in the world. He had stitches tattooed on his face and his arms.

“Mahito.” Sukuna called out to him, unamused. Mahito jumped, ready to tackle him but Sukuna pushed Kenjaku onto him. Mahito ended up tackling Kenjaku to the floor and both of them groaned in pain. “If you’re done playing childish games, get your asses in already!” Sukuna exclaimed with a furrowed brow. Annoyed at Kenjaku’s words because they were true.

Kenjaku was quick to push Mahito off of him and stood up, dusting his suit with a huff. “The only one I want on top of me is my twin, thanks!” Kenjaku exclaimed too, getting inside the jet.

Mahito laughed. “Don’t worry, the only one I like to break is my Omega bitch!” Mahito exclaimed as well, being the last one to get on. He noticed that their whole group was there, Hakari on the window with Kirara on his lap as she fed Hakari some grapes. Jogo, a bald man with an eyepatch was sitting at one of the seats with arms crossed and Mahito took a seat next to him. Hanami was most likely their pilot. Mahito chuckled darkly. How interesting! I wonder how tonight will go? I hope I get to break some bones~ Mahito thought, giggling to himself.


✦ Omegaverse HC corner bc the author didn't want to info dump too much: Mating pt. 1

I. Unfortunately (or fortunately for my non-con/rape fans) you CAN be forced into a mating bond.

II. A healthy and normal mating mark can fade within a year and it would depend on each couple, but some reinforce it every year while others do it every three months or during a heat/rut.

III. Because of the above, a forced mating mark however burns out as quickly as the relationship. Meaning, the mark fades quickly in weeks, sometimes it takes days.

IV. "Is there no way to severed a forced bond?" You may or may not ask. Well, here's the thing. A forced biting mark doesn't stay for long, which means the bond doesn't stay up either. The problem lies in other factors. One example being the abuser being a main source of income and escaping from them isn't easy.

V. Your secondary gender has nothing to do when you're forced into mating. Meaning? An Omega can force an Alpha into a mating bond just as much as an Alpha forcing it into an Omega! Betas are also not exempt from this.

VI. "Isn't this just bitching then?" No! A forced bond and bitching are TWO different things. Though, both are mostly found in a lot of sexual related crimes.

VII. "Can you force a mating bond with someone underage?" Yep! You can! Although, if you force a mating bond below the ages of 13 (where everyone present in most cases) the victim's body won't be able to withstand it and it will result in death. Although, there is still some risk even IF they are 13.

That's all folks! I will touch more on mating in the future~

Chapter 10: Night Calls


CW: Drug trafficking (?), Drug Consumption, Gun Violence, Implied/Mentioned Physical Abuse, Kidnapping.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Yuuji was in his apartment with Nobara when Megumi finally arrived. Yuuji was quick to open the door when Megumi was about to knock. “Megumi! Is it true!?” Yuuji exclaimed with brows tipped up.

Megumi's eyes were burgeoning with tears as he bit on his lower lip with a nod.

Yuuji let Megumi in and Nobara was quick to make room for Megumi on the couch as he shakily started recalling the events. “I-I should've been more persuasive!” Megumi hiccuped. “The amount of bruises! The scars! I-” Megumi gulped down the knot on his throat. “I should've forced him to come with me? I don't know! What should we do!?” Megumi exclaimed, his voice breaking.

Nobara started biting on her thumb nail, brow furrowed. “Should we file a report on Junpei's behalf?”

“Is that even legal?” Yuuji asked, eyeing his best friends as he sat on the one-person couch with a frown.

“Well, what can we do for him!?” Nobara exclaimed, exasperated.

The three friends fell silent, giving each other anxious glances.

Megumi wiped his tears with the back of his hand with a sniffle. “Let’s calm down, first.” Megumi started. “We’re too agitated to think.”

Nobara narrowed her eyes on Megumi. “Whose fault is that!?”

Megumi flinched with a grimace. “Sorry.”

Nobara let out a breath through her nose. Yuuji gave his friends a small smile. Once they all calmed down, they started to try and pin a timeline on when exactly Junpei met his abusive boyfriend. “Do we even know who he is?”

Yuuji shook his head before puckering his bottom lip. “He only mentioned he was seeing someone in the groupchat.”

The three friends sigh simultaneously.

“Maybe he posted about him on his socials?” Megumi asked, hopeful.

Nobara snapped her fingers. “Good idea!” Nobara stretched her upper body before grabbing her phone. “Alright! Time to do some FBI sleuthing!” Nobara shouted, determined. Yuuji glanced over at his chat logs, his last text with Junpei had been if he wanted to hang out some weekend ago and Junpei told Yuuji that his heat was coming and wouldn’t be able to go but to have fun nonetheless. Yuuji’s eyes drifted to Sukuna’s chat, his last message still on read. What would Sukuna do if he were in my shoes? Yuuji thought and immediately, a lot of gorey and violent scenarios passed through his head. R-Right, of course, Sukuna is a yakuza now. Yuuji nervously thought.

