Axolotl Crochet Pattern FREE- No Sew Amigurumi Axolotl Toy Pattern! (2024)

Are you looking for Easy No Sew Crochet Projects that SELL well at Craft Fairs

Crochet this adorable toy Axolotl, with this easy-written Free Crochet Pattern

Then These little axolotls are just exactly what you need and they are selling like hotcakes at craft fairs etc just now!

I was originally asked to crochet an Axolotl In the chosen colors of purple and yellow! and they wanted a big velvet yarn plushie Axolotl.

So I have changed them to a better easier, and BETTER pattern! NO-SEW
(You still have to weave in and hide ends but that’s EASY! right?

With a few alterations to the original axolotl pattern, this is now a no-sew axolotl crochet toy pattern. If you are a confident crocheter.

Please note: After listening to feedback about the original Amigurumi axolotls antennas that I had designed were just not quite right. They just seemed too big for the axolotl and a little out of proportion.

Click here to go straight to the Axolotol Pattern

I am on a mission to go back through some of my older free crochet toy patterns for TOYS and try to turn them into NO SEW and keep the patterns as easy as possible.

I recently made my grandson a Leggy Frog And he loved it! best of it is, the Leggy Frog is no-sew as well.

Not only is the frog a fast easy crochet project. It is ALSO one of this year’s hottest-selling crochet projects!

Long Leggy Frog Crochet Pattern FREE

I have also made the amigurumi axolotl crochet pattern in both a BIG chunky blanket velvet yarn, which turned the axolotl into a Very large axolotl Large plushie!

Wondering what yarn you will need to crochet this axolotl?I used Aran weight and a 4.00mm hook for the axolotl shown in the pictures.

And for the Blanket Chunky plush velvet yarn, I used a 5.50mm hook, but I crochet loosely so you may need to go up a size.

I have also used Double knit and a smaller hook to make a small Axolotl amigurumi crochet toy.
I loved how the results were so different just by switching up the hooks and yarn.

I used Aran weight and a 4.00mm hook for the axolotl shown in the pictures. Just ensure you use a compatible hook size to the yarn you are using.

It is a relatively easy crochet pattern for the axolotl, as long as you are familiar with working in the round (you will not join at the end of the rounds.

To be honest, I made this axolotl as I said for a friend’s child and posted it and forgot all about it until all of a sudden I was inundated with requests for the pattern after it was posted online by the customer, so I set out to write up the Axolotl Crochet Pattern.

Prior to this request, I had never heard of an Axolotl but believe me when I say they are the cutest little things EVER. I am obsessed with Axolotl on Tiktok!

They are extremely rare and have very specific requirements and take a LOT of care.
So this is why the mom had thought a crocheted axolotl would suffice until the little boy is a little older and more able to provide the specialist care the axolotls require.

So if ANY mistakes I apologize as it was a written pattern I made it so others could enjoy it too.

I Love to crochet sea animals and my favorite EVER sea animal crochet pattern is my Crochet SHARK! he’s huge! and great fun to make and play with
Fergal Sharkey is a FREE Crochet Shark Pattern on my site HERE

Or if he’s just too big here’s a small keychain size to crochet a Shark whale or an ORCA.

FREE orca/ Whale and shark crochet pattern HERE

Materials you will need to crochet the Axolotl

For the LARGE plushie axolotl toy. I used Mariners Chunky Yarn
(Alternative Chunky Blanket Yarns Available(*AF)) here and a 6.500 mm hook.
Fibre Toy stuffing – BUY stuffing here(*AF)- If giving to a small child please make sure these are secure! or alternatively, use some yarn to create features on the face of the Axolotl.
Safety Eyes(*AF)

Note: I could have gone bigger with the hook but I’m a loose crocheter so I wanted to ensure there were no holes in the axolotl.

I attached the arms and legs as I went making this completely a NO SEW amigurumi place, the legs equally apart then when adding the ARMS make sure you line up the arms to the legs, you may need to shift a few stitches over, to line them up but sew through ALL the stitches of the arms and body to seamlessly attach.

PLEASE use a stitch marker, especially at the body and head.

Axolotl Crochet Pattern Starts HERE

ARMS LEGS (make 4) In the Main chosen color If you feel the arms need a small bit of stuffing then add before slip stitching along to close at Step 3

  1. Round 1: ch2, make 6 single crochet into the first chain
  2. Round 2 to Round 4: sc in each st around
  3. Fasten off and fold in half and slip stitch along the top of the last row to secure.

