All axolotl colors in Minecraft (2024)

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Colorful Axolotls to discover!

All axolotl colors in Minecraft (1)

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Axolotls are among the most adorable amphibian creatures in Minecraft, and I've spent hours trying to find all of their variants in the wild and collecting them like Pokémon in Pixelmon. Here are all the axolotl colors in Minecraft.

Axolotl color variations in Minecraft

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Common axolotl colors in Minecraft

Rare axolotl colors in Minecraft

Previous or unreleased axolotl color variations in Minecraft

Common axolotl colors in Minecraft

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There are four common Axolotl color variations, which make up 99.6% of the spawn rate chance. Each color has approximately 24.9% chance to spawn.

  • Leucistic - Leucistic axolotls (Image 1) appear with a light pink body and a darker pink trim.
  • Wild - Wild axolotls (Image 2) appear with a brown body and a darker brown trim.
  • Cyan - Cyan axolotls (Image 3) appear with a light blue body and a pink trim.
  • Gold - Gold axolotls (Image 4) appear with a bright yellow body and dark golden trim.

Rare axolotl colors in Minecraft

A rare axolotl color variation can be challenging to find because it only has a spawn rate of .8%. Finding one in the wild can be time-consuming, but breeding can speed up the process. The spawn rate remains at .8% through breeding but can be done many times by feeding Axolotl what they like to eat.

All axolotl colors in Minecraft (6)
  • Blue - Blue Axolotls (Image 5) appear with a lavender blue body and a dark purple trim.

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Previous or unreleased axolotl color variations in Minecraft

All axolotl colors in Minecraft (7)

Three color variations for axolotls have been seen but are not available in-game. These color variations were shown around the reveal of the but have been either changed or unreleased.

  • Pink - The original color variation for the leucistic axolotl appeared as a very light coral pink with a dark pink trim. The design was later replaced with the updated leucistic colors.
  • Light Brown - The Wild Axolotl first appeared as a much lighter brown body, but was later changed to the current wild axolotl colors.
  • Green - The green axolotl was briefly shown during a recap of the Caves and Cliffs update reveal but is not available in-game.

Collecting all five axolotl color variations is a challenge, but finding a rare axolotl can be one of the most exciting moments, given its rarity in Minecraft. Although Axolotl technically can not be tamed, they can be led or picked up with a bucket.

How to tame an axolotl in Minecraft

Axolotls can make great companions in Minecraft and have fascinating abilities. Axolotls will attack every aquatic mob creature except dolphins and turtles and can play dead during combat to gain a regeneration status effect.

Unfortunately, axolotls cannot be tamed in Minecraft, but you can get them to follow you back to your settlement and raise them as pets. Just pick them up using a bucket and place them near your home while making sure that you have a body of water two blocks deep for them to occupy.

If you have a lead, you can tie it around the axolotl and take it with you, which will make the axolotl pass the health regeneration trait onto you as long as you hold the lead. It's not that useful, but it's still cool!

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All axolotl colors in Minecraft

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    All axolotl colors in Minecraft (2024)


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