“I’ll ask my dad if he knows someone… just in case, you know?” Megumi asked and when he connected eyes with Yuuji, he mouthed ‘ask Sukuna’ while Nobara was distracted on her phone.

Yuuji tenses up before glancing back at his phone. He opened his chat with Sukuna, gnawing on his bottom lip. I wonder what he’s doing right now. Yuuji thought.



Undisclosed Warehouse

The doors to the yellow container opened, two foreigner men grabbed a box from inside and carried it out. Setting it down in front of Sukuna, his men and Sukuna’s uncle. “Open it.” Sukuna demanded, speaking in English. Another foreigner man grabbed a crowbar and walked over to the box, opening it to show western boxes of ‘hot cake’ mix. “Mahito.” Sukuna glanced over his shoulder at him.

“f*ck yeah!” Mahito shouted, excited as he skipped over to Sukuna’s side. He pulled out his butterfly knife before stabbing one of the boxes and slicing it open, showcasing a wrapped package of cocaine. “Hey, boss, can I make sure it’s really the product? They might try to scam us~” Mahito cooed as he looked at the package with wide eyes and licked his dry lips.

Sukuna rolled his eyes as he pulled Mahito behind by the back of his suit. “We never touch a product, Mahito.” Sukuna gave Mahito a warning glare. “Or else I’ll have to replace you.”

Mahito childishly pouted. “Fine.” He relented.

Sukuna snapped his fingers twice as Jogo forcefully pulled on a whiney and scared Omega that buys from them. Jogo pulled the black cloth from their head and pushed them to their knees where Sukuna was. “We have our dear customers for that!” Sukuna exclaimed with a smirk as he took Mahito’s butterfly knife to carefully open one of the packages and grabbed a little with the tip of the knife before offering it to the addicted Omega. “Care to be the first tester?”

The Omega widened his eyes before shakily grabbing Sukuna’s wrist and taking a sniff off the knife. The Omega’s pupils dilated. “M-More! Please give me more!” The Omega shouted, pushing themselves to hold onto Sukuna’s suit as they stared up at him desperate.

Sukuna chuckled before tilting the Omega’s face so they could glance at the opened package. “Why don’t you give me a review of the product, hm?” Sukuna asked, his voice mocking.

The Omega was quick to scramble to the box, shakily taking some on their finger and started rubbing it on their gums teeth. Moaning. “It’s so good!” The Omega exclaimed.

“Really? Better than before?”

“I-It’s even better than when I bought it from the Gojo clan!”

“Is that right?”

“Yes!” The Omega happily shouted, glancing back at Sukuna only for their smile to quickly erase as they looked at the muzzle of a gun. Sukuna was smiling like he wasn’t pointing a gun right in between someone else’s brow.

“Thanks for the review~” Sukuna purred before pulling the trigger and killing the Omega. Sukuna put his gun away before glancing back at his uncle, motioning with his head at the narco leader. Sukuna’s uncle nodded before he called for someone to bring the money. Five metal cases brimming to the top with american dollars. The narco laughed as he closed one of the metal cases before glancing at Sukuna with a smirk.

You are as crazy as your daddy~” The narco spoke in English, albeit with a Colombian accent. He called for his men to grab the money and take them to their ship. The narco walked up to Sukuna offering his hand. “I hope we can continue doing business!

Sukuna smirked back at the narco before clasping his hand with the narco’s and giving it a strong and firm shake. Just like Mr. Ryoumen taught him. “Of course!

The narco chuckled. “I can see a bright future for you! If only my son was as reliable as you.” The narco sighed.

Sukuna pulled out his phone and speed dialed a number. “The transaction was a success.” Sukuna said.

«As expected of my son!» Mr. Ryoumen happily exclaimed on the other side of the phone. «Well then, you’re free to do as you like.» Mr. Ryoumen said before hanging up.

Sukuna glanced at his men and uncle. “We’re free to go.”

Everyone visibly relaxed. “Yahoo! I can’t wait to get back home and play with my darling!” Mahito shouted as he ran out of the warehouse.

“Sukuna, is it alright if me and Hakari stay a few more days at the hotel?” Kirara asked with a smile.

Sukuna snorted. “Do as you like.”

“Yay! You’re the best boss!” Kirara exclaimed, saluting Sukuna before catching up to Hakari and wrapping her arms around Hakari’s arm, leaning her head against his shoulder. Kenjaku and Jogo followed Sukuna close behind as they got out of the warehouse and let their men in Yokohama handle the shipment.

“Are you going to see Yuuji now?” Kenjaku asked, leaning a bit forward and looked up at Sukuna with an amused look and smirk as he wiggled his eyebrows.