Place arms and legs to the side to attach in Step 12 of the Body (attach by holding the last row and working through both pieces)

BODY and Head of Axolotl worked in the SAME piece starting at the bottom and working UP

  1. Ch2, work 6 sc into the first chain. (6)
  2. sc in each st around (6sts)
  3. sc in each st around (6sts)
  4. 2sc, sc in next stitch, repeat around (9)
  5. sc in each st around (9sts)
  6. 2sc, sc in next 2 sts, repeat around(12)
  7. sc in each st around (12sts)
  8. (2sc, sc in next st), repeat ( )around (18)
  9. sc in each st around (18ts)
  10. sc in each stitch around (18)
  11. (2sc, sc in next 2 sts) repeat ( ) around (24)
  12. sc in each stitch around (24) attach legs here by single crocheting through both the leg seam and the stitches. I leave a space of 6 stitches between the bottom legs)
  13. 2sc sc in next 3 sts (30)
  14. sc in each st around (30)
  15. 2sc, sc in next 4, repeat around (36)
  16. sc in each st around
  17. sc in each st around
  18. sc in each st around
  19. sc in each st around
  20. sc in each st around
  21. 2sctog sc in next 16 sts, 2sctog, sc in each st around (34)
  22. sc in each st around
  23. 2sctog, sc in next 14sts, 2sc tog, sc to last (32) (attach ARMS HERE )
  24. (attach ARMS in this round, ensure you are happy with where the placement is before starting, you may need to move the arms a little to the left and right to match up to the bottom legs. ) sc in each st around (32)
  25. 2sctog, sc, repeat around (22sts)
  26. 2sctog, sc, repeat around until last 2 sts, sc in the last 2sts (15)
  27. sc each st around (15)
  28. 2sc, sc in next st, repeat around (22)
  29. 2sc, sc in next 4 sts, repeat 5 times, sc to end (28)
  30. 2sc, sc in next 5 sts repeat 5 times, sc to end(33 )
  31. sc in each st around (33)
  32. sc in each st around
  33. sc in each st around
  34. sc in each st around
  35. sc in each st around
  36. sc in each st around
  37. 2sctog, sc in next 5 sts, repeat around
  38. 2sctog, sc in next 4 sts, repeat around
  39. 2sctog, sc in next 3 sts, repeat around
  40. 2sctog, sc in next 2 sts, repeat around
  41. 2sc tog, sc in next, repeat around
NO SEW Axolotl Crochet TOY

Finish off and weave ends around the remaining stitch loops to close tightly

How to crochet the Antennas for the Axolotol

NOTE: Surface Crochet to ADD antennas and Tail fins

You will be working into and around the posts and stitches of the head of the Axolotl. This is referred to as Surface crochet as you are creating more stitches by working through the posts of the rows and round stitches from the already-made stitches

To locate where to crochet the axolotl’s antennas. from the TOP of the head looking down, I use pins placed at each side of the head EVENly apart and in line with each other.
(I do this by holding the axolotls head and flattening it as much as I can, to find equal distances apart on BOTH sides of the head.)

Join Your chosen colored YARN through the stitch at the top you have marked as the first antenna to make with the right side facing you and working so the RIGHT side of the work is showing.

ROW 1: *Chain 6 and slip stitch into the 2nd chain from the hook (working BACK DOWN the chain just made) slip stitch back into the same space you started the chain, and surface slip stitch down 2 rows to make the NEXT antenna.
Repeat these steps * to * TWICE more and FASTEN OFF at the last slip st to the same space. (3 Chain, slip st pieces made.

ROW 2: join your NEW color yarn in the SAME space as the first row. Chain 3, slip stitch into the next stitch, Repeat this Ch3, slip stitch around every previous rows stitches working along BOTH the sides of antennas, If you are making a Plushie axolotl you may only need to ch2, slip stitch to give it enough ruffle around

To make the Ruffles around the sides and bottom of the Axolotl.
Again we will be surface crocheting to create the fin around the bottom of the axolotl. Working INTO the Posts of the ready-made crochet stitches of the first could of rounds.

Again Squeeze the bottom point in half and join the yarn wherever you think would look best.
I usually make the join new yarn just about the same row as where the legs were joined.

Insert chosen ruffle color, join with a slip st, and work in the SAME space *chain 4, 3trc in SAME space, ch3, skip down 1 stitch, sc in next* repeat evenly until the bottom where you will chain 4, 2trc in the 3 spaces available around the tail.

(AGAIN if this is too bulky in the blanket yarn reduce the number of chains and stitches until you are happy with how it looks) I find different blanket yarns can act completely different so adjust if necessary)

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Axolotl Crochet Pattern FREE-  No Sew Amigurumi Axolotl Toy Pattern! (2024)


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