Sukuna let out a breath through his nose. “Worry about yourself first.” Sukuna huffed. Once they were back in Tokyo, Sukuna pulled out his phone, reading Yuuji’s last text. Albeit, a little too late. Sukuna got inside the car that took him home, ghosting a smile at Yuuji. He probably felt bad that he was being dry. Sukuna thought, knowing his twin to a T. Without caring for the time, Sukuna called Yuuji.


It was past midnight and Yuuji had let his friends stay over. In the end, Nobara couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary and Megumi said that his father did know of someone, a private detective they could go to but that his charges are a bit pricey. Nobara and Megumi were sleeping on the futon Yuuji laid for them beside his bed. Yuuji’s brow tipped up, staring into the distance as a lot of horrible scenarios went through Yuuji’s head about Junpei’s situation when his phone vibrated on his nightstand table. Yuuji was quick to answer it to avoid waking his friends up. “Hello?” Yuuji asked in a low whisper.

«Why are you whispering?»

“Sukuna!?” Yuuji exclaimed, clamping his mouth as he looked at his friends. Nobara was snoring and without moving a muscle while Megumi just stirred to give Yuuji his back in his sleep. “Are you done with your job now?” Yuuji asked, his voice low.

«Yeah, I am.» Sukuna said. Yuuji smiled, relieved. «I saw your text, by the way.» Yuuji tensed up, holding his phone tighter. «You better keep your words, my dear, because I will hold them against you.» Sukuna purred and his velvety voice sort of tickled Yuuji’s ear.

Yuuji felt the heat on his ears start to settle across his face at the nickname Sukuna gave him. “W-Whatever! It’s not like you would have taken no for an answer.”

Sukuna chuckled. «You’re right~» Yuuji let out a huff, rolling his eyes. «I’ll pick you up later in the morning.» Sukuna said.

Yuuji tensed up. “Um, how about we hang out another day?”

«Why?» Sukuna asked, his tone suspicious.


«Who’s the man you have in there? Should I go there right now?»

Yuuji’s whole face heated up. “W-What are you talking about!?” Yuuji hissed on the low. “It’s just me and my friends!” Yuuji whispered-yelled, indignant.

Sukuna let out a soft breath through his nose. «Alright, just making sure…» Sukuna said, his tone playful but Yuuji knew Sukuna was more than capable of going to his apartment in the middle of the night.

“Where are you?” Yuuji softly asked as he heard the beeping of a car door opening.

«I just got home.» Sukuna said. «How was your day? Did anything interesting happen or are you lazing around in your batman boxers?»

Yuuji’s cheeks redden again. “H-How do you know I’m wearing them!?”

Sukuna’s chuckle sounded unfairly soft this time. «So you still wear underwear like that, hm?»

Yuuji pouted. “At least I’m not like Choso and wear Ayanami Rei themed boxers.”

Sukuna laughed and that made Yuuji smile. «He still wears them!?»

Yuuji giggled, shifting a bit on his bed so he gave his back to his sleeping friends. “He actually called me crying and saying Yuki was throwing that underwear away.”

Sukuna hummed, amused and Yuuji could hear the smile on his twin. Could picture it so clear on his mind. «Who’s Yuki, though?»

Yuuji’s smile faltered. Oh, right… Sukuna never met her… Yuuji thought. “Yuki is Choso’s mate.” Yuuji started, brow slightly furrowed. “She’s an Alpha like him.”

«Really? Someone likes Choso that much?» Sukuna asked.

“Don’t be so mean! Choso is a nice guy.”

«How so?»

“Sukuna!” Yuuji scolded Sukuna with a whiney tone.

Sukuna let out a small sigh. «I can’t believe I missed hearing that whiney voice of yours

Yuuji felt a stirr in his chest, clutching his free hand on it. Yuuji widened his eyes before narrowing it with a slight blush creeping up his left cheek. “Yeah? Well, I certainly didn’t miss your… um… your annoying smooth voice!”

«You think my voice is smooth?» Sukuna asked, a clear teasing tone on his voice and Yuuji can see Sukuna smirking on the other side of the phone.

“I-I said it was annoying!”

«Which means that you love it~»


«Yuu~ji~» Sukuna cooed, his voice dropping an octave lower and calling out Yuuji’s name like it was honey.

Mngh.” Yuuji tried to choke the embarrassing sound coming out of his throat. Yuuji felt a tug on his chest, putting his thighs together as he felt a heat settle on his face.

Sukuna let out a low and short laugh. «I really want to see you right now. See how flustered you are.»

Yuuji shuddered, staring at his wall with narrowed eyes and bitting his lower lip. “You can’t.”

«Yet.» Sukuna stated. «But soon

f*ck. Each time Yuuji took two steps back, Sukuna took three forward. Wrapping an arm around Yuuji’s waist and pulling him into his dance. As if to say: “You’re not running from me again, Yuu.”

Yuuji gulped. “So, uh, how did the job go?” Yuuji nervously stammered. God, are you for real me!? Yuuji mentally slapped himself.

Sukuna chuckled again. «It went perfect, want to hear all the gorey details?»

“No thanks! I only like fictional gore.” Yuuji huffed.

Sukuna snickered. «You haven’t told me how your day was

Yuuji recalls the events. How happy he was in the beginning until Megumi called and told them Junpei was in danger, about how his new ‘partner’ turned out to be very abusive. Yuuji downcasted his gaze, brow furrowed. “Say, Sukuna… if, hipothetically, I tell you to look for someone… would you-”


Yuuji widened his eyes. “I didn’t get to finish-”

«By how grim you sound, it must be someone you hate. Who is it, baby? Who shall I get rid of for you?»

Yuuji felt his chest fluttering at Sukuna’s words. “N-No! I was just… curious.”

Sukuna hummed, sounded unconvinced. «Well, the answer is still the same. If you want me to beat someone up I will. If you want them dead, I will arrange it so. Just say the word and I’ll do it.»

Yuuji stared at his wall, holding his phone tighter. “You’ll really kill for me?”

«Isn’t that obvious?»


“I’ll… think about it?” Yuuji said, although it ended up sounding more like a question.

«Of course.» Sukuna said. «I’m only a call away… for anything, Yuu

A small smile crept up Yuuji’s lips, letting out a soft breath through his nose. “Goodnight, Kuna.”

«Goodnight, darling.» Sukuna softly said and before Yuuji could protest at the nickname, Sukuna hung up. Yuuji let out a dreamy sigh before shifting to lay on his left side and conect his phone again when he noticed Megumi was awake. Laying on his side with unamused dark blue eyes. “You’re hopeless, you know that?” Megumi said.

Yuuji pouted before throwing a pillow at Megumi’s face. “Shush! Go back to sleep, child!” Yuuji exclaimed before Nobara groaned and shifted on his sleep.

“Let a pretty girl sleep!” She whined before immediately going back to lightly snoring.

Megumi grabbed the second pillow and put it on top of the one he was using. “I’m keeping this.” Megumi said before laying back down. Yuuji rolled his eyes before connecting his phone and finally closing his eyes.


“Do you think he’ll even let us in?” Yuuji asked their friends. The three of then decided to go confront Junpei the following day. Nobara was ready to make him fess up about who Junpei’s sh*tty boyfriend was and Yuuji would be ready to comfort him. Hopefully give him back hope to get out of that horrible relationship.

“Let’s have faith, Yuuji.” Megumi said as they rounded the stairs of the apartment building and headed towards Junpei’s apartment door. The three of them stopped right outside. Megumi rang the doorbell but Nobara got impatient and started pounding on the door.

“Junpei! We’re here to talk to you!” Nobara shouted.

“We’re just worried about you, Junpei!” Yuuji exclaimed. Megumi walked over to the window and though the curtains were closed, Megumi tried to see through them if he could catch a single movement inside, but unfortunately saw nothing.

“Doesn’t look like he’s in the living room or anywhere near.” Megumi said, glancing at Nobara and Yuuji. Nobara and Yuuji glanced at each other worriwdly. Nobara crounched down to pick up the carpet, but there was no spare key under. Yuuji tried to see if he could open Junpei’s window, but it could only be opened from the inside. Naturally. “Junpei? Junpei! Please open the door for us! We won’t hurt you!” Megumi shouted.

“I’ll go talk to the landlady, see if I can get her to open the door for us!” Nobara exclaimed before speed walking back downstairs.

Megumi and Yuuji tried calling their friend several times but there was no response. Nobara came back with the landlady who opened the door for them. “I shouldn’t be doing this but… this boy is late in rent payment so might as well.” The landlady huffed as she opened the door. They all went inside.

“Junpei!” Yuuji exclaimed as he ran up to his room and saw no one. Nobara opened the door to the bathroom and visibly relaxed when she found no one, but then again tensed up because Junpei didn’t seem to be in his home. The three friends met back in the living room, giving each other worried glances.

“You don’t think he’s…”

“Don’t you finish that sentence, Megumi.” Nobara growled, glaring at Megumi. Megumi flinched and dowcasted his gaze.

Yuuji looked at his friends and then thought back on Sukuna. Yuuji shook his head. “Let’s look around the apartment! Maybe we can find a clue as to who his boyfriend is or where he could have gone!” Yuuji exclaimed, not giving up. Nobara and Megumi looked at him with soft expressions before nodding, determined. Upon seeing Junpei was not there, the landlady opted to leave, but she did leave the key to them out of consideration.

Yuuji found a printed photo of their group from highschool. Yuuji was the one who took the selfie, everyone was sitting down because they had gone to the premier of Shazam. Everyone was doing a peace sign, although Megumi was the only who nonchalantly sipped from his soda. Yuuji smiled melancholic at the photo before he continued looking around Junpei’s closet. “We’ll save you, Junpei. You’ll see us soon!” Yuuji mumbled.



Undisclosed location

Junpei flinched when Mahito carefully pressed a wet cloth on his bruised left cheek. Mahito chuckled. “Sorry, sorry! I know it stings, but bare with it~” Mahito purred. Junpei tried to stay as still as possible, the slightest of movement causing ripples on the bathtub. “There we go~” Mahito cooed before throwing the wet cloth away and then wrapping his arms around Junpei’s shoulders and resting his temple against Junpei’s. “I know you didn’t mean to worry your friends, but it they wouldn’t understand what we have.” Mahito whined.

Junpei slowly nodded, staring at his knees rest above the water of the bathtub. Count the bruises on his battered legs.

Mahito broke the back hug to rest his hands on Junpei’s naked shoulders. “It’s not like I’m not good to you, babe!” Mahito exclaimed. “How about this?” Mahito started as one of his hands moved to his scent gland, his fingertips brushing the new bitemark he’d done on Junpei. “If you manage to keep the bitemark for five days, we can go on a date! Aren’t I a good boyfriend?” Mahito snickered with certain mockery as he smirked.

Junpei stared at his knees, he hasn’t been hurt there yet so the paleness of his skin contrasted with the rest of his legs. “Yeah,” Junpei softly said, monotone. “You are.” A single tear rolled down Junpei’s uncovered eye.


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Chapter 11: Friends You Might Know


I am back from my small hiatus B)

CW: Implied/Referenced LGBTQ+phobia

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

“Shiu.” Maki called out to one of the few men she could trust in that god forsaken household. “You were there at the party, right?”

Shiu blinked, turning to face Maki fully. “Yes, I was supposed to be there with Naoya, but he told me to go ahead and... well, you know what happened afterward.”

Maki chuckled. “Indeed.”

Shiu smiled. “I would have preferred to have escorted you or Mai or both even!”

“Yeah, but you know how uncle is.” Maki huffed with crossed arms.

Shiu sighed. “Indeed.” He smiled at Maki. “So? Why do you ask?”

“Let’s move this somewhere else,” Maki said, motioning with her hand. “I don’t trust these halls.” Maki explained, glancing over her shoulder to one of the corners of the hall where she could see a maid's foot slightly peek out at the bottom.

Shiu nodded. “Then, would the young miss like to grab some coffee?”

Maki smiled. “Sure, I haven’t had breakfast yet.”


“That Omega,” Shiu started. “It was clear that it was his twin.” Shiu said, taking a sip of his black coffee. “He called him Yuuji.”

Maki hummed, staring out the window of the local café. “His twin, eh?” Maki repeated, tapping her index finger against the wooden table. “That asshole is always poking the bear.”

“Who? Naoya?”

Maki sighed, closing her eyes. “Who else?”

Shiu chuckled. “True.” Shiu took another sip of his coffee. “But this time, the bear he’s poking is not a normal bear.”

Maki opened her eyes, watching as people passed by. “Shiu,” Maki started. “You know why the alliance was made, right?”

“To avoid spilling more bloodshed amongst the three clans, they even agreed to share a quarter of their profits.” Shiu said, glancing out the window as well.

“That is part of it... but let’s cut the bullsh*t.” Maki said. Maki and Shiu glanced back at one another with narrowed eyes and lips on a thin line. “The alliance was made because neither us or the Gojo could beat the Ryoumen.”

Shiu stared down at his cup of black coffee. “They aren’t dubbed the Demons of Shibuya for nothing.” Shiu felt a shiver down his spine just saying the nickname.

Maki nodded. “Be honest with me, Shiu… do you think, in our state, we can afford to go into another war with the Ryoumen clan?”

Shiu glanced up at Maki. “What are you trying to say?”

Maki glanced down at her cold cup of coffee. Staring at her blurry reflection in the dark liquid. “That I have a bad feeling about this…” Maki said with a frown.


Yuuji had been busy with Megumi, Nobara and Fumi all week looking for Junpei. They tried to report Junpei’s disappearance to the police, but since Junpei was not underage, the police couldn’t do much about the situation. Even one police officer told them that it was better if they hired a private detective to look for their friend. “The police are useless, what else is f*cking new?” Nobara snarled as they walked out of the police station and her strong scent soured.

Fumi held Nobara’s arm, resting her head on her shoulder to try and calm her girlfriend down. Nobara let out a breath through her nose before resting her head on top of Fumi’s. The only family member that Junpei had was his mother and telling the news to her wasn’t easy when they all went to visit her. Just like them, Junpei’s mom also reported the situation to the local police but no luck.

“I’ll contact the detective my dad recommended and see if he can give us a discount if I use his name.” Megumi said as he pulled out his phone.

Yuuji bit the inside of his cheek before speaking. “I’ll… uh… speak to someone I know.”

Nobara raised an eyebrow at him while Megumi gave him a knowing side-eye. “Who?” And before Yuuji answered, Nobara gasped. “Hickey guy!”

“Don’t call him that!” Yuuji fussed with rosy cheeks and a frown.

“Is he going to help us or help you?” Nobara asked, raising one eyebrow at him and narrowing her eyes in suspicion.

Yuuji felt his cheeks get even hotter. “H-He can help us! Maybe…” Yuuji trailed off, glancing away.

“Maybe?” Nobara repeated, further narrowing her eyes at Yuuji.

Yuuji shifted under Nobara’s scrutinized gaze, sputtering. “He’s… well… I mean… he… uh…”

“Yuuji’s guy knows people who might help us.” Megumi said, helping Yuuji out.

Nobara glanced at Megumi. “And you know this, why?”

“He’s a middle school friend.” Megumi stated before a small teasing smirk painted his lips. “Right, Yuuji?” Megumi asked, glancing at his friend.

Yuuji let out a nervous laugh. “R-Right!”

Nobara hummed, not quite convinced.

“Is he like a detective or something?” Fumi asked, raising a hand to catch their attention.

“Not… really, but he might know one?” Yuuji said, though it ended up sounding more like a question.

Nobara stared intently at Yuuji and Yuuji tensed up, glancing at everything but her. “Fine, but you should introduce us soon.” Nobara said as Fumi let go of her arm. Nobara walked over to Yuuji before patting his shoulders with her brows tipped up. “I don’t want you to disappear on me too.”

Yuuji looked at her surprised before giving Nobara a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, Nobara.” Yuuji started. “If there’s something I know is that he won’t stand still if I ever get hurt.”

Megumi snickered, shaking his head. So he is aware of it. Megumi thought.

Yuuji waved goodbye to his friends with a smile before it slowly faltered. Yuuji pulled out his phone, debating on whether it was a good idea or not. I mean, I almost got carried away last time. Yuuji thought, eyes narrowed. “If I see him again…” Yuuji’s words trailed off as he unconsciously brushed his lips with his fingertips. Yuuji blinked out of his trance with gasp, face heating up before shaking his head. “I-I need to be firm with him! F-For Junpei!” Yuuji stammered. Yuuji’s thumb shakily hovered over the keyboard, typing before sending the message: ‘Sukuna, let’s hang out today!’.


Yuuji recalled a memory from when he was a child and his mother would take him and Sukuna to go grocery shopping. Yuuji fondly recalled how he and Sukuna would innocently put cookies or chocolate on the cart and how Kaori had to drag them out of the toy section whenever the two of them disappeared from her sight. Simpler times Yuuji missed where he didn’t have to fight with an old lady for the last premium steak available. “Hmph. Youngsters these days are heartless! Back in my day, we used to respect our elders.” The old lady fussed.

“Oh, I do respect my elders, don’t worry about that ma’am.” Yuuji laughed, though it sounded forced as he gripped the package tighter. “But, I saw it first!” Yuuji exclaimed, pulling the package close to him.

“Hmph. Is your lover coming over or what!?” The old lady shouted, gripping the package. “A rude young man like you wouldn’t be popular with women!”

Yuuji wanted to go home already. After his text, Sukuna agreed to see him and because last time Sukuna invited Yuuji. Yuuji wanted to invite him, but he was afraid of Sukuna making a move on Yuuji in public, so he offered to cook for Sukuna instead. “Uh, yeah, my lover is coming over actually!” Yuuji shouted back, wanting to get this over with. “Thank you very much.” Yuuji said through gritted teeth as he snatched the premium steak from the old lady and started walking away with a flare of his nostrils.


Sukuna arrived on time at Yuuji’s apartment. He told his chauffeur to not wait for him as he would be staying over and right before leaving the house all dressed up, Mr. Ryoumen was also on his way out. “Looks like the house will be empty tonight~” Mr. Ryoumen teased, ruffling Sukuna’s hair despite his son’s protest before laughing. “Not that you need it, but good luck with that boring one!” Mr. Ryoumen exclaimed with a knowing grin.

Sukuna sighed. “He’s not going to let that go, huh?” He mumbled.

Sukuna rang Yuuji’s doorbell before he heard his twin shout ‘Coming!’ followed by hurried footsteps before the door opened. “Kuna!” Yuuji called out with a smile and Sukuna couldn’t help but smile back.

Sukuna chuckled with a lopsided smile and narrowed blue eyes. “I’m home, darling~” He teased.

Yuuji widened his eyes, the way Sukuna’s words came out teasing but tender had Yuuji’s heart fluttering. Yuuji narrowed his eyes, pulling the door closer to him. “W-We’re just hanging out… okay!?” Yuuji stammered.

Sukuna rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah.”

Yuuji pouted with suspicion on his narrowed hazel brown eyes before warily letting Sukuna in. Unlike last time, Sukuna properly looked around Yuuji’s apartment while his twin was almost done preparing the steak. Sukuna noticed a framed photo of Yuuji’s high school graduation on the nightstand table next to the three-person couch that Sukuna didn’t pay attention to the first time he was there.

In the photo, Yuuji was holding his diploma in his uniform posing with the whole family. Kaori grabbing Yuuji’s arm with a closed-eyed smile, Choso standing behind Yuuji. Both of his hands on Yuuji’s shoulders with a small smile. Eso was crouching down, doing a peace sign with a grin and Jin was standing next to Yuuji. Although, Sukuna noticed there was a certain distance between them and how despite everyone smiling, only Jin had a serious look.

Sukuna narrowed his eyes at the photo, picking it up. Aside from Jin, Yuuji looked tense in Sukuna’s eyes. The corner of Yuuji’s lips strained from having to force himself to smile and as much as Yuuji tried to hide it, Yuuji’s eyes looked a bit red. Like he had been crying. What happened to you after I was kicked out? Sukuna thought. Sukuna walked inside the kitchen. “Ah, Sukuna! I’m done cooking the steak, can you help me set up the table?” Yuuji asked upon noticing his twin enter.

“Yes, mom.” Sukuna teased with a smirk while Yuuji rolled his eyes.


How? Yuuji thought as he took a bite of the slice of steak Sukuna cut for him. How do I bring up the topic of Junpei!? Yuuji thought. “How have you been lately?” Yuuji asked with a nervous laugh. “I’ve been busy with something I haven’t had the time to catch up to you.” And we just reunited after years too! Yuuji lamented on his mind.

Sukuna shrugged. “It’s just the same old routine,” Sukuna started as he took a bite of his slice. “Extortion, beating people to a pulp, making an example out of betrayers.” Sukuna smirked as he looked at Yuuji’s pale face with his mouth agape. “Stuff like that.”

“D-Do yakuza not have like… a day off from crime?”

Sukuna raised an eyebrow at Yuuji with a teasing smile. “Since when does organized crime take a day off?”

Yuuji shifted in his seat, glancing down at his plate. “But, you’re not just a random yakuza member… right?”

Sukuna rested his elbow on the table, leaning chin on his right hand palm. “That’s true. I’m not just some regular yakuza.” Sukuna narrowed his eyes on Yuuji. “I’m the heir.” Sukuna said.

Yuuji played with his steak, biting the inside of his cheek. Should I ask him now? Yuuji thought. But… I don’t want to seem like I just did all this just to ask for a favor! Yuuji glanced back at Sukuna with a smile. “How’s dinner so far? I had to fight with an old lady for this steak, so you better appreciate my effort!” Yuuji exclaimed with a pout.

He’s changing topics. Sukuna thought. It was clear that there was something weighing on Yuuji’s mind. What Sukuna wanted to know is if it had to do with them or if it was something else. Nevertheless, Sukuna let out a soft breath through his nose with a smile. “Oh? I thought Yuuji Itadori was a good boy who respected his elders?”

“I’m not going to respect you if you disrespect me first! That’s what grandpa taught us.” Yuuji grumbled, recalling the event at the supermarket and getting annoyed all over again. Sukuna chuckled. Getting more comfortable, Yuuji lowered his guard enough to properly catch up with Sukuna. Telling him about how Choso met Yuki and how the first time Yuuji met her she asked what his type was.

“And?” Sukuna asked, taking a sip of his beer. “What did you tell her?”

Yuuji tensed up. Yuuji let out a short laugh as he glanced away. “Um… I told her my type was J-Jennifer Lawrence.” Yuuji stuttered, a heat settling on his ears. It’s not a complete lie, though. Yuuji thought. Sukuna clicked his tongue, narrowing his eyes at Yuuji in annoyance. They continued their talk with Sukuna telling Yuuji about the time he ‘vacationed’ in Mexico —clearly not to meet up with Narcos— and how Yorozu is always trying to seduce Mr. Ryoumen and failing miserably.

Yuuji blinked twice. Staring at Sukuna dumbfounded. “Are they… related by blood?”

Sukuna smirked. “Yes, they are. Unlike me.”

Yuuji slowly blinked. “T-Then, wouldn’t that be… incest?”

Sukuna shrugged. “So?”

“But, that’s-”

“Wrong?” Sukuna finished. Yuuji nodded. Sukuna hummed before standing up and walking over to Yuuji. Yuuji tensed up, holding onto the edge of his seat as he stared wide-eyed at Sukuna. Sukuna put a hand on Yuuji’s seat, grabbing Yuuji’s chin with his free hand to slightly tilt his head up. “Wrong, you say,” Sukuna started before caressing Yuuji’s bottom lip with his thumb, staring intently at those plump lips. “When I have claimed these lips many times,” Sukuna leaned into Yuuji’s face. Lips inches apart with their breaths tickling each other. “Devoured your moans.”

Yuuji gulped hard. “Sukuna-”

Sukuna’s icy blue eyes stared back into Yuuji’s hazel brown eyes. “And it felt good, right? Yuuji.” Sukuna dragged out Yuuji’s name, slow and sensual. Yuuji’s face was completely flushed, lips slightly parted and his brows tipped up. Those hazel brown eyes that Sukuna adored looking at him with certain hesitation, but there was no denying the mirroring arousal in his twin’s eyes. Oh, Yuuji, my dear other half. Sukuna thought as he narrowed his eyes. You can never deny me. Sukuna thought before closing the remaining gap between them.



“What a weird name.” Naoya mumbled as he typed the name in Sukuna’s following list on Instagram. No results showed. Naoya hummed, eyes narrowed. Not giving up, he typed the same name in Satoru’s following list. Since Sukuna and Satoru often hung together.

There was one result.

Naoya smirked, stalking Yuuji’s instagram account. Naoya found out useful information about Yuuji, such as who he often hung out with, the places he’s been and that he worked in Satoru Gojo’s bar: Jujutsu Fantasy. Naoya hummed with amusem*nt. “What a small world this is~” Naoya cooed.


Jujutsu Fantasy.

It was a bar/clubbing place that was well-known for its delicious drinks and if it just so happens to be your birthday, the bartenders can prepare a customized drink for you based on your personality. It’s a fun and safe place for the queer community that has been gaining popularity in Shinjuku. Despite being the heir and son of a yakuza, Satoru doesn’t allow any addictive drug in his club and has beaten dealers who tried to sell fentanyl in his club before. The club allows for live performances every Sunday, but what’s curious about it is that every month there is always a theme and the bar is decorated according to the theme. Even the staff have to wear different uniforms.

And since July has already started, the theme for the bar is ‘Summer’.

Naoya walked in, the dance floor was full with the music booming. The staff were all wearing swimwear to their liking and Naoya scrunched up his nose when he saw what he believed were a woman wearing men's swim shorts with a red Hawaiian shirt and a muscular man wearing a pink frilly one piece swimsuit. Ugh, those two have it all wrong! How can Satoru allow such things!? Naoya thought. Naoya glanced around until he noticed Satoru wearing black with gray board shorts with an open red hoodie on top. He had his sunglasses on his hair, a red hibiscus tucked behind his ear. He was talking to a bartender who was wearing a black with blue wetsuit.

“Satoru!” Naoya shouted over the loud music, catching Satoru’s attention. Satoru didn’t bother hiding his disdain for Naoya’s presence as Satoru’s blue eyes narrowed into a sharp, critical gaze and his mouth twisted in an involuntary grimace. Naoya chuckled as he stood beside Satoru, smirking. “Don’t look at me like that! Can’t I go to a friend’s bar?”

Who’s friends with who?” Satoru asked, annoyance clear in his tone as he eyed Naoya up and down.

“Us, duh!” Naoya exclaimed, looking around the club to see if he caught a glimpse of pink hair amongst the staff.

Satoru scrunched up his nose. “Huh? Since when!?”

He’s not here tonight? Naoya thought. Naoya sighed, dropping the fake friendly act upon seeing Yuuji wasn’t there. Naoya glanced back at Satoru with unamused narrowed eyes. “Hey, you have an employee named Yuuji, right?”

Satoru narrowed his eyes at Naoya. “Never heard of him.”

Naoya snickered. “Don’t bother hiding him, I already found his Instagram and one of his posts from March said he was working here.”

“You’re gross, you know that?” Satoru huffed, leaning away from the bar and crossed his arms.

Naoya shrugged with a smug smirk. “Like I give a f*ck.” Naoya said. “When is his shift?”

“Like I’ll tell you, you f*cking creep!” Satoru exclaimed as he started pushing Naoya. “Get the f*ck out of my club!”

Naoya protested before grunting once Satoru pushed him out of the club. “You can kick me all you want, but I’ll keep on coming back until I see him!” Naoya shouted before the door was closed in his face. Naoya clicked his tongue, glaring at two men who wanted to go in before stomping away. “I’m going to meet Yuuji no matter what it costs me.” Naoya said through gritted teeth.


The possibilities of next chapter being smut are high, but they aren't 100% confirmed.

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